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Wacky animal phrases to goose your German

Wacky animal phrases to goose your German
This little guy might be outrageously cute, but you apparently don't want him in your pepper. Photo: Pixabay
Are you suffering from a raging tomcat after a heavy night out? Or are people saying you've got a bird and you just don't understand what they mean? Germany certainly doesn't hold back when it comes to animal-based idioms. We take a look at a few of the funniest.

German can be a tricky language to learn at the best of times – and that's when everything makes literal sense.

But what about when someone's saying you've made the goat the gardener? Or that you look like a cow standing in front of a new gate?

Apparently, our furry friends can be used to describe a whole range of emotions and situations in Germany.

We're sure they make sense on some level.

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By Hannah Butler

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