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LISTEN: Creepy castles, a looming recession, and Germany’s childcare crisis

In the latest episode we talk about why Germany is being warned against too much involvement with China, the childcare crisis, how a recession will affect people in Germany and we'll hear about some haunted houses.

LISTEN: Creepy castles, a looming recession, and Germany's childcare crisis

In the newest episode of our podcast Germany in Focus, host Rachel Loxton is joined by The Local journalists Imogen Goodman and Aaron Burnett as well as culture and history expert Mike Stuchbery. 

We start off by talking about some public holidays and other celebrations in Germany before we dig into one of the biggest news stories of the week – Germany’s relationship with China and fears over repeating the mistakes of Russia. We discuss why Chancellor Olaf Scholz has sparked a fierce debate in the coalition government over his stance on business deals with China. 

We then look into why it’s so hard for families in Germany to find childcare spots at Kitas, where the shortfall of childcare spaces is worst and what parents can consider if they are struggling with this issue. 

Next, we get into the mood for Halloween by talking to history buff Mike Stuchbery about some haunted places in Germany, from the Marienberg Fortress to the Frauenkirche in Munich.

Germany is known for being one of the most powerful economies in the world, but there are warnings that a recession is looming. We look at what that could mean for people living here and how they should prepare. 

We also talk about language trends, with a focus on the words that Germany’s youth are using. 

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PODCAST: Will Germany’s planned citizenship reforms fail, and what are the best Christmas markets?

This week we talk about why Frankfurt is being ranked as one of the worst cities for expats, a new joyful German word (that Germans don't know), why citizenship law reforms are being slammed and what it means, and we profile some Christmas markets.

PODCAST: Will Germany's planned citizenship reforms fail, and what are the best Christmas markets?

You can follow Germany in Focus and listen HERE or on the below platforms:

In the latest episode, host Rachel Loxton is joined by The Local Germany editor Rachel Stern and journalist Imogen Goodman as well as citizenship lawyer, Julie Schäfer, who is based in Düsseldorf. 

We start things off by talking about the German tradition of Nikolaustag and Krampus.

We then talk about the results of an InterNations survey that ranked Frankfurt as the second worst city for expats in 2022 out of 50 places. 

Next, we discuss a new German word invented by the New York Times that Germans weren’t previously aware of (but we’d love for it to be embraced). 

We talk about a turbulent week that’s seen Germany’s planned citizenship laws come under fire from the opposition – as well as within the coalition government. Imogen shares why this is happening now, and what it could mean for the future of the legislation.  

Plus we hear from expert Julie Schäfer, who works as an immigration lawyer in the German city of Düsseldorf, and is a dual French-German citizen.

Lastly, we get into a few Christmas markets around Germany that are worth checking out. 

We hope you’re enjoying the Germany in Focus podcast. Please let us know if you found it helpful or if you have any feedback by emailing [email protected]. And don’t forget to share it, leave a comment or give us a rating on whichever platform you listen on. Danke!