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Islamists 'plotted to kill far-right politician'

The Local · 13 Mar 2013, 19:00

Published: 13 Mar 2013 18:39 GMT+01:00
Updated: 13 Mar 2013 19:00 GMT+01:00

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The authorities arrested four members of a radical Salafist group before they could murder Markus Beisicht, the head of the anti-Muslim far-right Pro NRW party.

The police apprehended two of the suspects in Leverkusen near Cologne, where they were apparently observing Beisicht. Two others were arrested in Essen and Bonn, where the police discovered ingredients to make explosives and a gun.

“The arrests prove that the security authorities are vigilant and take the threat from extremist Salafists very seriously,” said NRW Interior Minister Ralf Jäger, according the website of Der Spiegel.

The Bild newspaper reported that one of the arrested men was involved in a failed bomb attack at Bonn’s main train station on December 10. Although the explosive device was detonated, it did not go off.

Police planned to offer more details of the plot at a press conference later in the evening.

Beisicht and Pro NRW have been involved in violent clashes with Salafists over the past year.

Last May, violence broke out when 25 Pro NRW campaigners demonstrated using offensive caricatures of Islam's Prophet Mohammed. These campaigners then clashed with members of the Salafist community in the western town of Solingen who had gathered for a counter-demonstration.

Police said at the time that Salafists tried to break through a police barricade, brandishing rocks and sticks.

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Hans-Peter Friedrich, Germany’s federal interior minister, said there was no connection to a series of raids against Salafist groups earlier on Wednesday.

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Your comments about this article

19:33 March 13, 2013 by Englishted
Kind of making his point for him.
19:43 March 13, 2013 by Bulldawg82
I wonder if Germany knew these "gentlemen" were Salafist BEFORE they were allowed into the country? Vetting immigrants is really the responsible thing to do. Doesn't always work, but it should be made as thorough a "vetting" as possible.
20:05 March 13, 2013 by wxman
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
20:38 March 13, 2013 by jodendal
what a wonderful story to make the german people sleep peacefully over sending troops to help france destroy Mali... Islamists give me a brake... TERRORIST is sleeping under your bed seems to be more likely than a plot to kill a politician.
20:52 March 13, 2013 by marimay
Dude looks like a rodent.
21:31 March 13, 2013 by neunElf
I agree with Englishted!

Never thought I would say that.
21:51 March 13, 2013 by the.local.reader
PLEASE, where is the rationality in fearing foreigners? You are also a foreigner wrt. to other countries. What turned foreigners into people you are afraid of? It is your xenophobic politicians and xenophobes like you. It seems a leopard can never change its spots.
22:03 March 13, 2013 by ovalle3.14
Leaving apart the fact that this guys were plotting to break the law, you harvest what you sow. I wouldn't be dying to send flowers to a guy who hates me and my people irrationally.
23:20 March 13, 2013 by boxtuna
The sci-fi channel again.
09:54 March 14, 2013 by Dave N
"PLEASE, where is the rationality in fearing foreigners?"

Fearing foreigners is entirely rational when those foreigners are colonising your ancestral homeland and changing it into something alien. Ask the Native Americans for details. Were Geronimo, Sitting Bull and Cochis xenophobes?
10:59 March 14, 2013 by laurencelewis
@Dave N

You are wrong and your example is terrible. Fearing foreigners is not rational. Humans fear change in general, but that does not make it rational. In fact fear is by definition irrational, it is a programmed response to unfamiliarity. It is through mastering fear (among other base impulses) that we have developed as species.

Further, how can you compare contemporary immigration with colonisation of the Americas? The discussion surrounding migrants today is one of social integration and adapting to the inevitable changes all cultures go through. Yes there are problems, but facing them as you clearly do is myopic and bigoted.

A question, where exactly would your "ancestral homeland" be? Wherever it is, I am pretty sure that, at some point not so far in the past, one of your 'ancestors' was a migrant.
13:02 March 14, 2013 by Bayreuth

"the discussion surrounding migrants today is one of social integration and adapting to the inevitable changes all cultures go through" ????

