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US-German relations ailing, says ex-FM

The Local · 3 Sep 2012, 15:43

Published: 03 Sep 2012 15:43 GMT+02:00

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Frank-Walter Steinmeier, of the centre-left Social Democratic Party (SPD), told Die Welt newspaper that it was a bad sign that Obama has not visited Berlin in his first term in office.

Visiting Prague, Paris and London, but not Berlin was “not just to do with the American president,” Steinmeier said in an interview published on Sunday. He hinted that the snub was a reflection of ailing relations between the two countries.

“Years ago, it would have been unthinkable for an American president not to find the opportunity to visit his close ally Germany during his first term in office,” he said.

He added that he was in favour of Obama's re-election this autumn, and feared that the US would "withdraw into its American shell" under a Republican presidency, and will engage less with the rest of the world.

Obama’s Republican challenger Mitt Romney “is no hope for us,” said Steinmeier, who served as foreign minister in Germany's grand coalition government from 2005 to 2009.

Obama was thus the “better alternative,” he told Die Welt.

Steinmeier also called on the German government to pursue a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council more aggressively, which he said had been a goal of the SPD Green coalition under former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder.

“We are finding ourselves in competition with other countries’ ambitions,” he told the paper. “Unfortunately, the federal government is not doing much to pursue this goal.”

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17:11 September 3, 2012 by hanskarl
17:20 September 3, 2012 by IchBinKönig
Most Germans, especially at theLocal.de, hate Americans. So Good, its time to stop sending money, military protection and favoritism. Leave them alone. Lets spend that money in the USA, and tell Obama to stop sending GM plants to China, too.
17:20 September 3, 2012 by epochVHS
But he did come to Germany-he came to Dresden...
17:48 September 3, 2012 by schneebeck
Maybe Gerhard Schröder could come to the U.S. for a while and be President.

That might be an even "better" alternative. He'd be good for the U.S. too. They'd love him!
18:09 September 3, 2012 by realist1961
Of course Herr Steinmeier thinks Obama would be better. Obama likes to spend tax payer money and Herr Steinmeier wants in on the action.
18:19 September 3, 2012 by xapplex
Obama didn´t visit Berlin, yet he is the better choice for German-American relations? He has to say that. If any SPD member had endorsed the Republican candidate he would be expelled from the party in no time and his political carreer would be over.
18:23 September 3, 2012 by mos101392

I thought i was alone. The germans have been on our nipple long enough. We need to close all bases throughout Europe. I'm tired of german over charging their American tenants on rent. Ask ANY German and they will tell you no german would pay the rent germans charge Americans. We have a 15 trillion dollar defecit and can't keep spending as if the credit card has no limit.

Maybe the Germans should spend more on training in the US...A few pilots in Texas is a drop of what the US has spent in Germany in the last 50 yrs.
18:24 September 3, 2012 by IchBinKönig

' They'd love him! '

18:37 September 3, 2012 by mos101392

We need to spread the word not just here but everywhere, internet, facebook ect. America, pay off your 15 trillion credit card before you spend money elsewhere. Besides, with ships, drones, rockets, satelites, planes, submarines ect, there is no longer a reason to have boots on the ground. As far as i'm concerned it's apeasement at the cost to the US tax payer. History has shown when countries economies are bad off, they tend to wage war. Thats not my problem and not on my dime. If they're not happy and want to wage war, there are now better ways to deal with that instead of sending an invasion force.
18:55 September 3, 2012 by IchBinKönig

I'm mostly with you, mos. The US drone/tech/subversive/propaganda war you describe is already in full swing. Just look at operations ongoing in Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iran. Not that you'd hear much about it in the Press while Obama is in office. If Romney gets elected, look for the press to have a field day, and the anti-war left to dust off their old protest signs, that haven't seen the light of day since January 20th, 2009. The day Obama was elected.
18:57 September 3, 2012 by wxman
Thanks, Steinmeier for keeping up a US tradition! Each four years when the rest of the world tells us who they'd prefer as our President, we know to vote for the other! Makes voting a whole lot easier.
18:59 September 3, 2012 by sonriete
The power in Brussels now. If Europe wants to pool it's sovrienety it's not realistic to think Americans will pay the same attention to the nation states whose relative power is in decline. This is a natural result of Lisbon.
19:22 September 3, 2012 by mos101392

The Obama admin may try to keep the war info at a min but that is exactly why wikileaks need to exist. The world is getting smaller and governments are finding it harder and harder to keep their secrets.
19:34 September 3, 2012 by Eric1
I'm voting for Mitt Romney as well as the majority of Americans. We have seen the enemy of America and he is in the White House.
20:06 September 3, 2012 by Englishted
It is those looney's in the tea party that worry me and anyone who seeks their vote would not get mine .

