German leaders congratulate Obama

German leaders on Wednesday congratulated Barack Obama on his historic election victory and said America could rely on Germany as the two countries tackled global challenges together.

German leaders congratulate Obama
Photo: DPA

President Horst Köhler Köhler, Germany’s largely ceremonial head of state, sent president-elect Obama a telegram in the early hours of the morning to assure him he could count on Berlin to be a “reliable partner” over the next four years.

Emphasising the common values shared by the two countries, Köhler said America’s “old friend” would help Obama work for “cooperative global policies” encouraging peace, prosperity and freedom around the world.

Chancellor Angela Merkel congratulated Obama on his “historic victory” in the race to the White House, while stressing in a statement her commitment to the transatlantic alliance.

“Be assured that my government is fully aware of the importance and of the worth of our transatlantic partnership,” she said, adding that she hoped Obama would soon visit Germany.

Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier also congratulated Obama.

“America has voted for change, both in domestic and foreign politics,” Steinmeier told the press, adding that he looked forward to working with the new president.