Man saved by medics after almost dying in attempt to drown ex-girlfriend

Medics had to resuscitate a 19-year-old man in Berlin on Tuesday after he struggled for breath in the freezing waters of the Havel while trying to drown his ex-girlfriend.

Man saved by medics after almost dying in attempt to drown ex-girlfriend
Photo: DPA

Police report that the man is now being investigated for attempted murder. They say that he pushed the 17-year-old girl into the Havel river in the west of Berlin before jumping in after her and trying to push her head under water.

But the man, who did not know how to swim, also swallowed large quantities of water.

The girl was able to free herself and made it to the river bank. When medics arrived she was suffering for mild hypothermia.

The young man, who arrived in Germany from Afghanistan in 2015, had to be resuscitated and was then brought to hospital. He was kept in the care facility overnight.

According to police, the two teenagers were once a couple. Investigators believe that the crime was motivated by a breakdown in the relationship.


Berlin weighs up free public transport ticket for summer

Just a few weeks before the €9 ticket is due to be released, the Berlin Senate is mulling a new idea to offer free summer travel for people who sign up to subscriptions.

Berlin weighs up free public transport ticket for summer

According to reports in regional newspaper Tagesspiegel, the transport administration has pitched a three-month €0 ticket for customers that would run alongside the €9 ticket with the aim of pulling in new long-term customers.

In a letter obtained by Tagesschau and regional broadcaster RBB, the transport administration department told parliament that the free ticket would be exclusively available for new and existing season-ticket and subscription holders. 

“It is currently being discussed in Berlin to lower the prices for season tickets to €0 in the campaign months as an alternative to the €9 monthly ticket,” they wrote.

This could win over new customers and encourage them to start rolling subscriptions, they argued.  

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The free ticket would run from the start of June until the end of August – just like the national €9 ticket – though it’s unclear if it would only be usable for local public transport in Berlin or if, like its €9 counterpart, regional and local routes nationwide would also be included in the offer. 

Pandemic effect

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, Berlin and Brandenburg’s transport operators have lost a number of their original customers. Some have switched to cars or bicycles while others are simply travelling less due to continued home office or less post-pandemic socialising. 

Fewer subscriptions – known as Abos – have been sold by S-Bahn and BVG this year. The operators are concerned that this could lead to significant revenue losses over time.

By dangling the carrot of free transport, the Senate is hoping that it can encourage some of these customers to return over summer and start paying for subscriptions when autumn rolls around.

However, the transport administration has pointed out that talks with the federal government, other federal states, transport associations and the companies involved have not yet been concluded.

“There are different models and therefore many parties to be involved,” transport administration spokesman Jan Thomsen told RBB. “A decision is still open.”

According to the Senate’s estimates, the €0 scheme would cost Berlin around €22 million. 

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