Lost your job in Germany? Here's how to pick yourself up and get paid what you're owed.

Losing a job is often a stressful, worrying experience. It can be even more so when you’re in a foreign country, with little understanding of what to do next.

Published: Thu 8 Apr 2021 10:47 CEST
Lost your job in Germany? Here's how to pick yourself up and get paid what you're owed.

Together with legal tech firm CONNY, we tell you how to survive losing your job in Germany, and how you can ensure that you receive what you’re entitled to.

Don’t panic

There are a hundred reasons why we might find ourselves out of work - from a culture fit, to workplace financial pressures. Rather than a reflection of our worth, sometimes things just don't pan out. While German labour law recognizes this, there are strict protections for workers regarding the termination of employment - these will come into play soon enough.

First, just breathe. Take some time to reflect and decompress. The experience of losing a job can impact your health and it’s a good idea to ensure that a bad situation isn’t made worse with illness. Looking after yourself is key, and a good investment in what will come next.

Feel like you have been unfairly dismissed by a firm in Germany? Use CONNY’s Termination Checker to see whether you could receive a severance payment.

Be proactive

Germans do love their bureaucracy, and as with all aspects of life, there are certain responsibilities for those whose employment is terminated.

First, you’re going to have to register for unemployment benefits, or Arbeitslosengeld (literally ‘Work-loss-money’). You are entitled to this as someone who has paid into unemployment insurance. How much you receive will depend on how long you paid into the system, but the minimum is six months.

You have three months prior to your notice period ending to register with the Agentur fur Arbeit (Federal Employment Agency). If you find yourself suddenly terminated without a notice period, you only have three days to register, with your termination notice, unless you want to miss out on a week’s payment.

Registering for unemployment is a relatively painless process, compared to other nations. You can either visit the Agentur fur Arbeit website, or call +49 800 4 555 500. English-speaking operators are available. We do not currently recommend visiting an office in person, due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Claim what you’re owed

As mentioned before, there are strict protections against unlawful termination of employment in Germany. Even so, many employers aren’t aware of all the intricacies of the law. This means that people often find themselves unlawfully terminated, and may be entitled to a severance payment, usually a multiple of your months employed.

If terminated, you could employ your own lawyer to fight your case, but who has the time and resources for that? This is why CONNY is such a fantastic resource for expats. A legal tech startup that focuses on labour, tenancy and telecommunications law, CONNY makes it easy for working expats to have their case heard and receive a generous payout.

The process is easy. If you find yourself terminated, you can use CONNY’s Termination Check to see whether you have grounds for a severance payment. This only takes around three minutes. If so, you can then speak to a lawyer, without financial risk, who can move your case forward, without you having to do anything else. Depending on how long you worked for your employer, you could then be in line for a significant payment, giving you time and space to find a better, more fulfilling job. You only pay a commission to CONNY if you are successful, meaning there is no risk to you!

For peace of mind, you can also take up ‘CONNYcare’. For only one euro a month, you have your personal specialist at CONNY who helps you with all labour law related questions. Moreover, you get a free consultation by a lawyer in case of a dismissal and a 25% discount on CONNY’s labour law services.

Think you were recently dismissed unfairly? Looking to protect yourself in the event of termination? Visit Conny Legal and find out how you can be protected in the event of an unfair dismissal. You can also use CONNY's severance pay calculator to see how much you may be owed, below.


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