So much nonsense... the discussion is whatever we make it...there is no such thing as an 'inevitable cultural change'... the path the German culture has taken in the last hundred years is utterly singular. Go to the parallel muslim worlds that exist in Germany's great urban centers and then blather on about integration... and about 'discussions...' Reality is elsewhere... and the namecalling 'myopic / bigoted' doesn't shed any light.

As for ancestral homelands, it's not that complicated: European countries are the ancestral homelands of caucasian ie. white ie. indo-european people. What is the problem here??
19:13 March 14, 2013 by laurencelewis

I think 'myopic' and 'bigoted' are very apt terms to describe the kind of rhetoric you have just spouted. The way you talk about 'parallel Muslim worlds' as if the people supposedly inhabiting them are an invasion force completely justifies their use. Make your discussions whatever you want, there are realities of global culture and society, and they include migration, cultural dilution, economic upheaval, etc. Entire nations have been forged from the migration of diverse people and will continue to be. No one has a right to a land or country beyond their ability to stop others from taking it or redefining it. Fortunately, gone are the times (nearly) when territorial imperialism shaped the world. Countries, nations, and cultures are transient, and will change or be changed. How you fail to see that from history is beyond me.

"the path the German culture has taken in the last hundred years is utterly singular" You talk about Germany as if it has always existed and always will exist. It didn't even exist in its current form 100 years ago. Your understanding of the word change is clearly limited.

"European countries are the ancestral homelands of caucasian ie. white ie. indo-european people". Why does your being born in one particular place mean that someone else can't also live there? Really, why?

Your words are weak, they are however indicative of someone who watches the world from one tiny dark corner. Perhaps you should stay there.
21:36 March 14, 2013 by Englishted
The Local are you now judges?

"offensive caricatures of Islams Prophet Mohammed "

I don't find them offensive ,I have a cat who finds Micky Mouse offensive but that does not make it so .Some Islamist' s find any portrayal of Mohammed offensive but until I am under sharia law ,I don't expect censorship or banal descriptions from a free press.

Thank you and please take note.
14:40 March 15, 2013 by ChrisRea
@ Englishted

If somebody would make a caricature about your family, I will most probably not find it offensive because, with all due respect, I am in no way connected with your family. The vast majority of people connected with Mohammed (i.e. Muslims) find the caricatures offensive. Pro-NW used the caricatures against Muslims, so the point is not if you were offended, but the Muslims in case. And it was pretty obvious they were. Where did you see censorship from press here?
15:26 March 15, 2013 by Dahmane
In repsonse to @ Englishted:

The very editor of that newspaper was asked if he could do the same on Moses and his reply was "I can't do that". When they asked him why he said "That would be offensive...". We see the double standard & hypocrisy all over Europe & US today. It's not OK for some but it's all open for others (Muslims only). Today's trend is green light on Islam & Muslims. Those like you see this attitude as freedom of expression. This very idea in essence was embedded into your small brain through the wonderful brainwashing that you call education system. You may believe you are a free thinker but you tick exactly like all others like you. You are still stuck in a very narrow box but you will never think outside it because of your arrogance.

These very Salfais that we seem to fight today, have been supported by the West since 1740's if you wish to educate yourself. They are your friends in Syria and your foes in Mali. Even an ant would be horrified if it had the chance to learn politics but not people like you despite your brain is 100 of times bigger. If we don't respect one another where is it going to stop? You make fun of our Prophet and we do the same and continue doing so until we end up killing each other.

Where is rationality here, I ask you Mr clever?
15:39 March 15, 2013 by Zubair Khan
"foiled an Islamist assassination plot"

Come on The Local: From which angle it comes to be titled as Islamist assassination plot. It is an extremist or terrorist plot. Such acts have no identity with any religion. Pleae remove the hate specs of Islam and try a fair journalism.
16:44 March 15, 2013 by dionisof
the problem is that I don't see or hear a lot of moderate Muslims condemn these actions.... personally I am an atheist...and I hate any religion that considers me an infidel...
20:04 March 15, 2013 by PierceArrow
How many people know that Muslim extremists were in cahoots with Adolf Hitler and his National Socialists before and during World War II? The most notorious was Grand Mufti Hajj Amin al-Husseini.
20:07 March 15, 2013 by ChrisRea
@ dionisof

"I don't see or hear a lot of moderate Muslims condemn these actions" - well, that's because you do not listen to them. They were always pretty prompt to condemn violence and terrorism (in general, but also in specific cases). But of course, that is not spectacular enough to be reported by Western media.

