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Germany condemns film as mob burns embassy

The Local · 14 Sep 2012, 17:13

Published: 14 Sep 2012 14:50 GMT+02:00
Updated: 14 Sep 2012 17:13 GMT+02:00

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“I expressly condemn the attack on the German embassy in Khartoum and demand from the Sudanese authorities and government that the integrity and security of the embassy is restored,” Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said in a press conference on Friday afternoon.

“I understand the fury in the Islamic world at the anti-Islamic hate video and I condemn this video, but this is no justification for violence and the storming of embassies or endangering of people’s lives. The video is unacceptable and hurts the feelings of millions of believers but this is no justification for violence,” he said.

Westerwelle also confirmed that the embassy staff were safe despite the storming and torching of the embassy building.

In an attempt to reach a global audience, Westerwelle repeated the part of his statement concerning his condemnation of the video in English.

Around 5,000 people surrounded the German and British embassies, which are next door to each other in Khartoum, after Friday prayers initial reports said.

Sudanese police fired tear gas to disperse the protesters as several of them scaled the roof of the German embassy and tore down the German flag, replacing it with a black Islamic one.

The mob then proceeded to smash windows, broke into the building and started fires.

Afterwards hundreds gathered in front of the US embassy, and were beaten back by security forces. Broadcaster Al-Arabija reported that one demonstrator was killed as tear gas was fired into the crowed. A cameraman from the station was injured.

Westerwelle said the Sudanese ambassador in Berlin had been summoned to the foreign ministry on Friday morning where he was reminded of his government's duty to protect diplomatic institutions.

Germany's ambassador to Sudan, Rolf Welberts, only took up his position last Saturday. He has been in contact with Westerwelle, informing him of the situation.

Friday’s attack was the latest in a series initially directed at US embassies in several Muslim countries, as anger sparked by a film mocking Islam spread across the Muslim world.

Westerwelle said on Friday morning that security measures had been bolstered at embassies in Muslim countries, and that German soldiers stationed in Afghanistan had also been put on a higher state of alert.

The US ambassador to Libya was killed and three others injured when the consulate was attacked in the city of Benghazi on Tuesday.

A further four people were killed at the US embassy in Yemen on Thursday after similar attacks, while some 220 people were injured in anti-US protests in Cairo.

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The protests began after the video - an amateurish film denigrating the Prophet Mohammed allegedly linked to evangelical and Coptic Christians in the United States - was released.

Demonstrations have spread across the Middle East, as well as to Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Israel and the Gaza Strip, Kuwait, Sudan and Tunisia.

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Your comments about this article

15:09 September 14, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles
Sticks and stones can break my bones but names can never hurt me. Hmmmm! Wonder how that applies to present circumstances.
15:20 September 14, 2012 by DoubleDTown
These events are not good.

It is also another example for Germans that being not-American is no guarantee of acceptance or protection when in the third world.
15:40 September 14, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles
But also strengthens the will not to bow to this sort of pressure from a minority, maybe?
15:59 September 14, 2012 by zeddriver

We Americans have been saying that for years. It's not 100% about the US and their failed middle eastern policies. It is the total abject hatred of anything that is not them. They do not want ANY freedom or peace.

All any body ever wanted from the middle east was a reliable source of oil. All that needed to be done was for the middle east to peaceably sell oil to the world. But no. They couldn't be bothered to even do that. But of course we can thank England,Italy,Japan,France for the treaty of Versailles for breaking up the Ottoman empire (among other things) after WWI that created the instabilities that are still going on, along with setting up WWII. Which by the way. The Americans opposed. Mostly due to the formation of the league of nations. We did not and still don't accept a one world government solution.
16:16 September 14, 2012 by Edin

"It's not 100% about the US and their failed middle eastern policies. It is the total abject hatred of anything that is not them."

Really, I mean really??????? How on earth did you come to such educated conclusion?

