Water waste! Tenant leaves taps in flat running for entire year

A man in the north German town of Salzgitter left all the taps in his apartment running for an entire year. His landlord only noticed when he received an enormous bill from the water company.

Water waste! Tenant leaves taps in flat running for entire year
Photo: DPA

The man left the water running in his sink, bath and toilet, using up roughly seven million litres in water. This strange act of wastefulness meant that he overshot the city’s average water usage per person of 44,000 litres by quite some margin.

Only when the landlord received a demand for an additional payment of €10,800 from their water company did they notice that something might be wrong. The landlord called the police, also fearing that there was a leak in the pipe system.

The police report from Friday states that the man initially refused to let them into the house. He then threw punches at the officers and lightly injured three of them. They were only able to overpower him through the use of tear gas.

The 31-year-old was placed in a psychological ward after being examined by a doctor. In the days leading up to the police raid he had blocked the drains in his house leading to extensive water damage in the building.

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