German soars into ski jump top spot

German soars into ski jump top spot
Photo: DPA
Germany is a "Weltmeister" again, this time in ski-jumping. Severin Freund's 134-metre vertical jumps, and new world distance record of nearly 136 metres, ended the nearly decade-and-a-half wait for German ski jump fans starved for gold.

“That was an amazingly wicked competition, everything went into it. It was brutally fun,” Freund said on Thursday.

The 26-year-old managed to beat Austrian Gregor Schlierenzauer and Norwegian Rune Velta at the Nordic skiing World Championships in Falun, Sweden on Thursday.

Fellow German Johannes Rydzek grabbed the bronze for individual Nordic combined on Thursday, after earlier winning two gold medals for group Nordic combined, and the individual normal hill competition last week.

Gold went to Austria's Bernhard Gruber, followed by France's Francois Braud.

“It's all like a dream, what's happening here,” said Rydzek, known for wearing a Superman jersey under his competition gear.

It was a big moment as well for national trainer Werner Schuster.

“This is a moving moment. He has my heartfelt congratulations. I never dreamed I would get to celebrate a world champion.

“He flew like a plane. He put up a fantastic fight, stayed in the offensive, and was rewarded with gold,” Schuster said.

Freund, however, countered that he flew like a plane “twice”.




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