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Free Democrats plumb new poll depths

DDP/The Local · 11 May 2010, 09:57

Published: 11 May 2010 09:57 GMT+02:00

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The FDP reached its fourth consecutive low for the year, garnering just 7 percent of the nation’s support, according to a poll conducted by social research group Forsa for news magazine Stern.

After the defeat in Germany’s most populous state, which stripped Merkel's coalition of a majority in the upper house of parliament, she was forced to announce on Monday that that tax cuts pushed by her coalition allies would be delayed until at least 2013. The FDP had pressed Merkel to slash taxes even though many Germans are sceptical of such proposals in light of the country’s dire public finances.

Merkel’s conservatives meanwhile gained one point to reach 35 percent.

Centre-left opposition party the Social Democrats meanwhile lost one point from the previous week to reach 24 percent.

The environmentalist Green party also lost one point, but remained relatively strong with 15 percent approval from the 2,503 representative Germans polled across the country between May 2 and 7.

Meanwhile the socialist Left party climbed two points to reach 12 percent.

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The results mean that the current government coalition has the support of 42 percent of voters, nine percentage points below the group of opposition parties. The opposition lead in the North Rhine-Westphalia election on Sunday exceeded this with 11 points.

DDP/The Local (news@thelocal.de)

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Your comments about this article

10:44 May 11, 2010 by Portnoy
I love how Guido came to power, quickly showed his true colors and is now facing the end of his political career. Cronyism doesn't get you very far, buddy. And screaming tax cuts at a time when there's clearly no room for any won't get you anywyere.
13:41 May 11, 2010 by twisted
The sooner the FDP dump Westerwelle the better for the party.
15:00 May 11, 2010 by berlinski
Goodbye Westerwelle! No harm, I never liked him anyway.
17:05 May 11, 2010 by Talonx
Portnoy you said it all.

It's been nice to watch Germany's very own Bush-Sarkozy-Berlusconi hybrid at work, shooting himself in the foot every chance he got. True, it was nice to watch him shake hands with the Homophobic leader of Poland (dead now thank the stars), but it's still more comforting that he's on his way out.
18:58 May 11, 2010 by derExDeutsche

Germans will now pays its 1 Trillion in Debt. AND Tack on a few more social programs of their own? Get ready for some Taxes, Krauts! Its gonna be a party! hehe

Thought I could share this REALLY FUN article from the New York Times.

00:15 May 12, 2010 by Talonx
@ derExDeutsche

The market rallied when the deal was forged, doesn't your kind usually interpret that as the perfect-competition free market gods blessing something?
02:54 May 12, 2010 by derExDeutsche
@ Talonx

I would prefer if you ignore me, and I will ignore you.

However, as usual, your stupidity is Glaring.

The market is clamoring for its share of the 1 Trillion in bailout funds.

1 Trillion that even the most Social Analysts predict will only buy some time.

They are called Credit Default Swaps, Idiot.
05:38 May 12, 2010 by vonSchwerin
"We've tried nothing and we're all out of ideas!"

I'm actually moderately sympathetic to the ideas of liberalism, but surely the FDP and the liberal movement can do better than Guido. There must be someone who can rejuvenate this party, give it meaning, engage in serious debate about something other than tax relief, and reenergize German political discourse, which has become very tired.

The FPD is descended from NLP/DVP and the FVP/DDP and their various predecessors. These parties featured luminaries such as Eugen Richter, Rudolf Virchow, Eduard Lasker, Ludwig Bamberger, Friedrich Naumann, Gustav Stresemann, Ludwig Quidde, and Theodor Heuss. It is shame that German liberalism, once led by giants, is now the work of pygmies.
08:13 May 12, 2010 by Talonx
@ derExDeutsch

I didn't think you capable of any nuanced views. Anyways, what would be wrong with CDSs in this situation, so long as new more stringent regulations are placed it won't be a bad thing that any of these are being sold.
16:45 May 12, 2010 by derExDeutsche
@ Talonx W.t.f are you talking about, now?

1.Debating the extent and existence of a Holocaust is not a nuanced view, idiot.

2.I am not going to waste time explaining, so here is what the Semites at Wikipedia have to say about it. Despite being owned by Jews, I think even you would have to agree, it is quite accurate.

"Chains of CDS transactions can arise from a practice known as "netting".[83] Here, company B may buy a CDS from company A with a certain annual "premium", say 2%. If the condition of the reference company worsens, the risk premium will rise, so company B can sell a CDS to company C with a premium of say, 5%, and pocket the 3% difference. However, if the reference company defaults, company B might not have the assets on hand to make good on the contract. It depends on its contract with company A to provide a large payout, which it then passes along to company C. The problem lies if one of the companies in the chain fails, creating a "domino effect" of losses. For example, if company A fails, company B will default on its CDS contract to company C, possibly resulting in bankruptcy, and company C will potentially experience a large loss due to the failure to receive compensation for the bad debt it held from the reference company. Even worse, because CDS contracts are private, company C will not know that its fate is tied to company A; it is only doing business with company B."

