Five reasons to meet up in Geneva in 2019

Together is a powerful word. It’s one that - no matter what - evokes feelings of love and joy. Geneva, a Swiss gem at the gateway to the Alps, is the ideal place to get together in 2019, and this is why.

Five reasons to meet up in Geneva in 2019
Photo: Geneva Tourism

Water sports on the lake, hiking in the surrounding mountains, family walks and dinners with friends, we give you five reasons you’ll be #BetterTogether in Geneva.

1. There’s always something happening

Photo: Geneva Tourism

Catch up on all you’ve missed and create new memories in Geneva at one of the city’s many annual events. Bol d’Or sailing race, movies and open-air festivals, free concerts, Christmas markets, winter festivities, the Fête de l’Escalade or the famous international Motorshow, there’s always a good reason to get together in Geneva.

2. Chocolate and fondue: two reasons in one

Photo: Geneva Tourism

If there’s one food that’s meant for sharing, it’s fondue.

Geneva is a city made for foodies. Enjoy delicious Swiss cheese fondue by the fire with a lakeview, but a word of warning: Don’t lose your bread in the fondue. If you do, you’ll have to pay the traditional penalty…covering the wine bill!

If you like your fondue sweet then you’re in the right place. Swiss master chocolatiers exalt the art of great vintage chocolate and you can even find ruby chocolate here!

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3. Year-round outdoor activities

Photo: Geneva Tourism

Geneva is famous for its awe-inspiring landscapes. Nestled between Lake Geneva, the Alps and the Jura, this small urban gem at the foot of the most beautiful mountain resorts is a magical spot. You can venture up Europe’s highest mountain peak (Mont-Blanc) in only an hour and a half, enjoy a full day skiing in the Alps or play with the kids in the snow of the Jura mountains.

In the summer, lake activities such as wakeboarding or windsurfing are available in the exact same spot, and some of the world’s most beautiful hikes, biking roads or paragliding spots are only a few kilometres away.

4. Stunning scenery

Photo: Geneva Tourism

Geneva boasts landscapes that can take your breath away! What about a rooftop spa with a view of the still snow-laden Jura, an open-air cinema on the shimmering lake shore, or the rosy-tipped peak of majestic Mont Blanc as the sun sets? These moments are always better shared together. Our advice: support each other to climb the 157 steps that lead to the top of the Cathedral’s towers, the view is worth the effort!

5. Because you can enjoy every moment

Photo: Geneva Tourism

Geneva airport is just four kilometres from the city and takes just seven minutes to reach by train (you can even walk there!). Gone are the final days of panic calculating the long journey to catch the return flight, farewell to the moments shortened by the stress of being late; instead, in Geneva you can enjoy every moment together.

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Could sleeper trains offer Germans cheap, low-carbon travel across Europe?
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