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'Some Germans want a second Holocaust'

The Local · 8 Jan 2013, 16:53

Published: 08 Jan 2013 16:53 GMT+01:00

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Broder unleashed the latest in a career of firestorms recently after Jewish human rights organization the Simon Wiesenthal Center took his claims that Der Spiegel columnist Jakob Augstein was so anti-Semitic that it put the journalist on their "2012 Top Ten Anti-Semitic/Anti-Israel Slurs."

Not even the German Jewish Council believes the mainstream left-winger and Israel critic Augstein deserved to be lumped with the likes of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Greece's neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party. But that probably wouldn't bother Broder much.

One of the few Jews to be quoted approvingly in the "manifesto" of far-right Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Breivik, Broder has a reputation for baiting his fellow Germans. But like other provocateurs, much of his incendiary language (he once called Noam Chomsky "an absolute psycho") is informed by a sense of personal betrayal by (and of) former political allies.

In his later years, the once lefty member of Germany's 1968 student movement and anti-Vietnam War protester transformed into an ardent supporter of George W. Bush's Iraq campaign, and said that if he were a younger man, he'd move out of Europe to a country not threatened by "creeping Islamization." (It was this interview, for a Dutch newspaper, that so endeared Broder to Breivik.)

But before the anti-immigration rhetoric took hold, Broder was an immigrant himself. Born in Katowice, Poland, the son of Holocaust survivors, Broder moved to Germany via Vienna in 1958, at the age of 12.

He was educated in Cologne, though his gift was not for academia. As a schoolboy, Broder would "often only show up in time for the third class," he once told Focus magazine. He later dropped out of various university studies - once again defeated by the unpleasant hours: "getting up early did for me."

But one thing did motivate Broder to knuckle down - the dawn of porn. In the late 1960s, he began his journalistic career at the St. Pauli Nachrichten, a nascent Hamburg tabloid magazine that peddled what turned out to be a successful formula of girl-next-door pornography, adverts for prostitutes, and leftist agitprop. Soon afterwards, his first book - Who is Afraid of Pornography? - was published, complete with hardcore photo illustrations.

But around the same time, his deep interest in - some would say obsession with - German anti-Semitism led to his break with friends and colleagues. His main argument, which guided the rest of his career as a polemicist, was that Germany's anti-Semitism was located not in the far-right, but in the mainstream left, and was deeply embedded in the German psyche.

In 1981, his aversion to his adopted country got to the point that he left altogether and moved to Israel, where he wrote for the Jerusalem Post, among others. In 1993, he pinpointed the single spark that led to his emigration - an article in feminist magazine Emma that allegedly questioned Israel's right to exist.

From that point on, he would routinely put the "anti-Semite" label on prominent left-wing German journalists, intellectuals, and politicians - among others, Emma founder Alice Schwarzer, Green party MP Christian Ströbele, and Nobel literature prize winner Günter Grass.

After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, he slammed sections of the European press and political classes for supposedly pursuing a policy of appeasement towards Islamic extremists. His 2006 book Hurrah, We're Capitulating! On the Urge to Surrender he went on to criticize the attitude of "1.5 billion Muslims around the world, who suffer from being chronically offended and unpredictable reactions."

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Perhaps even more controversially, his latest book - Forget Auschwitz! - dealt with, as its subtitle said, "the German mania for remembrance and the final solution of the Israel question," and argued that Germany's obsession with commemorating the Holocaust was a moral fig-leaf that stopped Germany dealing with Israel's problems in the Middle East today.

Or, as he told Berlin's Exberliner magazine last year: "The Germans’ absolute obsession with Israel shows that they have a problem with themselves, which they try to solve at the expense of the Jews. ... I am absolutely convinced that a portion of the Germans – consciously or not – would like to see a second Holocaust so that the previous one disappears into the fog of history."

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17:42 January 8, 2013 by guliver
well,I do not think he is anti semitic ,living and working in Israel and writting for the Jerusalem Post,he knows the Israeli -Palestinian conflict and takes an anti Israeli position ,which is very usual today in Europe.

As an Israeli I do not accept his uni lateral position against us but he certainly has the righr to critisize my government without being called anti semitic.

