Clouds, rain and thunder: Is summer in Germany over?

Heavy showers, hail and thunderstorms have been lashing Germany in recent days.

Clouds, rain and thunder: Is summer in Germany over?
A woman goes for a walk with her dog at Hintersee near Berchtesgaden, Bavaria. Photo: DP

Amid an ongoing drought, farmers have been hoping for heavy rain in August – and they are likely to get a bit of relief this week. 

Forecasters say an area of low pressure is directing warm and humid air to Germany this week, but rain and thunderstorms are expected too.

Germany's weather service said damp, warm and thundery conditions were expected in the coming days with risk of storms with strong rain and hailstones.

The German Weather Service (DWD) said highs above 25C are expected in some parts of the country this week, although it will remain cooler in the north around the coastal areas. 

But the warm temperatures will be accompanied by showers and thunderstorms, resulting in humid and uncomfortable conditions.

“At times it will get really intense with heavy rain, hail and gusts of wind,” said Adrian Leyser, a meteorologist with the DWD. 

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The unsettled picture remains in place until Wednesday or Thursday, “particularly in the southern half of Germany,”  said Leyser.

Although water is a welcome addition to drought-hit Germany, forecasters say the rain may only fall in certain regions, and some areas will miss out on much-needed hydration.

Changeable weather

On Monday, the northeast and southwest will avoid most of the rain (although they may see a few showers), while areas below the Danube river will get the most sun. Maximum temperatures are between 21C and 27C in the north, and 26C to 30C elsewhere.

On Tuesday it's also cloudy with showers and a risk of thunderstorms, especially in the south, southwest and central parts of Germany.

Temperatures will be between 20C and 25C in the north and between 25C and 30C everywhere else.

In the second half of the week, it is expected to get warmer, with the mercury hitting 30C. But that could be followed by more heavy thunderstorms.

The lesson? Pack your umbrella if you head out for an ice cream to cool down.

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Weather: Germany sees extreme heat and storms

An extreme heat warning was in place for eastern Germany on Monday, while storms were also set to hit the country.

Weather: Germany sees extreme heat and storms

The German Weather Service (DWD) said temperatures could reach 36C on Monday. 

In the morning, the DWD issued an extreme heat warning for eastern regions, as shown below in the map. 

Map of Germany shows the heat warning in the east on Monday June 27th.

Photo: German Weather Service (DWD)

Forecasters said later on Monday, the south and east of the country would be hit by thunderstorms as well as large hailstones, strong winds and heavy rain.

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In the north, west and centre of Germany, forecasters predicted clouds and some showers. Over the course of Monday, heavy thunderstorms with heavy rain, hailstones and strong winds are also possible in the north.

“Thunderstorms have occurred in the past few days and will continue in the coming days, as the established weather situation will remain virtually unchanged,” said a spokesperson from the DWD. 

However, the large temperature differences are striking: in the west of Germany, the mercury will only reach just above 20C in places.

Overnight to Tuesday, the DWD predicts thunderstorms – some of them heavy – from the Baltic Sea to the Alps, and later there is set to be more showers. It could still reach 28C in some places, especially in the east.

The DWD said: “The risk of thunderstorms will remain in the southern half of the country, while the northern half will calm down after the last thunderstorms have moved to Poland.

“This will change again on Wednesday night, when showers and thunderstorms, some of them thundery, as well as heavy rain will make their way north. On Wednesday, it will be quite unsettled with muggy temperatures almost all over the country.”

Forecasters said the weather will remain changeable for the rest of the week, but it should become more settled from next weekend.