Roma occupy Regensburg Cathedral to win right to stay

Around 40 failed asylum seekers have taken to occupying the Regensburg Cathedral to fight their deportation.

Roma occupy Regensburg Cathedral to win right to stay
St. Peter's Cathedral in Regensburg. Photo: DPA
Children, their parents, and two people with cancer are fighting for their right to stay in Germany by moving into Regensburg's St. Peter Cathedral. 
The group, which consists of mostly Roma people from the Balkan peninsula, moved into a chapel within the iconic Bavarian church yesterday afternoon. They insist that they are not safe in Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, and Montenegro. 
“In our homeland, we're discriminated against: Our children can't go to school and people who are very sick don't get medical care,” a spokesperson for the group told BR24.
“We're occupying the cathedral to build a better future for our children.” 
A speaker for the Regensburg Diocese said that the Malteser group was providing food and drink. Supporters were asked to bring sleeping bags and camping mattresses to make the families, including their children sleeping there, more comfortable. 
Police have no recourse for action, a spokesperson said, confirming that the church has asked that they not yet get involved. The group has asked for church-sanctioned sanctuary, but no decision has been made yet. 
The group said they plan on staying in the church until their demands are met.