Saying that we all know that the Jewish hate was for many generations in Europe not only in Germany, the Jews were blamed as capitalists,as communists,as those who bare the guilt for Christ death,inferior race,not being loyal to their homeland country,responsabile for the bad economical situation in their land,ecc,ecc

After the holocaust the hate for the Jews was not so "sexy" any more but today we see again that religious Jews are attacked,their graveyards vandalized, their synagouges are also target for their haters ,some times the right radicals and neo nazies are involved and some other times the left radicals who feel it easier to hite the European Jews then to demonstrate against our embassies in Europe.
18:57 January 8, 2013 by Kennneth Ingle
While not agreeing with all the political points of view held by Jakob Augstein, I think that anybody who claims he is an anti-Semitic cannot be quite right in the head.

As for the accusation, 'Some Germans want a second Holocaust' this could probably be said of a few cracks in almost every country of the world. It is also not to deny, that the danger of a creeping Islamization of Europe, has been completely overlooked by most governments.

However, what most people of any intelligence do not understand, is why the children of Holocaust survivors are themselves so often violent and unjust to the native population of the areas taken over to build the new state of Israel in 1948. One might think that members of an ethnic group, or religion, who have suffered so much injustice, would be the last to commit such offences

Although most Germans were never anti-Semitic, after what happened in their country, it is quite understandable when they have a dilemma when dealing with Israel. It is hard criticise others for committing crimes against humanity after all that the German government did between 1933-45.

On the other hand, war crimes should be named for what they are. To call every fair criticism

German anti-Semitism, is as false as to say that Germany was the only country during the 20th century which saw Jews as a problem. Poland was little better!

To spread hate is no answer to the evil which is done in this world. Two wrongs have never made a right and this goes for Israel as well as for any other country. Stupid statements from irrational old men will certainly do nothing to increase sympathy for that country.
19:29 January 8, 2013 by Anny One again
I share from time to time, the opinion of some of his articles.Also that he goes against the politically correctness.But sometimes he provoked,insulted and exaggerates also the readers.So he must not complain later if he gets a bunch of malicious emails in return.

Israel is believed to a civilized, democratic country, therefore it is also more demanding to solve the border dispute in better way.In generally the German media report very cautious about Israel.That is perhaps the reason why the left spectrum thinks it is not historically burdened and it would be ingenuous and have the right to criticize Israel sometimes.

The right to self-defense of Israel is hardly criticized,when its not get out of proportion,but with the settlement policy have much Germans a problem.And he knows it and that's what annoys him.
19:33 January 8, 2013 by intensive_care
Any one who shed tears for holocaust and support genocide/ethnic cleansing anywhere in the world is a true anti-semite because the lesson from holocaust is that people of the world are united against hatred, racism and intolerance.
20:16 January 8, 2013 by raandy
intensive_care I think we are in different worlds , there is not that much tolerance that I see. We can always give accolades to all the smooth takers but its all bull sh^t.
23:36 January 8, 2013 by bernie1927
Mr. Broder seems to have a mental problem and is longing for attention. What a ridiculous statement to make. You can dislike and oppose the Likud party and it's leaders without being anti-semitic. The majority of Israelis are peace loving. To insult Germany and Germans with these outrageous remarks is immature and does not help in any way whatsoever.
08:36 January 9, 2013 by RonHess
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
08:47 January 9, 2013 by Jake Neuman
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
10:54 January 9, 2013 by intensive_care
@Jake Neuman..... now copy and paste the verse from torah and bible related to violence and blood against non-christian and gentiles to bring balance to the arguments.

Otherwise you are a dishonest bigot.
12:21 January 9, 2013 by Edin
@Jake Neuman

This is the second time you I am seeing same post of this same rubbish. Please do not insult our intellect, and go and hang out with your fellow Islamophobs on whichever site where you got it.
12:43 January 9, 2013 by Jake Neuman
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
14:38 January 9, 2013 by johnny108
"a second holocuast." No- that is not true. I'm an American- been living in Germany for 3 years: What they really want is freedom from paying into E.U. debts, which only they, are willing to pay.
17:17 January 9, 2013 by www.emungus.net

Holocaust…holocaust…We have been talking back and forth on holocaust over 60 years , this implies over 60 decibels, is this not too much? Remember: long-term exposure to 60-85 dB or over can cause hearing loss.
02:37 January 10, 2013 by tjk77
Let me remove your concerns, Mr. Broder: as a German born several decades after WWII, I feel absolutely no responsibility for the Holocaust and no special obligation towards Israelis beyond what I have towards all human beings.

