€4,500 in damages after boy ‘cleans room’ by throwing things out of window

€4,500 in damages after boy 'cleans room' by throwing things out of window
A messy kid's room. Photo: DPA
After their son devised a creative way to tidy up his room, the parents of an eight-year-old boy in the small town of Eschwege, Hesse are now several thousand euros in debt.

The young boy wanted to show his two-year-old sister how to “clean up” his room as quickly as possible, police reported on Tuesday

He then proceeded to throw almost all the belongings in his room out of the apartment window.

Pretty much all the objects were thrown out, according to the police report. The police added that “the only things he couldn't manage were the bed and the wardrobe.”

The boy’s parents didn’t notice what he was up to because they were listening to loud music in the living room at the time of the incident – around 9pm.

Since there were cars parked in front of the family’s apartment building below the eight-year-old’s room, two vehicles hit by the falling objects incurred damages amounting to €4,500.

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