Police ‘confident’ they’ll catch Berlin truck attacker soon

Police ‘confident’ they’ll catch Berlin truck attacker soon
Photo: DPA
Investigators hunting down the man who drove a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin say they believe they will present a new suspect on Wednesday.

“I’m pretty confident we will have a new suspect to present tomorrow or at least in the near future,” André Schulz, head of the Federation of Criminal Investigators (BDK) told broadcaster ZDF on Tuesday evening.

He said that he was not at liberty to disclose further information due to the sensitivity of the investigation, but added that there were “strong leads” and “a lot of starting points”.

Berlin police have received more than 500 leads from the public since a driver steered a large truck into a crowded Christmas market in Breitscheidplatz in west Berlin on Monday evening.

The truck crash led to the deaths of 12 people and injured almost 50 more.

According to Schulz, investigators are looking into fingerprint and DNA evidence as well as the evidence provided by the public.

The cabin of the truck was covered in blood after its original driver became embroiled in a fight with the attacker and was eventually shot dead, several German news outlets have reported on information from investigators.

Investigators are also attempting to track the attacker's mobile phone using GPS data, according to Schulz.

“We have many ways of finding this person,” he said.

The attack has been claimed by terror group Isis, though they have produced no evidence to back up the claim.