However, I do not take kindly to being accused of anything merely because of my ethnicity. It seems to me Mr. Broder himself perhaps hasn't fully overcome the racist thinking so prevalent in Europe before I was born?
03:19 January 11, 2013 by Eric1
I don't know anything about this "journalist" but as for as I'm concerned, journalist are some of the the lowest life forms on Earth.
05:37 January 11, 2013 by Captain Kirk
What a dick!
12:28 January 11, 2013 by Livioxxx
Absolute approval. Germany has no right to criticize Israel.
15:31 January 11, 2013 by dr.makni49

Precisely this psyche is triggering the trouble.
21:53 January 11, 2013 by tjk77
@Livioxxx Well, sorry, you'll just have to get used to it.
16:57 January 12, 2013 by guliver
Germany does criticise Israel and in a very minore way in compare to other European countries, saying that I must mark that Germany is the most friendly European state with Israel many ties with people traveling constantly between the2 states in art, science,health,music,security ,parlamentry,commerce,

in all these fields there are many joint groups of German and Israelies who work together,Germany is the second big nation with tourists to Israel after the USA.

To conclude this dialogue the Germans and the Israelies share a very painfull past ,the people of both nation are working for years to build a new future,education proffessionals visit Israel constantly and meet their collegues here and discuss together the past and on the same time the relations in all above mention fields are advanced.
19:18 January 12, 2013 by tjk77
Guliver, I object to being lumped together with other people with completely different views from my own as "the Germans". I don't share a past with Israelis at all, painful or otherwise. When I go to Israel, it's for business, not to repay some historical debt or to prove anything.

You're foolish for putting much stake in the political expressions of "national friendship". Many of these are self-serving and for political expedience. One of the staunchest proponents of official "German/Israeli friendship" is essentially the same party with the same ideology that voted Hitler into power "for the good of Germany" and whose church said that "the Jews can take care of themselves". People who proclaim friendship aren't necessarily friends, and people who criticize Israel don't automatically hate Israel.

Start treating people as individuals, not as labels. Thinking about the world as "the Germans", "the Jews", and "the Israelis" makes no sense and just perpetuates injustice and division.
21:03 January 12, 2013 by guliver
Well tjk

we have to put a line between states ,political interests of states and all what I posted up is real and exsist ,and the personal and individual feeling,my parents were born in Memel they used to be Germans untill 1933,I do not ask you to repay some historical debt or prove anything ,when youcome to buisness you are wellcome as well,I do not agree with you about the historical responsability of the German people of the massacre of the Jews in Europe,and even it is easier for you to ignore the past ,which I may understand why it is not the same for me,

I do not understand in the German politic but correct me if I am wrong, was it the social democratic party who concluded the relationship with Israel in 1960?

I do treat you as individual and it starts with listening to what you have to say and just then expose my way of view, and I never call other people names,sorry that was the education I got from my parents.
05:20 January 13, 2013 by tjk77
Guliver, you keep using phrases like "the historical responsibility of the German people". I don't know what that is. What are "the German people" according to you? Is that a genetic category? People with German citizenship? German speaking Christians? And responsibility to who? Holocaust survivors? Their children? Anybody who is religiously Jewish? Anybody who is ethnically Jewish? Does the responsibility exist only towards Jews, or towards all groups killed by the Nazis? And what does this "responsibility" encompass?

Yes, the SPD opened a dialog with Israel. The SPD was also the only party that voted against Hitler in parliament, and they were persecuted and thrown into KZs for it as well (do the SPD politicians who risked their lives and were sent to the camps also have a "historical responsibility" for the Holocaust?).

But a lot of the more recent programs and support for Israel comes from the CDU/CSU, the conservatives. They even have started talking about Germany's "long Christian-Jewish tradition", and they like Israel's hardline politics and the increasing importance of religion in Israeli politics. Their history in the Third Reich was to vote for Hitler and try to protect the interests of their church above all. Somehow, I think their support for Israel is in a morally and politically different category from the traditional support of the SPD.