But if you want to inform yourself, take a look at http://www.allaha.de/.
21:19 March 15, 2013 by antistar
You know, I've never heard a Christian condemn the Srebrenica massacre. Does that mean something?
How many people know that Muslim extremists were in cahoots with Adolf Hitler and his National Socialists before and during World War II? The most not…
How many people know that Christians were in cahoots with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis! Oh. I mean they *were* Christians.
05:59 March 16, 2013 by ktshamim
These acts of terrorism should be condemned by all Muslims. They should learn to be patient as Islam and their book, the Holy Qur'an expects:

[3:187] "You shall surely be tried in your possessions and in your persons and you shall surely hear many hurtful things from those who were given the Book before you and from those who set up equals to God. But if you show fortitude and act righteously, that indeed is a matter of strong determination."

Quite sad.
07:23 March 16, 2013 by Englishted

"You make fun of our prophet and we do the same and continue doing so until we end up killing each other "

Oh yes for somebody with a "small brain" I have a good memory and I can't recall anybody being murdered for and portrayal of Jesus or Moses in any form ,yet the the Islamic world does not condemn the killing of innocent people or march on the street when it happens. The so called Arab spring is slowly turning sour as the people you support remove freedoms hard won, and replace them with a dictatorship based on religion.By all means do that but do you mind if I object to it coming to Europe ?.


With all due respect if you were to caricature my family ,my race, my colour ,my home .I can say hand on heart I would not try to kill you or call on anyone else to do so.

The press censorship issue is more self censorship by the press based on fear following the cartoon fiasco ,but as I say if one part of the population finds something offensive does that mean it is offensive? ,satire and ridicule have been part of our culture in Europe since history has been recorded with only a break when religious nutcases(middle ages up to the renaissance) or secular nutcases (totalitarian states in 1900's), I would like it to continue without the death threat being called upon by a certain section of the community .
12:27 March 16, 2013 by Dahmane
In answer to @Englishted:

Can you please open up your perspective and see the problem from the other side. First and foremost I don't support Salafi nor the Muslim brotherhood and I find them both working against tolerance and respect of others. Having said that I must emphasise that they are both supported by Western governments to reach their objectives. If you can't see that then there is no point writing to each other because you are far from reality. What I tried to highlight in my previous email is the simple fact that if we want to live in harmony with each other we have to be aware of sensitive points that could upset the other one. This is called understanding to live with others. It is strictly forbiden for Muslims to mock other religions or even people. Another info you might no know is that the caricatures were published a week or two before the conference in Munich on the clash of Western and Islamic civilisations. After that, there was manipulation in every country and off course Arab leaders fueled that to contribute to the plan on one side and on the other to give the impression that they support their people in the fight against the caricature.

Try read between the lines my dear and widen your perspective if you want to understand the big game. This is destroying all of us Muslims & non-muslims, so please let's be reasonanble/rational in our approach to the issue..
12:54 March 16, 2013 by ChrisRea
@ Englishted

"if one part of the population finds something offensive does that mean it is offensive?" - of course, that is the definition of the word "offensive" (causing someone to feel deeply hurt, upset, or angry). If part of the population is against a political measure, does it not mean that it is contested (even if the majority supports it)? The far-right extremists from Pro-NRW made it clear that their intention is to insult the Muslims and that the caricatures served no other point than to hurt the Muslims. Nobody talked about the caricatures being illegal, but about being offensive. And recognising the offensive nature of the caricatures does not make the press less free.

