‘Germany’s worst neighbour’ faces court

'Germany's worst neighbour' faces court
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An elderly German man with a penchant for urinating in plant pots, verbal harassment and nudity has been outed by a popular tabloid as the “country's worst neighbour”. He faces multiple court charges for his anti-social antics.

The Bild newspaper has dubbed the 75-year-old Frankfurt resident “Terror-Günter” for his dedication to making his neighbours’ lives as difficult as possible.

The ex-truck driver, identified only as Günter D., has been accused of calling his neighbours prostitutes and scrawling lewd graffiti in their building’s communal areas.

Residents also said they had spotted him on multiple occasions relieving himself into the flowers.

Dagmar Schuck, one of the nightmare neighbour’s victims, told the paper the man repeatedly called her house to moan at her on the phone. “In January alone he rang me 284 times,” said Schuck, who had recorded the man’s antics over several months.

Schuck’s 90-year-old mother said she once saw Günter D. running through the building completely naked, shoving mouldy bread into residents’ letterboxes. Another elderly woman was reportedly so terrified of him, that she fled the building and moved in with her son.

Günter D. flatly denies terrorizing his neighbours. “I’ve not done anything or offended anyone,” he told the newspaper.

The 75-year-old pensioner has already appeared in court for drink driving and was sacked from his truck driver position in 2011 after driving with a blood alcohol level of 1.3.

The residents may yet get the last laugh, as Germany’s “worst neighbour”

will soon be hauled up in court to face charges of disturbing the peace, damaging property and making threats, chief prosecutor Doris Möller-Scheu told Bild.

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