In any case, if you start off with "Germans have a historical responsibility", you aren't treating Germans as individuals, and you're kidding yourself if you think you do
09:15 January 13, 2013 by guliver
TJK thank you for your answer. you underline very important questions and I will try to answer them. First a defintion of people from social science text book:"people are a group of persons who generaly share the same land., the same history, the same religion,the same language,and generly belong from antropology point of view to the same group of people" Historical responsability you mean that part in the history of that people in our case the German people but can be replaced by others as well ,in which there were made crimes against another group of people.that historical responsability is towards that group of people who were victims under that regime, not only Jews,that does not include those who were not victims of that epoca. Based on this Germany in 1960 decided to compensate with health support the Jewish victims who suffered the holocaust and not only in Israel but also else -where which I find right. but the responsability got another side ,which also Germany does -education of the young generations in Germany in order that such event will not repeat,which I find also right. I aware to the fact that in Germany were small groups who opposed Hitler ,for example the communists,who paid with their lives as well. CDU was not allways in good relations with Israel, countries may have opposed interests in certain time of history ,I remember well the conflict between Schmidt and Begin.and from other hand the very good relations between Willi Brandt and Alon from the labour party. So to conclude there is the individual issue and a collective issue ,which are different in a way you treat them,you may have a German family who saved the life of Jews under the NS regime and may consider as heroes because risked their lives and families,and then the regime and the people who served in its structure and supported it.
05:45 January 14, 2013 by RainerL
In regards to a portion of Germans would want a Holocaust back? What a load of crap!! What qualifies HIM to make this assertion? If anyhting. I would imagine only that many would feel that Germany is over crowded with Forraigners and Refugees and more than likely wished this had not happened. Look at Britain and Holland. Suffed full of these people. So much so that one of Hollands Politicians lobbied in the reduction of bringing anymore people in to Holland becaus the House is FULL!!! Unfortunately this Politician was assasinated because he spoke the truth and one of the radicals living in Holland decided to escercise his radical believes in Holland. Something he should have well left back hom in the Country He came from.

So lets Not try to blend an Nazie stuff and the Holocaust with the real issues at hand.

The World is getting over crowded. perhaps we need another World War to bring numbers back to something much more sustainable?

I wonder??
06:39 January 14, 2013 by tjk77
Guliver, Germans who lived during the Nazi era had a responsibility for what their government did, and Germany had an obligation to compensate others for the harm it had caused back then. That is perfectly legitimate.

That is not the same as a "historical responsibility". A historical responsibility implies that moral and financial responsibility is passed down through the generations in some vague way. It means that you assume that there is something intrinsically wrong with a group of people, simply based on their race or nationality.

You can insist on that belief, but don't expect that people are going to tolerate it. That's not the start of a dialog or friendship, it's the end of it.
18:32 January 14, 2013 by guliver

"implies that moral and financial responsibility is passed down through the generations in some vague way. It means that you assume that there is something intrinsically wrong with a group of people, simply based on their race or nationality"

I have never wrote or posted such words and I do not agree with it and by saying "historical responsability" I mean that the future generation in Germany and not just there will take the lecture from the past to avoid such events in the future ,Germany do it in different level of education of the young generation,in no way" a financial responsability which pass through generation," in no way "something wrong with a group of people simply based on their race...".

I have not written such things and neighter meant them a moral responsability of preventing such events in future is what is needed..
19:33 January 14, 2013 by Heidegger555
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
21:09 January 14, 2013 by eric sono
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
00:36 January 15, 2013 by tjk77
Guliver, of course you are prejudiced against people based on their ethnicity and nationality, you just hide it from yourself and others behind an endless stream of code phrases and rationalizations. It's understandable, because we all get these ideas and words from our politicians; "you're part of Group X, and Group Y owes you" is one of the simplest arguments in politics. But the sooner you realize that and question the assumptions that go into that, the better.

