Prickly Bavarian calls out cops on hedgehogs’ noisy sex

Never in a million years would the Erlangen police have expected to receive such a bizarre noise complaint.

Prickly Bavarian calls out cops on hedgehogs' noisy sex
Photo: DPA

Police in the town of Büchenbach near Nuremberg received a very startling call-out on Wednesday night.

A man was so infuriated by the noise of “loud panting” coming from under the stairs at the entrance to his house that he called the cops at around 11pm, a police spokesperson said on Thursday.

Having searched the premises from top to bottom, the police finally discovered two very unusual suspects.

A pair of hedgehogs had been mating in the cosy little spot for about 20 minutes.

But, had they not been caught, the irate man would have been disturbed for a good while longer.

An expert from the veterinary department of Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich explained that the act normally “lasts several hours”.

But why were the animals making such a racket?

“Hedgehogs groan loudly during the act […] and the male makes most of the noise”, the animal specialist added.

So that explains why the “suspicious sounds” were so excessively frustrating to the resident.

Luckily the aggravated man wasn’t disturbed for too long. The pair of hedgehogs fled immediately in the light of the policemen's torches.

But this isn’t the first time that the cops have been called by angry residents lodging noise complaints about their neighbours having a little too much fun at night.

In 2010, a couple from Zwickau in Saxony were evicted from their flat after neighbours reported on multiple occasions that they were being kept awake by very loud sex noises.

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Survey: One in three Germans thinks sex with friends is okay

One in three Germans is comfortably on board with the concept “friends with benefits,” according to a survey released Thursday from the research institute YouGov.

Survey: One in three Germans thinks sex with friends is okay
Photo: depositphotos/4pmphoto

“‘Friends with benefits’ is now apparently accepted by the general public,” said sociologist Janosch Schobin from the University of Kassel about the notion of sex outside of a romantic relationship.

Schobin used the English phrase, which is also known as “Freundschaft Plus” or “Sex unter Freunden” in German. 

The study was conducted ahead of the “International Day of Friendship” on July 30th, and asked 2,045 Germans their opinion about all aspects of friendship.

A full 60 percent of those surveyed said that, in a friendship between a man and woman, there stands a “risk” that one of the two will seek more than just friendship. About 20 percent of those surveyed said that a pure friendship between men and women simply is not possible.

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Yet the majority had an open attitude towards friendship between the two genders, with 50 percent of respondents under the impression that a good friendship with an ex-partner is possible.

The average German has a total of 3.7 close friendships, according the study, with a further 11 people who are part of their circle of friends.

Making friends in the first place

Most Germans make friends through their jobs, according to the survey, with 45 meeting them at work. This was followed by secondary schools and university (around 20 percent) and hobbies (21 per cent).

As a young adult, Germans acquire the most friends from school, says Shobin. Until the birth of their first child, the number then slowly decreases, because it then increasingly focuses on partnership and family.

Every tenth person now meets friends via social networks. Although many Germans spend hours each day on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms, 75 percent think they can only make real friendships offline.