Right-wing leader suffers restaurant attack

Right-wing leader suffers restaurant attack
AfD co-leader Frauke Petry. Photo: DPA
Frauke Petry, co-leader of Alternative for Germany (AfD), was attacked by masked assailants while eating in a restaurant on Wednesday evening.

Petry was dining with a journalist in a restaurant in Göttingen in Lower Saxony when a young woman approached her and asked ‘are you Frauke Petry?’. When Petry replied in the affirmative the woman insulted her before running out of the restaurant.

Moments later three masked assailants ran into the restaurant, and threw over the table at which the pair were sitting. They then threw bags filled with fruit juice at the politician before calling her a Nazi.

It was at this point the assailants shouted “Nazis out” before leaving.

“This brutal attempt to limit freedom of speech is rotten,” said Petry later, claiming that violence committed by the far-left is not taken seriously by the mainstream parties.

Die Welt reports that this is not the first act of violence against the AfD in Göttingen.

In 2013 activists from Antifa – a left-wing anti-fascist movement – poured gasoline over the walls of a member of the local party committee’s house. Other party members also complained of receiving threatening phone calls.