‘I come from a coronavirus risk area. How can I visit my partner in Germany?’

'I come from a coronavirus risk area. How can I visit my partner in Germany?'
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Unmarried partners are now allowed to reunite in Germany if one lives outside the EU - but under strict rules. Here are the documents you need if you plan to visit your significant other.

Following Germany’s coronavirus lockdown in March, unmarried non-EU partners of German residents were no longer able to pay a visit to their significant other.

But in August, Germany bowed down to pressure from an EU-wide #LoveisnotTourism campaign. 

Unmarried partners may now enter Germany for short-term visits to see their sweethearts – as long as they show documented proof of the relationship.

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Who is affected?

Any non-EU national or travellers from a coronavirus risk area such as the US, India or South Africa who wishes to visit their partner in Germany.

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In some cases, couples may jointly visit Germany together if one partner has German or EU citizenship and the other partner does not. 

Here are the documents you will need:

The visiting partner will need to produce a few documents when entering Germany to visit their significant other – although only when arriving at the airport and not in advance.

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  • The visiting partner, along with their partner in Germany, will have to sign a form on the “Declaration of the existence of the relationship
  • An invitation from the person who holds residency in Germany, as well as copies of their identity documents, such as passports or ID cards.
  • Other items demonstrating “proof” from the relationship, such as passport stamps from a prior visit to Germany, or proof of a current or former shared residence in another country. You can also submit other evidence of the relationship, such as email exchanges or social media posts. 

Can a couple enter Germany together if one partner is from Germany/the EU and the other is from a coronavirus risk zone?

Two pieces of criteria have to be fulfilled in order for both partners to visit Germany at the same time.

  • The relationship is long-term and between a a third-country national and a German, an EU citizen or national of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland or the United Kingdom.
  • The couple has an “important reason” for a short term visit to Germany. This can include a wedding, birth, funeral, or an exceptional case such as an ill relative who needs urgent help.

To prove the relationship, both partners will need to fill out the “declaration of the existence of the relationship” form. They will also need to show that they share a residence abroad, and can also submit supporting documents such as email exchanges. 

But even these documents don’t guarantee entry into Germany, as “the decision on whether to permit entry is at the discretion of the officers conducting border checks,” wrote Germany’s Ministry of the Interior.

Quarantine rules still apply

Those arriving to Germany from a risk area will still need to comply with a 14-day quarantine requirement, or show a negative coronavirus test, which they can also receive at the airport.

However, while waiting for the results, it is still necessary to go into quarantine.

Each of Germany’s 16 states will have their own rules, so the arriving partner or couple should check which local rules apply.


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