Pilot takes detour to draw secret sign in the sky

A pilot veered of course from his scheduled root in north-west Germany to steer his plane in a bizarre sequences of curves. But the end result made sense out of the apparent chaos.

Pilot takes detour to draw secret sign in the sky
Photo: Wikipedia Commons

The pilot, a flight teacher in Stade, Lower Saxony set off on what should have been a simple journey from his local airfield in Stade, Lower Saxony, Spiegel reports.

He was heading for Helgoland, a tiny island around 50 kilometres off the North Sea coast and some 200 kilometres from Stade.

But the journey was to involve a much longer trip than what was on the flight plan.

Slightly over half an hour into the flight on March 12th, the single-engine air plane Robin DR-400 started taking sudden right and left swerves.

After about 40 minutes of apparent disorientation, the pilot left this mysterious detour and headed straight for his destination.

Only those at the website Flightradar24 knew that the pilot wasn't a drunkard, but a genius:

His flight route had drawn out the shape of an air plane on radar.

Why he did this though, is known only to him

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