Fight over order of chips at Berlin fast-food joint leaves two in hospital

Fight over order of chips at Berlin fast-food joint leaves two in hospital
Photo: DPA
Two men were taken to hospital in Berlin on Sunday after a fight broke out over whether a young woman wanted to order a portion of chips or not.

At a fast-food joint in the Reinickendorf neighbourhood in northern Berlin, three men were seated at a table enjoying a fatty treat at around 1.30am on Sunday morning, when a group of around six men and five women turned up, police report.

The group began to discuss what they wanted to order, with one woman reportedly repeatedly announcing her desire to have some chips.

One of the men sitting at the table pointed out to the indecisive group that the woman seemed keen to have a portion of chips.

But the advice wasn’t taken with good humour. One member of the group approached the three men and told them it was none of their business. He then picked up one of their beer glasses and proceeded to pour the contents over each of their heads.

From there, the situation quickly escalated.

In the resultant brawl between the two groups, the three men had a bottle and a bench thrown at them. One of them was thrown to the floor, where he was kicked and beaten by several members of the larger group, he told police. One of his friends also had his glasses damaged in the assault.

The larger group fled the scene before the police arrived. Ambulance crews took two of the other men to hospital for further treatment of their injuries.