Klopp’s hair transplant sparks aesthetic debate

Dortmund trainer Jürgen Klopp is better known for his football coaching abilities, but his admission on Friday that he underwent a hair transplant has sparked a wave of debate and analysis in Germany.

Klopp's hair transplant sparks aesthetic debate
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“Yes, it’s true. I underwent a hair transplant,” the popular coach told the Bild newspaper. “And I think the results are really cool, don’t you?”

The society magazine Closer first reported about Klopp’s transplant, saying he opted for the procedure to combat a receding hairline.

Der Spiegel news magazine noted that it wasn’t hard to see that the trainer’s hair was getting thinner, noting that Klopp often wore a cap while coaching BVB Dortmund.

The Dortmund trainer has been extremely successful professionally, which the German Championship in both 2011 and 2012 and winning the league’s Pokal competition last year too.

The admission sparked a lengthy analysis story in Die Welt, which elaborated on why men are so vain about their hair.

The story said men think women pay their hair more attention than is actually the case, as women are more likely to first notice a man’s eyes and face and not hair.

The paper quoted a study by the International Association of Aesthetic Medicine which showed that German men rank fourth when it comes to being vain, behind Italians and Turks, which tied for first, followed by the French and Spanish.

Some 27 percent of German men have visited a cosmetic salon and 18 percent regularly get their eyebrows trimmed and coloured.

Men account for 19 percent of cosmetic surgery patients, with liposuction ranked as the top procedure.

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