Autumn weather comes to Germany following weekend highs

Autumn weather comes to Germany following weekend highs
Sunrise of the Stuttgart Airport on Monday morning. Photo: DPA
After sunny skies this weekend, temperatures around the Bundesrepublik are dropping this week - with the strongest change slated for Tuesday.

Classic autumn weather is returning to Germany, with rain, fog and wind striking even the warmest regions of the country.

The weekend saw the last days of summer weather.  On Sunday there were temperatures of up to 29.8C, reported the German Weather Service (DWD) – but no record highs were reached as was repeatedly the case over the summer.

Parts of the country came close, however. In southern Freiburg, for example, the previous maximum temperature of 30.8C for a September 15th from 1964 was missed by about one degree.

Monday blues

On Monday, northern Germany is slated to see a lot of rain, with temperatures hovering between 15 and 20C. Grey and cloudy weather will come to the centre of the country. 

North of the Moselle and Main rivers will have heavy cloud cover and occasional rainfall.

Cloudy skies could be seen at 6:30 am this morning in northern Hamburg, central Frankfurt and the community of Hohenpeißenberg in Bavaria.

In the south, on the other hand, temperatures will stay sunny for longer, with averages of between 20 and 28C.

Shifting temperatures on Tuesday

Throughout Germany temperatures will drop on Tuesday, predicts DWD. In some parts of the country, the mercury could dip as low as 5C in the early morning, particularly in northern Germany. 

Heavy wind will also hit the north – at the expected climax on Tuesday, stormy gusts of up to 65 km/hour are expected, with wind speeds between 80 and 90 km/hour coming to the coast – “the first autumn storm,” said Robert Hausen of DWD in a statement.

Both northern and eastern Germany are predicted to see showery weather – sometimes accompanied with lightening and thunder – at temperatures between 14 and 25C.

Throughout the day, there will be a mix of sun and clouds, with the sun shining the longest in the southwest. 

But the cold shift will also come to southern Germany on Wednesday. In the Mosel and Allgäu, the weather will remain dry, but temperatures are predicted to dip to around 20C, or about 10 degrees cooler than they were on Sunday.

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