You are right of course on the point that we should be able to enjoy the constitutional rights (e.g. freedom of speech or practice of one's religion), without being threatened by lunatics. Or directly murdered, like the Turks who were killed by the far-right extremists.
13:14 March 16, 2013 by sunnyboyshines
@Zubair Khan: if the plotters belonged to different religions, their purpose was purely political and had nothing to do whatsoever with one particular religion or one of its sects, books, prophets, preachings, incidents or followers then what you said makes perfect sense. But alas, does not seem the case here.
14:56 March 16, 2013 by antistar
I can't recall anybody being murdered for and portrayal of Jesus or Moses in any form ,yet the the Islamic world does not condemn the killing of …
Your looking at this the wrong way, EnglishTed. Of course we don't get upset about insults to Jesus, but that doesn't mean we don't get irrationally upset over similar things. In most of the world we've replaced theism with nationalism - this never really caught on in the Arab world. We used to get outraged by insults to our religion, but now we get outraged by insults to our country.

Do you know the number of countries where it is illegal to insult the national flag?

It's much more common in the West than in the Arab world.

Interestingly in Denmark, source of the insulting Mohammad comics, it is illegal to insult the flag, the national symbol, of other countries, so as not to cause offense. But it's perfectly fine to insult the religious symbols of other people.

But! I hear you say "we don't get the same kind of protests when flags are burned in the Arab world as when Mohammad is insulted in the West." This is true, but it again ignores a significant geo-political issue at the heart of the protests: The Arab world is subject to invasions, embargoes and political manipulations of their governments by Western countries.

Imagine a reverse situation, where the UK was at threat from invasion by Germany and the Germans were burning the Union Jack in the street and urinating on it on TV. How you do think the British would react to that?
16:20 March 16, 2013 by liondens
Oh come on, stop pretending that these things are shock to you people, deep down you all know that soon or later it will blow up in your face, it's inevitable. Muslims will always be muslims, and nationalists are nationalists, soon or later somebody will spill the beans, we all know that don't we? So stop pretending you are shock ok? If those 4 filti were succeeded to kill a right-winger GERMAN then you probably see things start to change very quickly in germany and the rest of the continent for that matter. Another word, the hatre is there, all they need is a little spark and that is more than enough for the fire to spread. Up to now the right-wingers in general are well behave, but if their leader is killed by a bunch of the muslim extremists, then all hell breaks loose, you will see what these nationalists are made up! Anyway, success or failure, this is a wake up call for the germans, especially the right-wingers, now they will prepare! Oh and for those of you who said that you are not sorry for this guy if he was killed by these muslim extremists, you should be, because you could be the targets of revenge! Oh in case, you peace lovers accusing of racist, i'm a foreigner by the way.
16:34 March 16, 2013 by Dyderich
Sadly Liondens...the Germans have had their balls cut off and now most of them are a bunch of sissy girls....cannot even call them Germans anymore as they are more like Americans with their whinniness and boohoo we dont want to upset those types of Arabs.

If the leader got killed, they would most likely now wring their hands and look at their feet and mumble something about revenge and then do nothing at all.

Germany's Spine is broken else they would have looked upon the current influx of wasted people coming to add to the social welfare burden of the country and actually have done something about it, but as they keep their arms open accepting more and more worthless people to stuff the welfare programs up with their multitude of litters they create to add to the strain, they see nothing wrong and keep their heads in the sand like good little ostriches.
18:04 March 16, 2013 by RainerL
Well" It does not surprise me one bid. One Politician goat assasinated in Holland for speaking out against nit bringing anymore of these type of People in and that Holland is FULLL! The related crap is happening in the not so Great Britainwhere People have been demonstrating against Muslims. I never undertsand why Muslimswith their strange ways and at times aggressive and radical are even allowed in to a Western Country. Many do not even like Westerners and yet they love our better live in comparison to their crappy Place. Now we have them in Europe, the U.S and also stuffing up Australia as well. May have to migrate myself to the South Pole myself just to get away from them all.
21:37 March 16, 2013 by liondens
The problem with muslims in europe is that the europeans are encouraging, empowering and bend over backwards to accommodating them in any which way, that's why they feel like they own europe, and they can do almost anything they like. Some europeans are afraid to speak up, some are too in love with these muslims and forbidden other to speak anything about their beloved, and a few that dare to speak the truth then automaticlly they're label as racists, xenophobes or islamophobes and cut off from all platform of mass communications and cast into the side of "right-wing extremists", and of course after that whatever they say is simply racist and the end.