I suggest dearly to all of you to read something other than
16:18 September 14, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles
So I guess Germany will block this movie on youtube then and bow down to aggressive reaction of these fundamentalist morons. Westerwelle must have left his balls in a jar somewhere.
16:24 September 14, 2012 by Onlythetruth
And now it begins again and it will go on plaguing the world until islam learns to behave itself. Could it be that the reason this film upsets the islamic world so much is that it was very close to the truth? And now the world's diplomats are busy trying to damp down the situation by designating islamists as a special category of folks that should never be confronted because look how upset they get.
16:28 September 14, 2012 by trevzns
@ zeddriver

Well stated, its not often I can agree with you on most issues.
16:31 September 14, 2012 by 50ftqueenie18
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
17:12 September 14, 2012 by bwjijsdtd
Welcome to World War III ... Good vs Evil ...
17:17 September 14, 2012 by kellyvanrijn
This isn't about a film maker's right to free speech, or whether or not he made an offensive film. It is about radical islam's intolerance of anything they don't like, and islam's slow but steady roll to world domination. Neville Chamberlain attempted to appease Hitler, and look what happened. Evil must be put down, not placated.
17:18 September 14, 2012 by Ricardoh
The movie came out months ago. This attack was planned for 9/11. They used a paltry excuse to to do what they do best and that is riot. If you think condemning the movie or apologizing for it will help you are wrong. These are people who will kill their own family for minor indiscretions .
17:39 September 14, 2012 by Englishted
How many of this ignorant bunch of fools have seen the film?

Guido Westerwelle doesn't speak for all of us when he says he understands the fury ,stop crawling up to these murderers ,if I want to insult any religion I can simply by saying I don't believe in your god .

Saying that should not give the right to kill me or anyone else ,Iran insults Jews often ,Muslims in the U.K. even burn symbols of our remembering the dead from ww1 and ww2 at ceremonies in our capital.

Enough is enough take you religion and practice it in a land where it is welcomed .
17:40 September 14, 2012 by erdinger
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
17:49 September 14, 2012 by marimay
LOL if these muslim countries were playing war in your countries for your natural resources under the guise of defense and imposing their ways on you while insulting your religion, I am pretty sure you would be destroying and burning, too. It is human nature and humans are stupid.

Thankfully, I am not religious and can see clearly.
18:01 September 14, 2012 by Englishted

Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Israel and the Gaza Strip, Kuwait, Sudan and Tunisia.

And which of these countries populations are helped and fed by western aid?

Biting the hand that literally feeds you.
18:02 September 14, 2012 by Darra
What happened to " Eye for an eye"? " Movie for a movie" ? "Movie for an embassy" just doesn't sound right.

18:04 September 14, 2012 by catjones
'Is it any wonder that the monkey's confused?'

R. Waters
18:05 September 14, 2012 by marimay
@ englishted - Yeah, I do not believe in foreign bribes/ aid either.
19:09 September 14, 2012 by mos101392
Thank God my American country men can see through the lies and deception that this video is attempting. As a retired American soldier, I will not fight someone elses war. Our lives are not less important than anyone elses. We already invaded Iraq and Afghanistan at what cost? We need to wage war with the guilty and not with the country and it's populace. I am not Israel's pawn. You can make as many videos as you like, but I'm not risking my life because you have nukes but you don't want anyone else or Iran to have them.
19:13 September 14, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles
@mos101392. I fear we might find out sooner rather than later just who else does have nukes. That is the problem with fundamentalists and I am not only speaking of muslim fundamentalists.
19:21 September 14, 2012 by zeddriver
Here you go Edin. In each of these areas there is a country missing. Who could it be. The US.

Yes we mistakenly got involved after England gave up after WWII. But the fire was burning long before the US arrived. And we succeeded in throwing more fuel on the fire. But we most certainly didn't start it.

Kuwait, By the 19th century, Kuwait came under the influence of the Ottoman Empire. After World War I, it emerged as an independent sheikhdom under the protection of the British Empire. Kuwait's large oil fields were discovered in the late 1930s. The USA didn't wasn't there. It was Europe.