However you yanks are grown up and I think the Europeans politicians should shut up and let you decide.
21:50 September 3, 2012 by EnyOne
@Koenig & mos

Me as German,i often try to find some sources of "this who paid what for the others"in simple answers.Not easy !

But i thing the US don`t pay that much,what US Citizens always thinks.Here is what i found.Each year,Germany contributes nearly 1 Billion Dollar to upkeep of U.S. Bases in Germany -Ramstein Air Base,the biggest U.S. Base in Germany,costs about 1 Billion Dollar annually, an amount equal to Germany,s yearly contribution toward the upkeep of U.S. Bases - On average,the other 43 Bases cost about 240 Million Dollar each,about the same as a single F/A.22 Fighter Jet. (Council on Foreign Relations,2003)- Okay that old many Bases are now closed,but it gives you an outlook.

By the way,while the U.S goes into the Iraq,it was Germany to fill the gap in Kosovo and we are the 3. biggest Troop contributor since 10 Years in Afghanistan on our own Costs.And we paid your Country the Cost for the second Iraq War (US Term first Iraq War) .Bush Senior asked for that as a Thank you to not disturb the Unification of Germany.
00:09 September 4, 2012 by matchstickmann

wow....well done.................that should shut these ignorant idiots once and for all.

Its no big secret...US is in a huge debt and going down the drain sooner or later. Any nation which stand with US now, will meet the same fate.

Be prepared to add 52 new nations on the world map, e.g. NY, NJ, CT, CA, OH, MI, NC, SC, FL etc etc ...buahahaha :D:D:D
01:01 September 4, 2012 by EnyOneAgain
Here is where your Money goes !

1. Israel ($3,075 million)

2. Afghanistan ($2,327 million)

3. Pakistan ($2,102 million)

4. Iraq ($1,683 million)

5. Egypt ($1,557 million)

6. Jordan ($676 Million)

7. Kenya ($625 million)

8. Nigeria ($625 million)

9. Ethiopia ($580 million)

10. Tanzania ($531 million)

Try to Google:huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/30/us-foreign-aid-by-country_n_1837824.html?utm_hp_ref=world#slide=1405832

And you can see that was usual even under G.B.Bush / Republican,here is a nice vitual map - foreignassistance.gov/CountryIntro.aspx

also interesting the list of the worlds top donor and of course the bad socialist countries,combine the EU Budget with the Member States.


Here in this reading example you will a chard,how much South Korea,Japan & Germany contribute to the US Military Bases.scroll down until you find the chard (Tabelle)books.google.ca/books?id=p2qTpBgYE48C&printsec=frontcover&hl=de#v=onepage&q&f=false

Name of the Book:Recalibrating the U.S.-Republic of Korea alliance - Seite 39 - Google Books-Ergebnisseite

@matchstickmann,we go the same path sooner or later,even without the U.S.

Cheers !
03:03 September 4, 2012 by mos101392

It is obvious we hit a nerve-that's probably because you know we're right. Since you say you do your research research this.

Everytime the US has closed a base in Germany, the local Bergermeister german workers get all nervous. In some cases, German mayors have flown to DC to beg congress to keep bases open. If as you say, it is the germans who pay to keep US bases open, they should instead be jumping with joy when the bases close. Just because you "say" you've "research" it, doesn't imply you have correct or all the facts.
04:12 September 4, 2012 by EnyOneAgain

Yes you hit a nerve,because it's so ridiculous

Try and show up your research !Like i said its not easy to find accurate figures.

And of course Towns and Cities get nervous and many People will loose their job.

I guess the most Members of the Army appreciate a safe and workable environment and German employees like safe Jobs.Not the first time.

Also we are used to deal with bad news,here is a list of closed Miltary Bases in Germany since the end of the cold War.


The big chunk is gone a long time ago,and here is the list of Military Bases wich are still there until you read"(wird bis spätestens 2020 geschlossen)" means "(to be concluded no later than 2020)"


But i am sure if Romney wins,the US Military will stay longer in Germany as you like to wish for. He threatens Russia and Iran in his speech and pleased his Voters with that. But again how much Money spend the US Goverment to Germany ?And hey ! Have you noticed that this wikipedia article is also not available in your language ?Maybe that is the cause for your lack of knowledge
04:32 September 4, 2012 by mos101392

I did not say I wished the US military should stay in Europe, I said I wished the US military should leave.