This is how Lehman Bros., Goldman Sachs, etc. together with our Govt.s whom they work for, pulled off the latest Financial crisis. It will not be the last we hear fomr them either. The 1 Trillion Your Wonderful Most Trustworthy Socialist Govt.s have sunk into the Greek economy is already vanishing into thin air. All socialists will be scratching their collective heads wondering,'where did it go'?? Bad Free Markets, Bad Companies. More Power to the GOVT! Yeah!!! ::throws molotov cocktail into a bank::

yawn, How will the World ever wake up with so many Socialist Fools validating each other, and buying the Govt. excuse of 'those EVIL EVIL BANKS'!? The wool is being pulled over your eyes, Talonx. Your 1 world socialism is a Confidence Trick. The Euro's coming collapse is just Exhibit Z.
10:05 May 13, 2010 by Talonx
@ derExDeutsch

I love how you blame this on socialism, considering the SPD and the Die Linke opted not to support this bill.

Anyways, the reason they opted out of support was that stringent-enough neo-keynesian guidlines had not been enacted that would prevent the idiocy you just mentioned from occuring again. However, it is still possible that they do enact regulatory control to prevent this idiocy from happening again as they have left room for such future legislation and seem to be claiming that it will happen, we shall see.

Either way, lots of the CDSs have been bought up by the U.S. so you better hope they make it work.
11:41 May 13, 2010 by derExDeutsche

'better hope they make it work?'

how talonx?

Have they got an extra order of moussaka coming out?

1 trillion dollars.

Sh...i..t Dude, when do you quit? its corrupt. nobody is hoping for anything good coming out of this. No hoping, no nothing. It's gone.

We are going to bet against Socialism, and we are going to win.

if you think otherwise, put your money where your mouth is, bet on it.

then invite me to your 30,000sq. house 'in den bergen'
13:42 May 13, 2010 by Prufrock2010
It's amazing how when unregulated, avaricious free-market, investment bank- driven economic policies lead to disaster, as now, it is blamed on socialism. It's equally amazing how many Americans posting here throw out terms like "socialism" that they can't even define. Apparently they are not content to wallow in the toxic propaganda of Fox Noise on their own continent, they deem it their mission to spread that b.s. to European blogs. They have too much time on their hands and too little knowledge in their heads. One would suspect they are among the unemployed victims of the Great American Free Market Economy that works so brilliantly for Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and virtually no one else. They should be thanking Phil Gramm, George Bush, Henry Paulson and Lloyd Blankfein for screwing them like tied goats in devotion to their mission of redistributing American wealth from the middle class to the richest 0.5 percent of the population instead of bitching about "socialism," a term that is undefinable by them.
19:28 May 13, 2010 by derExDeutsche

the reason we are in this recession is because of un-piad debt.

the created by loans that can not be paid. The reason those loans were given to entities that could not pay it = Govt.!!

Bill Clinton wanted to give people who previously were unable to qualify for home loans a chance to own their own homes. He did this though Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac. Forcing banks to give loans and backing them 'artificially' with a Govt. entity. Nice idea,

Everybody gets their own house. Wonderful!! And those evil evil banks could not even say 'No" to unqualified home buyers.

Well, now unqualified buyers have bought their homes. These loans, taken on the insistence of the Govt, have been traded on markets all over the world. Guess, what? it turns out there was a reason they never got Bank loans, THEY COULD NOT PAY THEM. SO the Housing Bubble Collapsed.

WHat are you talking about? Fox News? WOrking for Goldman Sachs. Wrong and Wrong. Its just common sense. Something you, caught in your Marxist Dream, are incapable of.
09:50 May 14, 2010 by Talonx
@ derExDeutsche

That's all really cute, unfortunately blaming the CRA wouldn't explain why the bubble manifested almost identically in both residential and COMMERCIAL housing. This was largely the result of risk being under-regulated and in the case of some banks, actively hidden or disguised. Free-market baby, lol.

Don't get me wrong, I would blame Clinton as well, but more for the neo-con/neo-lib (same thing) policies that he and Bush I, and later Bush II had put into place deregulating importantly volitile sectors of the economy.
11:41 May 14, 2010 by derExDeutsche
@Talonx I'm glad you find this all so cute.;)

from wikipedia,

In 2008 alone, the United States government allocated over $900 billion to special loans and rescues related to the US housing bubble, with over half going to the quasi-government agencies of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Federal Housing Administration.

Any collapse of the U.S. Housing Bubble has a direct impact not only on home valuations, but the nation's mortgage markets, home builders, real estate, home supply retail outlets, Wall Street hedge funds held by large institutional investors, and foreign banks, increasing the risk of a nationwide recession.[4][5][6][7]

Concerns about the impact of the collapsing housing and credit markets on the larger U.S. economy caused President George W. Bush and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke to announce a limited bailout of the U.S. housing market for homeowners who were unable to pay their mortgage debts.[8] Increased foreclosure rates in 2006­2007 among U.S. homeowners led to a crisis in August 2008 for the subprime, Alt-A, collateralized debt obligation (CDO), mortgage, credit, hedge fund, and foreign bank markets.[2] In October 2007, the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury called the bursting housing bubble "the most significant risk to our economy."[3]

this cute enough for ya?
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