Aims of the Allies.The leaders of France, Britain, and the United States had stated their differing objectives with respect to the Ottoman Empire during the Paris Peace Conference, 1919. The common theme was the sick man of Europe had come to his own end. However, it was a shock to the world when the treaty said the Allies were in agreement keeping the Ottoman Government of Constantinople, which remained the capital of the Ottoman Empire, though with the reservations of the conditions of the treaty. The treaty called for the expulsion of the Ottoman Empire from Europe. The treaty imposed terms so severe that British policy seemed to have succeeded in strangling the sick man of Europe in his sick-bed in Asia Minor.

The United States-having refused the Armenian mandate in the Senate-decided to have nothing to do with partition of the Ottoman Empire. The U.S. wanted a permanent peace as quickly as possible, with financial compensation for its military expenditures.

France (Zone of influence)

Greece (Zone of Smyrna)

Italy (Zone of influence)

British Mandate of Iraq

British Mandate for PalestineThe High Contracting Parties agree to entrust, by application of the provisions of Article 22, the administration of Palestine, within such boundaries as may be determined by the Principal Allied Powers, to a Mandatory to be selected by the said Powers. The Mandatory will be responsible for putting into effect the declaration originally made on November 2, 1917, by the British Government, and adopted by the other Allied Powers, in favour of the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.

Palestine officially fell under the British Mandate.

French Mandate of Lebanon

French Mandate of Syria
19:23 September 14, 2012 by Onlythetruth
I'm really getting tired of these neanderthals and our spineless diplomats and politicians. The joke is now 10 years old since 9/11 and this crap is still ongoing. Welcome to the new not-so-cold world war indeed only this time its the civilized man against the savage. Should have been an easy bye but when you give the savage your toys to play with it becomes a bit more complicated.
19:43 September 14, 2012 by mos101392
The makers of this film actually proved just how loving Islam is!
19:47 September 14, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles
I don't care what their reasoning for attacking embassies and killing people is. These people should not be given one bit of credence and not one word of sympathy. If our leaders start apologising on our behalf then I for one am withdrawing this apology on my behalf. Why should we bow down to them every time they get insulted. It is like bowing down to a child who cries every time it does not get it's way. Bout time they grew up.
19:51 September 14, 2012 by Patrick4141
I would get tough with these people. Obama tried to play nice with the Egyptians back in 2009 while he was on his middle east apology tour and it had no effect. They still hate the U.S.....I knew this would be the case. You can never nice your way with these people.
19:57 September 14, 2012 by Al uk
"Muslims offended"

Well there's something you don't see every day!
20:12 September 14, 2012 by Anton Grambihler
In addition to: 15:59 September 14, 2012 by zeddriver

There needs to be a full public investigation of how the United States got sucked into the European War and turned it into World War I. Who were responsible for the following changes in the United States in 1913:

1. The United States Senators were changed to being Representatives of the people instead of Representatives of the States.

2. The United States Government was allowed to collect an Income Tax.

3. The United States Federal Reserve (FED) was created.

4. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) was created.

It took 4 years before two thirds of the Senators were elected by the people, and then the Senate voted to turn the European War into World War I. Who selected the Senate Candidates that the United States Citizens were allowed to choose from?
20:20 September 14, 2012 by TheCrownPrince
Watching all this I would like to say "Thank you" to all those people in Europe and America who made the "Age of Enlightenment" possible in the 18th century.
21:07 September 14, 2012 by mos101392
Can't be they are upset about a silly video. I thought they were setting fires to roast marshmellos...lol

I hope everyone's politician apologize for apologizing.
21:15 September 14, 2012 by PNWDev
A movie? This isn¦#39;t about a movie.

@Englishted #13

Yes, I agree, very doubtful any of these nuts saw the film, which supports my point of this having nothing to do with any movie. But then again, you have never met a Tea Partier either, which just proves most nuts will react absent of personal experiences so long as the juice remains free.

@Edin #5

Get a clue, Muslims have been doing this long before Israel or any U.S. Foreign policy ever existed. Spend some time learning how Islam spread from the Arab people¦#39;s to all the non-Arab peoples ­ it was not from enlightenment. Reactions like your only play to the hand of the nuts and trying to appease them will get you nowhere.
21:20 September 14, 2012 by Alanm
condemning the movie makers is a kind of sympathy with terrorists.
22:03 September 14, 2012 by tercel
Unlike most I've actually watched (or forced myself to watch) this movie trailer. The production quality is horrendous. It makes the early Japanese godzilla movies look like academy award material. BUT if you know anything about islam (with the exception of mohammed being a homosexual) EVERYTHING comes directly out of the qur'an and hadiths.

