German kids mock Merkel with fave word

German kids mock Merkel with fave word
Angela Merkel doing nothing. Photo: DPA
As competition heats up in the selection process for the “Youth Word of the Year”, a massive lead has opened up for 'merkeln' – a new coinage meaning 'to do nothing' or 'to decide nothing' that plays on Chancellor Angela Merkel's political style.

Betraying a higher level of political engagement among young people than despairing adults might suspect, 'merkeln' – a verb meaning “to do/decide/express nothing” leads with 34 percent of the vote in the annual contest run by dictionary publisher Langenscheidt.

Playing on Merkel's long-held strategy of waiting to see which way the wind of opinion is blowing before declaring her position publicly, it's a rare example of a politically-derived term in this year's leaderboard.

The list is otherwise dominated by concepts like “Smombie” (smartphone zombie, a person who doesn't look where they're going while using their smartphone) or “Tinderella” (a girl obsessed with online dating apps).

In fact, the next political entry is a stab at Merkel's long-time sparring partner, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I am altering the deal. Pray I do not alter it any further.” Photo: DPA

“Krimmen”, coming in at number 10, literally means “to Crimea” – or to the youth, for one person to take back something given to another as a gift.

The class of 2015 seem particularly preoccupied with phonies among their own number, with “Discopumper” (someone who only goes to the gym to look good in clubs) and “Swaggetarier” (someone who is a vegetarian to look cool) also entering the top 10.

We all know you're just pretending to enjoy that carrot, Horst. Photo: DPA

Other top entries in this year's lexicon include “rumoxidieren” (to chill or hang out) and “Earthporn” (beautiful images of landscapes).

Langenscheidt has been running the contest for seven years. Voting is open until October 31st for the word that will join past winners such as “YOLO” and “swag” in the annals of history.

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