Romney has said he would not cut military spending. Obama however has already closed 2 bases in Germany. But Germany loves Obama.
05:26 September 4, 2012 by EnyOneAgain

Yes,yes i get that.But you wrote"The germans have been on our nipple long enough."Or like the other one in the Munich Bomb Article,who thinks the Marshall Plan for Germany was Gift ,it was a Credit with interest rates.

"Romney has said he would not cut military spending. Obama however has already closed 2 bases in Germany."So? Obama follow the US Taxpayers wish,it must normally please you.Its your President not Germanys.

If Mr.McCain would be President,maybe you would be involved in the South Ossetia War or Russo-Georgian War for Mr.Saakashvili,in Lybia,Iran and in Syria aswell. And i don`t think that a Bürgermeister of a German Town can influence Decicions in the Congress or the White House.Whoever is President at that time.
05:57 September 4, 2012 by bassplayer
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
07:15 September 4, 2012 by The-ex-pat
At the end of the day, it makes not difference who is the president. Who ever is in power, the rich will get richer, the poor will get poorer, fewer people will have access to medical insurance and the USA will be fighting insurgents in some corner of the world. Whether the USA engages in relations with countries is the decision of advisers and policy makers in the back rooms and rarely taken by the Man himself. Republican or Democrat, if you look back over the terms of the presidents of the last thirty years, nothing has really changed. The only thing to have changed is a move from cold war politics to one of frightening the populations by convincing them that everyone is a potential terrorist whether you are a child or a wheelchair bound grandma (especially when it comes to air travel). It does not matter who is in power it is about, and even more so now with the advancement of technology, the control and monitoring of the population.
07:33 September 4, 2012 by ChrisRea
Wow, there are still people who think that US financially supported Germany. And are probably not aware that US followed only its own interest in all they have done. Probably they also fantasize about US protecting Europe, unaware that it was actually the other countries within NATO that supported them during military adventures like Iraq and Afghanistan.
08:20 September 4, 2012 by Aburgboy
It is so shocking to see the American ignorance displayed in these comments. No doubt these people are Republicans. You can smell the redneck oozing out of these comments.

Just for the record: There are many democrats and liberals in the United States that know that the world is bigger than Texas and that there is more to politics than war and churches. We also know that The United States is not an island and that the cowboy mentality only works in movies.

Please forgive these patients, they clearly got out of the hospital with amnesia and forgot what their Republican party did to the U.S. economy, not just in the last decade, but in previous ones as well.

@MOS101: be happy that you are PAYING RENT in Germany. Vote for Romney and you might find yourself paying rent in Pakistan.
08:42 September 4, 2012 by ovalle3.14
I wouldn't be afraid that a Republican government would close the US on itself... after all, aren't the United States masters of illegal wars and invasion? I'm sure you'll find someone to invade sooner or later!
10:17 September 4, 2012 by sally#
Germany is a close ally of the United States for a long time. It was truly strange that the US President would "forget" to pay a visit.
10:29 September 4, 2012 by Repatriated
Of course Steinmeier would support the likes of Obama because both are socialists and favor the idea of everyone being dependent on the government for running their life and their very existence.

Steinmeier might believe that Obama might be better for Europe, but he sure as hell isn't good for the USA. The man is unqualified and a total disaster and needs to be booted out of office.
11:36 September 4, 2012 by mos101392

If it meant closing more or all bases in Germany and around the world and no more wars, then I would vote Obama. If Isreal attacks Iran, I would vote Obama because he already told Iran he would not get involved in a war if Israel attacks first.

As for rent, the money comes from the American tax payer into the german pocket. With 15 trillion defecit, we don't need to be paying rents anywhere outside USA.

My vote goes to the one who will do the best job at lowering our defecit. I'm not interested with appeasing the world with my tax dollars through spending on Bases in foreign countries to keep them happy so they don't wage wars. Be unhappy, as long as I don't have to pay for it!
11:39 September 4, 2012 by jtech7
Ok, now everybody attack Germany, for letting America become it's largest investor...YAY!!!!

http://www.thelocal.de/national/20120822-44509.html (US to retake top investor in Germany crown)

The last time I checked, the American's pay leases to each host country they reside in....please show me proof (other than some news article) that shows otherwise...e.g. public record

democrats, liberals, republicans...can any of you really tell me what the difference is...and not just what you think it is! I can tell you, there isn't a difference. Perhaps a hundred years ago it mattered, but not today, because the world is run by big business, and whatever candidate(s) they have in their back pocket. Can you disagree with that (I'm sure you will)?