Anytime a book or movie comes out critical of islam, the zombies rise up and attempt to destroy everything and anything. Makes you wonder what deep dark islamic secret the zombies are trying to hide.
22:10 September 14, 2012 by Alanm
thanx tercel, I learnd a new word great word "zombies",
22:28 September 14, 2012 by Englishted
@ Anton Grambihler

So let me get this right :

1. The German embassy in Khartoum is burnt down by a racist hate mob of "zombies" (yes a good description).

2. You want "a full public investigation of how the United States got sucked into the European War and turned it into World War I. " (Australia,Canada, South Africa,India ,New Zealand ,and many other smaller countries but no U.S.A. so not a world war ?).

3. Have you been at the Bavarian forest berries again?
22:37 September 14, 2012 by Karl Bain
@ Englishted We'd rather need an investigation into how that Welberts guy even MANAGED to become Ambassador in Sudan given what he was involved with in the past. But that is another story.
22:52 September 14, 2012 by Englishted
Come back Sir Herbert Kitchener at least then we knew how to deal with Sudan.
23:30 September 14, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles
I think somebody mocked my religion somewhere. Heading out now to storm some embassies in protest. Anybody care to join?
23:43 September 14, 2012 by mos101392
Is Hillary and Westerwelle going to apologize every time someone's feelings get hurt over a youtube video? The world as we know it will end when a group commands fear and others are terrified to voice an opinion on said group. Don't let the animals scare you to bury your head in the sand.
00:03 September 15, 2012 by Anee-One
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
00:44 September 15, 2012 by mos101392

Excellent point!
01:21 September 15, 2012 by alf2
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
01:42 September 15, 2012 by Anee-One
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
01:56 September 15, 2012 by wood artist
Ultimately the problem remains the same: How can you explain the principles of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion to people who have never experienced either, and have been taught not to tolerate the concepts they involve?

Sadly, the answer is that you really can't do it. After centuries of programming the intolerance, it can't be changed, and the internet and globalization of ideas only makes it worse. While many deplore the ideas expressed in the so-called film, we don't immediately see the need to silence those who created it. Unfortunately that tolerance isn't taught elsewhere. As long as the Islamic world continues to allow "perceived insults" to be turned into attacks and vendettas, we won't make global progress. When the more moderate voices begin to speak, then maybe there will be some hope. I don't expect that to happen any time soon.

02:15 September 15, 2012 by Anee-One
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
02:57 September 15, 2012 by Eric1
Here we have Germany and America condemning free speech. These hate mongers hate anything Western and it doesn't have a thing to do with a film. Shame on America and Germany for promoting this narrative.

I'm trying to remember that Islam is the religion of peace.
02:57 September 15, 2012 by marimay
Anee-One is super intelligent.

04:51 September 15, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles
So let me get this straight. Burn an embassy so as to get that country to condemn the movie. Great precedent to have set. How many more embassies are going to get burnt every time these morons get insulted? I don't believe there is anything to be condemned or apologised for. Or do we revert to their way of thinking and start stoning the movie makers and ban all freedom of expression. For that matter we might as well ban freedom of religion also. You know where that will take us. More burnt embassies. We should hold our governments to task for apologising to these primitives and make it clear we do not condemn the movie even though it is hardly a masterpiece.
06:56 September 15, 2012 by mfernandez57
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
07:11 September 15, 2012 by wenddiver
I for one am going to thank the Islamists. Without the murder, burning, rioting, threats and flag desecration, I for one would never have even seen the "Mohamed Movie trailer on Youtube, because the subject has no interst for me. I doubt if anbody else would have seen it either, if not for the violent actions of the Islamists, I would never have been able to compare the actions in the Quran and Haydeths, which seem violent and crazy with the current behavior which is violent and crazy. The actions of the Islamists seem to support the accusations of your accusser the film maker

