Merkel finally opens up – by letting slip her potato soup secrets

Merkel finally opens up - by letting slip her potato soup secrets
Angela Merkel. Photo: DPA
To some Germans Chancellor Angela Merkel is known affectionately as Mutti (mum), but others deride her as the “ice queen.” Will a revelation about how she cooks potato soup sway doubters into the Mutti camp?

Merkel is often credited with paying close attention to the political mood of the German public before taking a stance on anything. During the refugee crisis of 2015 for example she is said to have been swayed by polling into opening Germany’s borders.

But it doesn’t take a political genius to figure out that one thing that’ll always go down well with Germans is potatoes. So Merkel has decided to let slip a few home truths about how she deals with tatties to whet the Teutonic appetite ahead of elections on September 24th.

In an interview with women’s magazine Bunte that was published on Wednesday, the Chancellor revealed how she prepares her potato soup.  

“I always pound the potatoes myself with a potato masher, rather than using a puree machine,” she confided. “That way there are still little lumps left in the liquid at the end.”

She also revealed that she prefers to use the spuds she plants in her garden. She reckons she has a good crop this year, too.

“They’re looking good, but I haven’t started harvesting them yet,” she said.

This isn’t the first time that Merkel has strategically deployed potato soup to impress the German electorate. Before the 2009 election she revealed that potato soup was one of her favourite meals, along with roulade and red cabbage, the Hamburger Morgenpost notes.

While the German press lapped the news up – it was reported on the online platforms of several leading media outlets – Twitter users were less than impressed.

“Now that I know how she cooks her potato soup, the magic is all gone, the wonderful aura of the Chancellor,” one user lamented.