The comments on TheLocal.de have been continuously getting worse, with America being the target most of the time. We get it, a bulk of you commenters are not America-friendly. Continue to live in your bubble of denial, and keep telling your friends how YOU think the world really works. ;0)
12:22 September 4, 2012 by zeddriver
And Germany/Europe in general is and always have been the picture perfect society.

No one in Europe has ever started a war. Europe didn't start slavery. The kings/princess of Europe have always treated their citizens with the utmost of respect. The citizens were happy to give everything they had to the king so he/she could build a bigger castle or buy jewels and gold. Europe has never meddled in the affairs of other nations. Europe has never sold weapons to other nations to bolster their military industrial complex. The communists in Russia never hurt anybody and always shared the collective wealth evenly among the citizens.

Yep! All that was Bush's fault.
12:25 September 4, 2012 by raandy
Steinmeier has a point, Obama would be the better choice for Europe. Obama is a socialist, Romney a stanch capitalist.

I would not be surprised if Obama looses this election,so far it appears to be a dead heat.

The cooperation between Germany and the USA is all based on trade, Germany has little to offer in the way of military support,compared with England and France.

@y Repatriated, I agree Obama is a total diaster for the USA, to bad the Republicans couldn't have come up with a better choice than Romney. Most people will vote for the lesser of the two evils depending a great deal on their economic standing, or immigration status.
15:04 September 4, 2012 by ChrisRea
Calm down, zeddriver, nobody tried to rank US against Europe. So there is no need to attack Europe in order to have US look better.

The article is about Obama being closer to European/German values. That means less militaristic (not anti-), rejecting racism and homophobia, favouring solidarity and co-operation instead of domination. Mr. Steinmeier did not say which candidate is the better one, but that with Mr. Obama it will be easier to develop the co-operation between the countries ('feared that the US would "withdraw into its American shell" under a Republican presidency, and will engage less with the rest of the world').
16:04 September 4, 2012 by zeddriver

I wish it were that simple. you always seem to be a reasonable person. It's not just about this article. Have you not seen the tone of a lot of posts on here in the last few years. Or just read Aburgboys post. And I was not attacking Europe. It's just that the anti US folks always seem to forget the seemly past and questionable current actions of their own governments. And always manage to link everything bad to America. The Frankfurt airport shooting. A lot of folks on here said it was the US's fault and had sympathy for the shooter.

I do grow tired of the generalizations about me and other Americans and how everything that is wrong in this world is our collective fault. Their is a lot of blame to go around and there are a lot of people with bad intentions running a lot of countries. I don't go around saying that Germans or Europeans suck and hope that their system collapses around them. I don't hate Muslims because of a few militants and the radicals that run a lot of the Middle eastern governments. But I feel a lot of people on this web site personally hate me. simply because of were I'm from.

I separate the citizens from the governments. Because like most every nation on earth. We as citizens have lost our ability to control our own governments actions. Do you think you or any body here could stop the EU should it decide that it's in your best interest to switch to Communism. Revolution? I think not. You ever wonder what the real idea behind gun control is about? Here it is.

"Our main agenda is to have all guns banned. We must use whatever means possible. It doesn't matter if you have to distort the facts or even lie. Our task of creating a socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed." Sara Brady Chairman, Handgun Control Inc, to Senator Howard Metzenbaum The National Educator, January 1994, Page 3.

"If you wish the sympathy of the broad masses, you must tell them the crudest and most stupid things." "This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!" Adolph Hitler Chancellor, Germany, 1933

So yes. Even me as a retired military guy. thinks that we should not have gone into the middle east. Nor should we be bothered with Europe. We have a lot of oil, coal, And could fire up nuke power plants with ease and then tell opec to stuff it. But our government would rather ship money into the opec bosses wallets than for us to be self reliant. Why? Just look at the statement by Sara Brady. The government wants us to be so worried about the world. That we will eventually hand the last of our freedoms over to the government. Just look at some of the speeches by JFK (a democrat) If you were to remove is name from said speeches. You would swear that they were written by a republican.
16:56 September 4, 2012 by michael4096
Maybe Obama didn't visit Germany because he didn't want to. Maybe it was because he didn't have to. The world changes and the western world's attention is moving eastwards.

"Most Germans, especially at theLocal.de, hate Americans."