So, stop talking about my supposed "moral responsibilities as a German". My responsibilities are no different from yours or anybody else's. There are plenty of things wrong in my country, and I suspect there are plenty of things wrong in your country. If you want to talk about those things, you need to do it starting with the idea that we start on morally equal footing.
18:50 January 15, 2013 by franz182
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
19:16 January 15, 2013 by guliver
tkj eric sono heidegger well, the anti Israeli and anti Jewish voices are by you well pronounced. It is your right to think what ever you think,what is with you wrong is that you distorte my words on purpose and even do not try to start a dialogue do not look to right or to left but concentrating to attack even if my posts were made with a friendly and moderate way. TJK you do not know me there is nothing in my words which prove it but you decided that I am prejudice against people based on their nationality ,you make accusations without any proof which is prejudicial of you against me.code phrases? I am not Shakspear my English is simple enough. I have never said everything in my country is ok, but as I do not know Germany and not live there I can not speak about what is wrong in your country,and at least I am carefull when I talk with somebody who live there. Eric My parents tought me to speak with respect to all people and I do not remember to call you names,first because I do not know you and who you are,this is the basis of an elementary dialogue among human being and it precced a dialouge between us on the Palestinian and your behaviour even comes before you could hear my opinion on that issue. Heideger Fischer and Westerwelle are your politician I did not voted for them but the Germans did ,so if you do not agree with them you may change them ,after all in Germany there is a democracy today? If you have problems with the Jews or the Israelies and you wish to kick them out your country who disturbe you to do it? how many Jews you have today in Germany? I know about 3 millions of Moslems but certainly there are not even the 600000 who used to live there before the war, and today you can send them to Israel ,take them their citenzenship and send them away ,after all you have a good expierience in such acts.Sub marines and weapons are sold by many European state including Germany all over. I do not recall to call your county in names but you do it with my country And I do not tell you to learn your history , I am sure you know it, and I will end by a phrase heard from my parents who were born in Memel and were forced out their country and then to KZ. Es

regnet zu viel ,wer ist Schuldig? Die Jueden-warum-darum, Es gibt keine regen ,wer ist Schuldig? noch mal die Jueden warum?darum!
21:57 January 15, 2013 by Heidegger555
In a democracy there is freedom of speech. There is no freedom of speech in the BRD. Even this pitiful little site here feels compelled to delete posts. Laughable.
02:24 January 16, 2013 by tjk77
Guliver: your diatribe and unfounded accusations reveal the bigotry and hatred that you hide under your pretense of tolerance. I feel sorry for you, because thinking about the world and other people like that mainly hurts yourself.
17:08 January 16, 2013 by guliver
well tjk

here our "dialogue" comes to end , I feel we think you do not understand what i post or you do not want to understand it, the end conclusion is the same in both cases.

It was you who made the accusation against me ,without reason,without even a minimal tentative to ask me what are my idea's in different issues you raised.

from the begining and your first words you showed aggrresive attitude and you were not interested even to open a free democratic debate.

I feel sorry for you but as somebody who lived 3 years in Germany I can testify that I met a lote of nice people whith whom I am in contact internet touch till today and they are not Jews but native Germans.
00:00 January 17, 2013 by tjk77
Guliver, I think your diatribe speaks for itself; people should just re-read it.

Congratulations to finishing off your message with the favorite phrase of bigots the world over: "some of my best friends are...". As a minority myself, I have been on the receiving end of that more times than I care to remember. It really completes the picture of you so wonderfully.
19:13 January 17, 2013 by guliver

People on this site read my post and also yours.

that is right.

let them judge .
07:36 January 20, 2013 by 2utoo
For as long as Germans tolerate Scum such as this Henryk Broder in their middle without calling them out for their > relentless 70-year hate-mongering activity,one can have or show no sympathy toward such a spineless,cowardly nation,period.

Lowlife agitator Henryk Broder needs to be told point-blank > enough of that sort of ongoing blunt " German Hatred "or your sorry Ass will be thrown out at once !

It is bordering on sheer Insanity seeing these > Zionist - Scum lecturing the new German Generations about their country`s past - while at the same time his very own " Israel uber alles " despicable treatment of the Palestinian people at present - is being totally ignored > speaking of hypocrite lunacy by these very sick people.
18:16 January 20, 2013 by guliver

No connection what so ever between the events in the 2 ww and the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

No compare what so ever between the historical facts which regards what happen to the Jews in Europe as citizens of their own countries,and the struggle of the Palestinian people to get their statehood.

who compare between the 2 historical events show he does not hve a basic knowledge in historical defintions and historical events,

we do not need to teach the European over their past ,they know exactly what they have done.
06:51 January 21, 2013 by 2utoo

Frankly,do you ever read that nonsense you write before you put it out there?

There is ample evidence that you are obviously a real mentally sick individual.

One has to come to this simple conclusion based on all of your other very weird responses you have posted thus far - can`t help myself, you`re a > certified Idiot !
20:18 January 21, 2013 by guliver

First go to elementry school and get some instruction how a man should express his opinion, certainly without calling the other one names....