For example, a black man didn't like the word "neger" in the classic children book so he spoke up and demanded that they take the word out, and so they did take it out just like a good obedient subject that they are. Can you imagine any right-winger can do that?
23:16 March 16, 2013 by Englishted

Would not the Muslim community find offence in any demonstration against the building of a Mosque ,and do they tend not to tolerate any criticism of Islam as it is offensive. Where is the line? politicians may find political caricatures offensive ,yet these have been as I have said been part and parcel of European culture ,cartoons lambasting figures who are too self important is our why of deflating there egos long may it be so .

@ antistar

I was responding to a earlier comment .

However Muslims have burned poppies (symbol of those who died in war in the U.K.) at ceremonies held at The Cenotaph, Whitehall ,London on our remembrance day ceremony on 11th November.(see you tube) ,a great insult to the dead.

As for myself I find no problem with insulting or offending any and all religions and do not understand why devotees and followers of he/she /it should take offence because if he/she/it is all powerful then he/she/it can deal with me at anytime now or in the future without their help.

If however this is not true then why are you on your knees before he/she/it in the first place?
02:34 March 17, 2013 by thumbnail_abs
Schengen country can compare with this piece of land in peace. Not even Germany.I have seen german guys spraying on streets,got arrested and parceled back to their country.Their Auslanderausweis got ceased until or unless each person pays 4000 CHF as penalty.PEOPLE!You can terrorize anyone by laughing loudly in trains,accelerating car loudly or just simply run in public places etc. Terror means terror.Now when it comes to kill someone. First of all how many people get murdered or killed in Europe annually? How many of them were murdered by a terrorist group? Why don't the homicide cases come in public spotlight? It's because they don't belong to any group like Salafist,they are neutralizing individually. When a person dies,we say REST IN PEACE. Does it mean he was living an unpeaceful life in this world? PARADISE MEANS WHERE THERE IS NO DEATH.NO QUESTION OF TERRORISM. So commenting on good muslims by exploiting their religion Islam that you haven't read the Holy Quran yet and without having any knowledge that,"if anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder or to spread mischief in the land,it would be as if he killed all humankind and if anyone saved a life,it would be as if

he saved the life of all humankind-the Holy Quran,5:32". That's why you

don't know 6 million people converted to Islam in USA after 911. Watch CNN

on youtube and the rate of conversion in France is unbelieveable.

Wir haben 300 moscheen in der Schweiz,fast 1000 im Italien und uber 3000 im Frankreich. You rose an issue of Minarett when it's only 55 meter.The church Minarett is 157 meter.Then why are you shouting too much? Minarett is not mandatory in Islam. Swiss Muslim Society (SMS) is well organized and well approved by the government of Switzerland. Cancerous cells are meant to mutate.In the final round, gamma rays are useless and we muslims are just like Cancer. You keep on drinking and eating Swine till you become one of them. You don't know what's going on. That's why majority wins. 57% of swiss voters backed the initiative.Turnout was high at 53%.WAS VERBOTEN?

Feedback to wiedersehen404@gmail.com.

Ade Mitenand und Prost.
11:55 March 17, 2013 by liondens
"6 million people converted to Islam in USA after 911. Watch CNN"??? What FG CNN is that? That about 2% of entire population, this filt is chewing too much Khat ! The real number of muslims in USA is about 2.5 million, that about 0.8%, and most of the converted ( don't know the number) are the chemical unbalance blacks that are in prison. Let put it this way so the fools can understand, in the last 10 years USA has taken in less Iraqis than Sweden, so use your brain, I know it's hard, if you know how then we don't have to do this in the first place.

Oh I have an idea, why don't you just google it ok filt?
15:08 March 28, 2013 by RainerL
Self inflicted. Don't bring these Salafist groups in to the Country. They simply have NOT EVOLVED intelligently. All they know is violence against anyone dare speak up against them. The world they live in is Not a Free World hence why their Women walk about with Bags over their Heads to serve their Men like Sheep! Don't want to assimilate in a western society. Well" Knick off to where you come from. No one asked you to be here!!!!
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