What’s so great about… Düsseldorf?

A wealthy city straddling the Rhine river, Düsseldorf kicks off our new series looking at where you should live in Germany.

What's so great about... Düsseldorf?
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Where to live Looking for an upcoming, trendy area to live? Try Unterbilk. Near the fast-developing harbour area of the city, Unterbilk is popular with young professionals and students. Those looking for an upmarket pocket of the city should turn to Oberkassel.

Shopping The city is known for its high-end shopping. Fans of retail therapy should head to the Königsallee – known as the Kö – for names like Chanel, Gucci and Prada. Lots of the shops are set along leafy streets running beside a canal, making it a popular destination on the weekends.

Culture Being a wealthy city, Düsseldorf is home to a number of respected galleries. Check out Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, or the state's Kunstsammelung North-Rhine Westphalia for some serious art collections. For a variation on culture, head down to the fish markets.

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Nightlife Generally, the Altstadt, or old town, area is the place to party. Bars, pubs and clubs line the cobbled streets and while it can get a little touristy the area is a safe bet for a bustling night out. Try the regional dark alt beer for a local specialty. We hear Fatty's Irish pub is also a good bet.

Education Düsseldorf doesn't have a particularly high student population – around 20,000 go to the Heinrich Heine University. There are a few respected art and design schools though, in-keeping with city's reputation for refined culture.

Interesting fact Düsseldorf has a large Japanese population – the third biggest in Europe and the largest in Germany.


Population: Almost 600,000 in the city, 1.5 million in larger metropolitan area.

Average rent per square metre for a two bedroom flat: €9.28

Public transport day ticket: €6.50

Nearest airport: Düsseldorf International

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