You mean both of them?
17:04 September 4, 2012 by Aburgboy

I don't think I am good example for your comment, I am an American, an informed American that does not get his information from Fox News or CNN.

I am not anti-American just anti-ignorance. You speak of some of the comments on this article and others attacking the United States but not once do you notice the stupid mentality many American display on this and many other articles. I don't see you correcting them either, more like joining them, even if it is done in a soft form.
17:35 September 4, 2012 by luckylongshot
The reality is that western politicians today are just part of the PR machines of the private bankers that control the western world and are responsible for the current financial crisis. This means whether they like each other is not relevant because they are powerless puppets. When a Rothschild ,Rockefeller ,Warburg or Morgan gets angry that matters because they are in power, not the politicians.
17:58 September 4, 2012 by schneebeck
@ Aburgboy #37

Are the many posts where you see blatant displays of stupid mentality and ignorance all attempting to express "conservative" viewpoints?

Or have you also noticed ignorance and a stupid mentality in any of the liberal leaning posts? Which ones?

What do you think of the article? What do you think of Steinmeier's viewpoint that American/German relations are ailing?
19:01 September 4, 2012 by nstaubach
here is an interesting link (A US website)


United States National debt and the Presidents responsible for it.

Botttom line:

Ordinary Americans are so naive that each time they vote someone in office, that guy screws their money and disappears. Wake up IDIOTS....!!
19:28 September 4, 2012 by zeddriver

There are plenty of Anti-American Americans. They are the one world government types that advocate the running of all countries via the UN. Me. I tend to be a libertarian that leans a little to the right. I think most politicians place themselves before their country. Most government should be at the local level. Washington should only be concerned with their duties as spelled out in the constitution. I.E. Border protection via the Armed Forces, Judicial system, And the monetary system. That's it. The several states can do every thing else as the tenth amendment states.

And there are people acting in an Anti-American manner on the right and the left. It is clearly UnAmerican to place a whole group of people into a bad light simply because you may disagree with them. Sort of like you did. By equating Republicans with Mentally ill patients, Ignorant rednecks, Having a stupid mentality. No! You just happen to disagree with their view and therefore call them stupid and ignorant. Which oddly enough makes you look the same.

I have called out people on this forum who have displayed an intolerant attitude towards others. Such as folks who supported the preacher that burned the Muslim holy book. or saying hateful things against all Muslims due to the action of a few radicals. I would also say that the statement by Sara Brady was ignorant. But that does not make all democrats ignorant. I choose to call someone out on a case by case basis as an individual.

@ChrissRea can tell you. We have had a few discussions. And we tend to be on opposite sides to a degree. But we have never stooped to the level you have and called each others view points ignorant, Mentally ill. We just agree to disagree. If I ever met ChrisRea in a pub. I would be honored to buy us a beer and toast to our respectful disagreements. If I met you in a pub. I would buy you a beer too. Unfortunately I fear you would just throw it in my face.

As per the article. I would think it best for Germany to decide what is best for it's self by having elections and holding their politicians to task for their acts. And not worry about who the Germans think should be Americas next president. It's really none of their business. We in America should do the same. When my German friends ask about their politicians. I politely state that German politics is Germany's business not mine. I might state what my believes are and why. But Germany should be run by Germans. not me.
19:39 September 4, 2012 by schneebeck
There was this article in the NY Times on 9/3:

"Merkel's Opponents Struggle to Find Relevant Issues"

One paragraph of that article said:

"Yet in Germany, the opposition Social Democrats, or S.P.D., who will celebrate their 150th anniversary next year, and their left-leaning allies, the Greens, have watched Ms. Merkel peck away at their programs, turning their most potent positions — on nuclear power, the environment, education, child care and wages — into her own."

Based on that, I thought that perhaps this Local article showed Steinmeier presenting some original platform planks (positions) against Merkel's government. Especially since the last quote of his in the article makes mention of the shortcomings of the current government.

I don't know about "ailing" relations, but Steinmeier's point about a permanent seat on the UN Security Council seemed reasonable to me, and I thought it might be able to touch a nerve in the German populace.

19:52 September 4, 2012 by nstaubach
some more food for thought:



US Govt is borrowing 36 cents on every single dollar........woah!!

But let the IGNORANT IDIOTS sleep!
20:19 September 4, 2012 by Aburgboy

You need to do a better job if you want to stand in the middle with one foot on the GOP side of the line and the other on the DEMS.

I am not going to be apologetic for stating the obvious. Those right wingers have an extremist view that hurts the USA and they think it is ok as long as they hide behind a bible.

