Majority of Germans ‘in favour of compulsory Covid vaccination’

A sign for a Covid vaccination centre in Saxony
A sign for a Covid vaccination centre in Saxony. Photo: picture alliance/dpa/dpa-Zentralbild | Jan Woitas
A small majority of Germans has spoken out in favour of mandatory Covid jabs amid growing concern for the safety of small children and the elderly over winter, according to a poll.

According to the most recent ARD Deutschlandtrend poll, 57 percent would support legislation that makes getting a Covid vaccination compulsory for everyone. 

When the same question was put to the German population in August, those in favour of mandatory jabs were still in the minority.

But amid surging infections – which on Friday topped a new record of 37,000 cases within a day – it seems the tide of public opinion is beginning to turn.

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On Friday, Germany’s Robert Koch Institute (RKI) upgraded the risk level for unvaccinated people to ‘very high’ and said that the risk for vaccinated people was moderate but increasing. 

However, the vast majority of people (75 percent) told ARD they weren’t worried about getting a Covid infection themselves.

Rather, people are concerned about how the impact of rising Covid cases on the most vulnerable people in society, including elderly people and young children for whom no vaccine is currently available.

In fact, 57 percent of respondents said they were worried that children who had not yet been vaccinated could contract the virus, while 62 percent they were concerned that elderly people could fall seriously ill with Covid.


In the latest polls, which covered numerous topics from Covid to coalition talks, a majority of people also expressed fear that the virus could once again have an impact on their daily lives. 

Fifty-seven percent were worried that that coronavirus could lead to new restrictions on public life in the coming weeks, while a similar number – 58 percent – were concerned that hospitals and intensive care wards were reaching capacity due to the virus. 

According to the latest government data, 67 percent of the population is now fully vaccinated, while around 70 percent have been given at least one dose. 

The 7-day incidence of Covid infections has shot up over the past few days to 170 per 100,000 people, compared to 154 the previous day and 139 the previous week. 

On Thursday, 2,332 Covid patients were receiving treatment in ICU, according to the DIVI Intensive Care Survey. 

Member comments

  1. It is not a decision for the majority. It is unconstitutional to mandate any experimental medical procedure without informed consent. There is no information of the long-term effects of these injections and none on inter-generational consequences. It must be an individual choice. A mandate is invalid unless the mandated consent, and informed consent is impossible during this worldwide human trial of mRNA injections.

    1. THANKS ROGER BRADY, for the most sensible answer and approach I have read in a long time. This so called vaccine, is after all by the manufacturers own admission an experiment. Better we don´t forget the poison that was offered to pregnant women as a morning after pill back in the sixties and the shocking consequences that followed that untested experiment!
      A manufacturer of any drug that refuses to take responsibility for it´s product but in facts to seek immunity from prosecution is not to be trusted IMO.

      1. Quite. Furthermore, these injections do not confer immunity and do not prevent transmission. For this reason, the definition of ‘vaccination’ has recently been changed from ‘providing immunity’ to ‘providing protection’. The level of protection is quoted in relative terms (up to 95%), instead of more accurately quoting absolute terms (less than 2%). The adverse effects include death, paralysis, heart damage and a host of others. The only immunity is legal and applies to those who sell these dangerous drugs.

        1. Again, thanks for the clear and straight talking. Not opinion but fact. I hope a lot more people are onto this absurd suggestion that the “vaccine” will make them safe. I also question why the Governments around the world are pushing so hard to get all their populations to take such a dangerous cocktail. The idea or suggestion that it will help alleviate over worked hospital staff and ICU´s is as preposterous as calling it a vaccine in the first place. With a recovery rate of 99.8% who in their right mind would requir a vaccine anyway. Something is not adding up here.

  2. I wonder how many Germans would have supported Nazism in the late 30s early 40s had the pollsters been around.

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