Look at the Mob, did any civiilized country ever have a better reason to limit or exclude a group from immigration? If response is proportional the US will limit these People's entry like they did Nazis and Communists.
08:06 September 15, 2012 by tercel
@ 01:21 September 15, 2012 by alf2

Until 9/11 I really knew virtually nothing about islam except that it was a religion and that islam meant peace or so I was told. With the exception of Sacha Cohen who is a rather bad comedic actor everyone else is either an expert on islam or report on the atrocities committed in the name of islam. Thanks to them I know that islam means submission to the word of allah. I do not believe in allah, nor do I intend to submit to allah's word. I have studied islam's past, studied the qur'an, hadiths and sunna. I know what al-Taqiyya means and the concept of abrogation (naskh).

For example, "There is no compulsion in religion"... a phrase moslems say all the time. Unfortunately that is only part of the sura, the rest is conveniently not spoken. The meaning that we Infidels choose to endow that phrase with -- is not what Muslim scholars mean at all. See sura 9:5.

When you tell people that islam is a political ideology wrapped in the garb of religion you are mostly laughed at. When you tell people that the political goal of islam is to conquer the world for allah, again you are laughed at. Napoleon tried to conquer the world and was stopped, hitler tried to conquer the world and was stopped, a religion where it's followers pray 5 times a day wants to conquer the world. You jest!

Go to the library get a history book on the Roman emperor Constantine. Look at the map, all those countries in africa and the middle east from the time of Constantine's death to when the moslems rode out of arabia, almost over 300 years were once mostly christian with some paganism mixed in. Now they are moslem. Did all these millions and millions of people one morning wake up and all say "I don't want to be a pagan or a christian, I want to be a moslem". A very dubious scenario.
09:00 September 15, 2012 by zeddriver
What I find so ironic. Is that the film they say they are worked up over. (which I have not seen) And from what I understand the film was about "when broken down into basics" is that Islam is a violent and amoral religion. The ironic part is that the reaction of Islam to this film was to confirm the premise of the film. That they tend to be violent and amoral.

So to all those moderate Islamic folk out there. The ball is now firmly in your court. Are your going to finally stop being the silent majority and start DOING something about those that twist your religion into something that you claim it's not. Are you going to continue to elect hardliner religious types or maybe a more moderate. Or dare I say it. A secular leader that supports all of the citizens equally.
09:34 September 15, 2012 by itchyvet
WOW, clearly a massive brainwashing in progress in Germany, is it hereditory or in the DNA? Wake up people.

If your going to invade other countries, destroy their infrastructure, and ram your version of democracy down their throats with the barrel of your gun, do you expect these folks to come to you smiling?

On top of all the above indignaties, some low life, deliberately makes this movie with the sole intent of inflaming people, and then the folks on here go blaming the recipients who are the target???? WOW, clearly, Germans have lost the plot totaly with their bestes buddies the Yanks, with the exception of a handful on here, who can see the wood for the trees.
09:55 September 15, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles
Clearly itchwvet has been brainwashed by his fundamentalist islamist buddies. I don't see any examples in your post of destroying infrastructure and ramming our version of democracy down their throats. What movie you been watching then? Not that it matters what movie you watch, we won't riot as a result of it. Maybe getting some hate ideals implanted in your head at friday prayer? Who knows but I am sure you enjoy living in a free society all the same where we can write what we feel more or less and not be victimised for it.
10:02 September 15, 2012 by lkahn
It is important these type of films flush out these radicals, so the rest of the world can wake up to what is really going on.
10:29 September 15, 2012 by Anee-One
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
11:48 September 15, 2012 by mos101392
Although I don't think this film will have much chance at the oscars it did do some good. I hope now America will ask itself why we continue to send billions of tax dollars to countries like Libya, Egypt, Israel, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, ect ect. American aid needs to aid America-end of story. The maker of this film is living a few miles from me here in Calif. Maybe i'll hire him to make another film to upset the savages even more so America will stop sending billions of our tax dollars to those animals and finally turn her back to the middle east. There is nothing i want or need from that region. Here in Calif, we are on track with renewable energy so you can shove your oil up your camel's anus.