And you, who call yourself a libertarian are calling me anti-american just because I refuse and will not support any form of appeasement with these ring wingers? I don't need to respect their extremism and if that makes me an anti-american in your book... then I take that as compliment. After all what is that line you libertarians like to state "dissent is the highest form of patriotism."
21:04 September 4, 2012 by zeddriver

Nice try. I didn't say you were Anti-American. I'll paste it here from my last post. maybe it will sink in after a while.

"There are plenty of Anti-American Americans. They are the one world government types that advocate the running of all countries via the UN".

What I said concerning you was this.

"It is clearly UnAmerican to place a whole group of people into a bad light simply because you may disagree with them. Sort of like you did."

I see you are one of the all or nothing political types. It's either 100 lockstep as per the marching orders from "the party" or burn everything to the ground. That goes for both the left and right. It's a shame people can't think for themselves any more.

I choose to not hassle gay people. Like the Far right does. What they (the Gays) do in private is none of my concern. Yes! It's a Left of center view. So what!

I do not think all drugs should be 100 percent legal. A right of center view. Again. So what!

I don't think one should throw the baby out with the bath water. There is absolutely nothing wrong with cherry picking issues from either side. Both sides have some merit in their ideals.
05:11 September 5, 2012 by IchBinKönig
I can see there is good evidence of 'ailing relations' right here at thelocal. Nice to see the hate. The good news is, the people in the US are catching on to Germany's hate, and will soon be reciprocating.
05:29 September 5, 2012 by hanskarl
"Those right wingers have an extremist view that hurts the USA and they think it is ok as long as they hide behind a bible."

This is by for the the most glittering generalistic and ignorant statement in this string by far. Youreally ought to hang it up.
01:34 September 8, 2012 by DrGideonPolya
Re-election of Obama (for all his faults) would be a vastly better option than election of Republican Mitt Romney who is far more pro-war, anti-environment, anti-equity, anti-European and indeed anti-Humanity.

While Obama has been variously involved in wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somali, Libya, Uganda and now Syria, he has at least apparently stopped US killing in Iraq and evidently wants to leave Afghanistan ASAP, these 2 Republican-foisted wars having cost the US taxpayer an accrual cost of $5 trillion. The Republican- and Zionist-promoted US War on Muslims has killed 12 million Muslims since 1990 (Google "Muslim Holocaust, Muslim Genocide")>

While Obama is pro-coal, pro-gas and pro-oil he at least withheld approval of the Keystone XL pipeline to take oil from the Canadian oil sands deposits to Texas, a process that would mean "game over " for the whole planet according to top US climate scientist Dr James Hansen . The Republicans wants Business As Usual (BAU) and unlimited burning of fossil fuels.

While Obama presides over an American in which per capita Black American wealth is 8 times lower than that of Whites and a huge proportion of Black American men are forbidden to vote (80% in Chicago), he is trying to ameliorate the situation (nearly 100% of Black Americans will vote for him). In contrast the racist religious right Republicans (R4s) are dead opposed to "all men are created equal".

1 million Americans die preventably each year (Google "1 million Americans die" ), 45,000 from lack of health cover (according to Harvard Medical School). Obama got health care for another 30 million Americans but the America- and American-hating Republicans want to abolish this in the name of neo-conservative,. neo-liberal freedom for the rich to exploit the poor.

German should support Obama for a fairer America and a safer World.
09:13 September 8, 2012 by dr.makni49
Their relations were never 'not ailing' and Germans knew it. The ex Minister has not made any bombshell statement. A thin layer of courtesy prevails among the two because German have learnt to remain discrete.

Security Council Seat as discussed should go to Germany being the best choice but Germany would never get it for obvious reasons. Its Euro Zone influential partners would play double game and US is grooming India, if not, field Japan to get UNSC slot. But both the US best choices have very tough resistance pocket within UNSC and hence they have to stand at ease.

UNSC seat...may go to Ethiopia if at all it has to...lol. One arch justification would stand met that African continent would thus be represented.
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It will now cost you €100 to spend a penny. That’s if you get caught choosing to pee against the world-famous Ulm Minster.

German small arms ammo exports grow ten-fold
Photo: DPA

The government has come in for criticism after new figures revealed that Germany exported ten times the quantity of small arms ammunition in the first half of 2016 as in the same period last year.

14-year-old stabs 'creepy clown' in prank gone wrong
File photo: DPA.

A 16-year-old in Berlin decided he wanted to scare some friends, but his plot backfired in a violent way.

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