Parents outraged as brothel adverts tossed out during kids’ carnival

A children's Carnival celebration in a Rhineland town has caused outcry among parents after merchandise advertising a brothel were thrown out to kids along with candy and goodies.

Parents outraged as brothel adverts tossed out during kids' carnival
File photo of candy being thrown at an unrelated Carnival event. Photo: DPA.

Participants in the parade last weekend in the town of Emmerich on the Dutch border tossed out merchandise advertising the local brothel of FKK-Lekkerding with the website, address and phone number listed, according to the Rheinische Post.

FKK stands for the nudist concept of “Free Body Culture” in German, while lekker ding means “yummy thing” in Dutch.

Broadcaster WDR reported that 14,000 pens and lighters from the brothel were dispersed.

As happened in many other west German towns, Emmerich celebrated a number of different events as part of the Carnival season this year.

The brothel’s boss told Bild that one Carnival association had contacted him about promotional material, but they agreed it would be under the condition that the items were not distributed during the children’s event. He further told Bild that they had given the group 7,000 pens and 7,000 lighters.

Organizers told German media that they did not know how or why the items were dispersed, and also that they were not responsible for what parade participants throw.

“We didn’t know anything about this. We will now investigate who threw this and speak with the people to say this is not okay,” one married couple who were among the organizers told the Rheinische Post.

The couple said they believed that the teenagers and other young people, who decorate their own vehicles and pass out their own goodies, may not have thought about what they were throwing.

FKK-Lekkerding promotes itself on its website as an “exclusive sauna club” with “premium women”, free soft drinks, a big buffet and themed suites.

The case this year is similar to when some years ago a youth team of a football club in the town put advertisements for the same brothel on their jerseys.