IN PICTURES: Germany takes to the streets in global climate strike

IN PICTURES: Germany takes to the streets in global climate strike
The Fridays for Future demonstration was underway in Hamburg on Friday morning. Photo: DPA
More than 500 climate change demonstrations were taking place across Germany on Friday as part of the global climate strike.

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Across the country, people of all ages came out onto the streets to demand governments take action to protect the environment.

In Germany, demos were happening in 575 cities, as the map below shows.

Demonstrators were in good spirits in Hamburg despite cloudy skies during the Fridays for Future demo.

In Berlin, many people carried signs.

Two participants dressed up as US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin. The sign carried by 'Merkel' implies: 'Mutti made a mistake, the youth must work it out'

Protesters gathered in Bonn around midday.

In Münster, some people blocked the road in protest against cars.

A young demonstrator carries a sign as the strike started in Berlin on Friday.

People gathered together and chanted for change at the capital's historic Brandenburg Gate.

In Mainz it was a similar picture as participants came out onto the streets.

Elsewhere in the southern state of Baden-Württemberg, protesters filled Stuttgart's Schlossplatz, many of them students holding signs with slogans such as “Dear Fossil Fuels, it's not us, it's you. It's time to end this unhealthy relationship.”


Greta Thunberg even received her own dedicated float in Düsseldorf, donning a T-Shirt with the words: “Do something finally against the climate catastophe.”

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