German is a notoriously difficult language to master but thankfully there are plenty of resources available and The Local has a vast archive of articles on die deutsche Sprache that will help get you up to speed.

Whether you’re at the stage of translating the days of the week from English to German or you’ve come further in your studies, we’ve got what you need.

One really good place to start is our daily German word of the day series for members of The Local, which gives you a great grounding in German culture and society as well as supercharging your vocabulary.

Study German

If you want to move up a level there are plenty of options available for German language courses, particularly in bigger cities like Berlin, Munich or Frankfurt. And of course there are a whole host of online options if that suits you better. A German dictionary may be your best friend but it’s hard to beat real-life conversations and structured learning, and you’ll find lots of advice on how to access both in the links to popular articles beside this guide. 

German language and culture

Languages are fascinating in all their interconnectedness – if you look closely enough you find traces of German in everything from French to Malayalam.

By learning German you’ll also unlock doors to German history and culture as well as giving yourself a leg up on the job market and a ticket to permanent residency or dual citizenship. It’s a tough nut to crack, but remember: you’re not alone!

You can find all the latest information you need on The Local’s Learning German article page.

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