‘Vampire’ man sentenced for blood attack

'Vampire' man sentenced for blood attack
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A man who thought he was a vampire and attacked his father to drink his blood was given a three-year suspended sentence on Monday. If he bites anyone again he will have to go to a psychiatric hospital.

The 39-year-old named only as Raimund G., from the Bavarian village of Althegnenberg, decided last November that he was a vampire and had to drink blood to join an order of vampires, the Abendzeitung München newspaper reported. His chosen victim: his father Arnold.

One evening late last November, as the family sat around the dinner table, Raimund allegedly reached into a drawer, pulled out a knife and attacked his father, saying that he was a vampire and needed to kill him, the newspaper said.

His father was able to rip the knife from his hands, but when Raimund went after him with a second knife, he sustained a cut to his index finger, which bled profusely. His son allegedly licked up the blood from his cut, according to the Abendzeitung München.

By the time police arrived, Raimund G. was reportedly calmly standing at the fence talking to a neighbour, the paper said.

Raimund G.’s former girlfriend, who served as a witness in the trial, said he was not acting like himself that day and that he told her he felt “like a vampire.”

Now back living with his parents, Raimund G. said that he had been drinking heavily in the months prior to the attack, and his girlfriend said that she played a lot of video games with him at the time, some of them violent.

Investigators also found numerous horror films at his home.

He was convicted at the district court in Munich on charges of grievous bodily harm on Monday. The court said in a statement he was given a sentence of three years in a psychiatric hospital, but that this would run on probation.

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