Second ,calm down and go to learn some basic facts in history of both different historical events ,before getting angry and blaming the other.
07:31 January 31, 2013 by Icke Ricke
I live here in the States and consequently now consider myself a Germerican on account of my German-American heritage and I say, "Nein mehr Opfer!" or, "No more sacrifice!" in the English. You have earned your freedom & peace Deutschland, please do not look back. From Neanderthal times, through the plagues, crusades, world wars, and among many other tragedy's, you have fed your sweet blood to the thirst of the world over and over again - you are God's people - do not let them sow discord among you.
07:07 February 2, 2013 by soros
Well, I wouldn't call Germans "God's people". That's nuts. But on Mr. Broder: either he's just an opportunist who has found his niche by agitating, stirring up the pot, or he's an anti-German which is equal to being a racist except in ethnic terms. And, you can be sure there are enough of these kinds of people everywhere: jealous of Germany's recovery and wealth; vengeful and bigoted. Broder: go crawl under a rock.
19:52 February 3, 2013 by Icke Ricke
I say that because God is Good and in the Goth it would be thiuth = good, and it's not a far stretch from 'thiuth' to Deut.
05:53 February 6, 2013 by Geomant
I just wonder about this "holocaust" talking.Anybody seems to forgot that these "Jews" are GERMANS,who were target of racisim! They were granted civil right with the same duties like all of the people.As the Zionists waved the Balfour Declaration at the pre-peace talks at the Rothschild Villa the German General Staff realized that they had been backstabbed,they gained the land in Syria for bringing the United States into the war..They knew very well for what the millions had to die for this.The call to return home by the zionist to create Israel was not followed,the jews were disobidient to their masters, enjoying a comfortable live in Europe.It took its time but Hitler learned about the deal the British made with the Zionists, with his time at the westfront seeing the soldiers dying he would not react positivly on this,as we all would! The Zionists ultimatum went in 1933,bowing and restoring the offices of jews in the governement or facing destruction! http://guardian.150m.com/jews/jews-declare-war.htm He refused and they started their worldwide boycott on german goods,Germany responded with an one day boycott on goods of jewish origin at first, but the Germans who followed the religious believe of Abraham did not protest or solidarize with their own people,making the other Germans angry.The gov. encouraged them to leave,in the sense of Rothschild and the Zionists to create their Israel and payed for the poor ones.300.000 of 400.000 left that way.Veterans of ww1 were never persecuted as they did their duty.Things went grim as the war not stopped,Germany offered 15 times peace until dec. 1940,than it was clear there wont be no peace.
00:07 February 7, 2013 by maorsh

You forget that the Grevitarsers were also involved! They convinced the Khazar Jews who established the Rotschild Soup Kitchen in Peru to hunt the Balblers in the 1930s. These Balblers wanted to prevent the Jews from attacking Germany. In 1934, the leader of the Jews in Germany, Abraham Malagatani, declared war on the Balbers, who were the same Zionists who put an ultimatum on the Grevitasers, who back then worked for Israel. The Rotschild Soup Kitchen attacked Hamburg in 1935 (this is not mentioned in any history book, the Rowesmits took it out in the order of Dr. Malagatani, the Zionist Hasbara troll). The German elected democratic government then started a boycott against the Balbers, but Hitler only wanted to prevent them from continuing attacks that will bring the Zionists to power in Gratislavia. The United States supported the Balbers and Zionist Germans infiltrated the highest command of the German Government. A worldwide boycott against the Balbers convinced the Rothschilds to make an agreement with Khazar Jews and that's what eventually caused the war. Then the 10 Jews who died in the war reestablished the Balberg Movement. Dr. Malagatani then was working with the Zionists on continuing the war against the Rowesmits, when then were already in full control in Gratislavia. David Duke offered Malagatani a peace agreement that will give equal rights to the Rowensmits, but the Rothschild Soup Kitchen was against, and in 1946 it was clear that there won't be peace with the Balbers.
12:59 June 20, 2013 by Dynthor
When I read about Israel's inhumane occupation, International bankers perpetuation of third world dept, and then there is the bleeding of America by the federal reserve, it's hard to argue that a second holocaust wouldn't make this world a better place to live. I think its important to make certain that Jews like Norman Finkelstein are protected from any second round up and extermination.
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