German Word of the Day: Der Dreikäsehoch

German Word of the Day: Der Dreikäsehoch
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If you describe something as ‘three cheeses high’ in English, you’re probably referring to a mouse’s dinner, or the contents of my sandwich. But this German term has little to do with the dairy product.

A Dreikäsehoch is a small child, especially a boy who is being obstreperous or cheeky. It is generally used in a derogatory manner, as a means of putting the young child in their place. A similar English term might be rascal or squirt.

So next time your nephew is impudent, you have the perfect way of reproaching him: by calling him 'three cheeses high’.


Dein Sohn ist sehr frech, er ist ein Dreikäsehoch.

Your son is very cheeky, he’s a rascal.

Der Dreikäsehoch hat mein Sandwich gegessen.

The squirt ate my sandwich.

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