Start your bids now: 49-room central train station goes up for sale in Bavaria

Start your bids now: 49-room central train station goes up for sale in Bavaria
Fürth central station. Wikimedia Commons/Magnus Gertkemper
Anyone browsing through property websites for northern Bavaria on Wednesday may have come across an unusual advert posted by Deutsche Bahn.

The advert, published on ImmobilienScout24, offers a “protected railway building with its own courtyard in the heart of Fürth.”

Fürth is a town of 120,000 residents in northern Bavaria.

The property – Fürth's main railway station – was built in 1863 with the first train departing two years later. The building was extended in 1901 and 1914, the advert states.

But it’s not just a piece of history you’d be buying if you decide to do business with Deutsche Bahn. The rail company explains that future owners won’t have the right to use all of the property, as a section of the ground floor and an underpass will still be used by passengers who have trains to catch.

Nonetheless, the buyer can make use of a waiting room with “massive walls” and several stair cases.

The location also appears to be ideal, offering “good access to rail connections” to Nuremberg and Erlangen. The property also has a whopping 49 rooms and 549 square metres of living space.

But be warned: the advert notes that “there is a high level of backlog on renovation work.” And the courtyard also won’t be yours to use – rail passengers have to park their cars somewhere, after all.

The advertised sale price is also €0, suggesting potential buyers are in for a real deal. But the advertisement explains that the building will be sold to the highest bidder.

Still, who knows. With far too many buildings having been erected in the provinces in recent years, perhaps it could still be yours for a few euros.

Correction: This article previously stated Fürth has 12,000 residents. We meant to write 120,000.

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