Cat checks himself into animal home

A homeless cat has checked himself in to an animal shelter in Berlin. The ginger stray found his way to the home and decided to stay, but the shelter is now looking for a new owner for him.

Cat checks himself into animal home
Barney now needs a new home. Photo: Tierschutzverein für Berlin

Homeless animals are usually brought into animal shelters or given up by owners unable to cope with their pets. But never before in the history of Berlin's animal home in the eastern district of Hohenschönhausern, has an animal checked himself in.

The tomcat, who was named Barney by the animal shelter, has been living at the animal home since he was found drinking from the shelter's pond on May 13th.

“He was spotted on the grounds a day before he was taken in,” Beate Kaminski from Tierschutzverein für Berlin told The Local. “He hid himself in the grass but then when the lawn was mowed he got frightened and ran down to the pond for a drink, which is where he was seen.”

A carer from the shelter tempted the cat with food. “It wasn't difficult, he was very willing to go with her,” Kaminski said.

Barney was not chipped when they found him and workers at the animal shelter presume he was abandoned by his previous owners. They suspect that the cat was intuitively drawn to the animal home as there had been no reports of missing cats in the area.

He is currently living in one of the three cat houses at the shelter. On Thursday, the animal home sent out an appeal to find a new home for the ginger cat, who is a short-haired Scottish Fold and approximately four years old.

If you are interested in giving Barney a home please contact Hohenschönhausern animal home on 030 76888-235.

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Escaped deadly cobra still on the loose in German town

A cobra was still on the loose in the western German town of Herne on Wednesday, with local residents told to keep their windows closed and steer clear of long grass.

Escaped deadly cobra still on the loose in German town
File photo shows a cobra. Photo: DPA

The metre-long snake, a monocled cobra whose bite can be fatal, has been missing since Sunday after escaping from its owner in the city of Herne, near Bochum, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Four buildings in the area where the snake was last seen have been evacuated with residents in the surrounding area told to shut all doors and windows.

The 30 residents who've been moved out will not be able to return to their apartments until further notice.

Local authorities said the evacuated buildings will “remain locked and we will be regularly checking for any trace of the snake”.

“Of course, this is not nice for the residents, but security must come first,” added a city spokesman.

“We assume that the snake will most likely remain in the building” where its owner lives.

Residents have been warned to keep windows and doors covered. Photo: DPA

As The Local reported on Monday, one method of tracking the cobra involves spreading flour in the buildings under surveillance in the hope the snake will leave a trail.

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Locals should remain vigilant and “if possible, stay on paved paths and avoid walking in tall grass or dense vegetation,” urged the spokesman.

The owner has already had around 20 other snakes seized from his collection since raising the alarm.

“We are waiting for a snake experts' assessment”, added the spokesman.