We need to also close our embassies. When will America get it through it's head that these savages will never love us no matter how much money we throw at them. Close the embassies, slam the door shut, and turn the key and walk away.
15:39 September 15, 2012 by Englishted
@ mos101392

But don't forget to bubbytrap them before you walk away.
19:49 September 15, 2012 by marimay
Hey people this film doesnt really exist. It is just an antagonistic tool.

Anyway.. while your governments and media say "HEY! LOOK AT WHAT THE ARABS ARE DOING!" the Fed is destroying the US with more bankster bailouts, CEB is destroying europe the same way. The obama administration is trying to appeal a court ruling blocking their ability to detain american citizens indefinitely....

But hey, this is the important story right? LOL
23:00 September 15, 2012 by rwk
Lots of angry comments here. This film is a provocation, probably done by the secret agents of a government of a country where these riots took place: An Islamic country such as Egypt, Tunisia, or Australia.
02:44 September 16, 2012 by mos101392

Thank You! As a retired US Soldier, I should have not forgot to boobytrap. Guess I'm getting forgetful in my old age. :-)
06:31 September 16, 2012 by wenddiver
I would vote for anybody for President who would gurantee that the next mob attacking an Embassy will be greeted by 10 Flame throwers, 50 belt fed machine Guns and an Apache Gun Ship, and some troops who are considered too violent for the Army. Maybe we could get some of those Swamp People guys from the Louisiana Brigade, we know they would drop the hammer and feel good about doing it. Bon Ton Roules.
11:37 September 16, 2012 by Anton Grambihler
22:28 September 14, 2012 by Englishted #35

Australia, Canada, South Africa, India, and New Zealand were among the exploited colonies of Great Britain at the time of WWI. They were forced to expend their Blood and Treasure for Great Britain.

I haven¦#39;t checked out the Bavarian forest berries yet.
12:00 September 16, 2012 by Englishted
@Anton Grambihler

Then which of these "exploited countries " used conscription ?,

I know Canada did in a attempt to get the French Canadians to play their part but the rest "forced " don't think so.
12:01 September 16, 2012 by nstaubach
"Empty vessels make the most noise!"

a handful of idiots on both sides making things go bad to worse. The need is to create more jobs and make these jobless idiots busy.

As for the retired US military guys breathing on their last air and other jobless folks with loads of free time for this blog....... i can imagine your frustration as all your life you have done a Fkd-up job. But please do not spread anymore poison so that the world can be preserved for our next generations!
15:06 September 16, 2012 by Zobirdie
Well.... Maybe we in the west should take a page out of their book.

I just found out that there is a registered Hello Kitty Tartan! I am of an ethnically celticic background. CURSE YOU, HELLO KITTY!!!! Thats my CULTURE!!!!!!!!!

I will now lead a wrestles lynch mob of brainless, howling fanatics in a fatwah against Sanrio!

Hmm... Who else has offended me...? Maybe the Islamists are on to something!
10:38 September 17, 2012 by Onlythetruth
The islamists have a good thing going! The teaching of evolution offends my religion which believes in strict creationism so to the streets everyone! We can' t have the government permitting any teaching or propaganda about evolution. Its against my religion and shows no respect for those of us are deeply offended by all the schoolbooks and films espousing evolution. Good science, free speech and common sense are beside the point - I'm offended!
22:07 September 17, 2012 by antymat
A truly peace-loving religion. That is - as long, as you agree with it. Otherwise - as recent demonstration in Australia showed - they will just want to behead you.

Muslims - how do you think, who will still believe your religion is peaceful? After what you show now?

Your behaviour shows true face of you and your cult - a face of a murderous savage. Say however often you like that it is just a small fraction - this fraction is killing people and storming embassies - and you are either not willing or not able to tame them, or just secretly support them.
01:35 September 18, 2012 by wenddiver
I believe the world has handled the repulsive attacks on embassies once before. Anybody remember the Boxer rebellion in China? Surely, if our Great, Great Grandparents could handle the Chinese murderers, we can man up, band together as one Western, Democratic bloc and defend everybodies embasies? It worked in the Cold War.
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