Nazis eat falafel in secret, artists claim

Nazis eat falafel in secret, artists claim
A bus stop in Freital. Photo: Dies Irae Facebook.
An artists collective is trying to win back the streets of the small east German town of Freital from neo-Nazis with a witty billboard-hijacking campaign.

The group, Dies Irae, who describe themselves as “adbusters” usually reserve their satire for the banal sexualization of women on Berlin billboards.

But on Wednesday the group traveled to Freital in Saxony, a town that has become synonymous in recent months with far right extremism, due to neo-Nazis protesting outside a planned home for asylum seekers.

There they covered the normal adverts at bus stops with their own ideas on what people should see in public spaces.

At a town hall meeting in the economically deprived town earlier in July, politicians were shouted down when they tried to explain why the state was housing refugees.

One woman claimed that refugees “just cause filth and rubbish and throw everything out of the window”.

While it is yet to be seen how locals respond to the campaign, a heated debate broke out on Dies Irae's Facebook page.

One user accused the group of being “do-gooders” engaged in a “stupid” provocation purely aimed at putting themselves above other people. Another accused the group of manipulating the truth by depicting refugee families when “the reality is that most are men under 25”.

But many also expressed sympathy, with one saying “simply brilliant. Thank you”.

'A fox is clever and acts dumb, A Nazi does the opposite.' Source: Facebook.

'Nazis eat falafel in secret.' Source: Facebook

'No human is illegal.' Source: Facebook