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Jews call on Muslims to fight anti-Semitism

The Local · 31 Aug 2012, 11:06

Published: 31 Aug 2012 11:06 GMT+02:00

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"I would be pleased if (Muslim) associations would finally deal decisively with anti-Semitism in their own ranks," President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany Dieter Graumann told the Berliner Zeitung daily, after police said Arab youths were suspected of the crime.

The head of the Central Council of Muslims, Aiman Mazyek, expressed his "deep disgust" on behalf of the community after the 53-year-old rabbi was punched repeatedly in the face in front of his six-year-old daughter.

"Words and sympathy are nice and meant honestly, but deeds would also count," said Graumann.

Jews in Germany have been up in arms since Tuesday's attack when a rabbi wearing a traditional Jewish head covering was stopped in the Schöneberg area of Berlin and attacked by four youths who first asked him if he was a Jew.

One youth punched the rabbi in the face several times after asking him if he was Jewish, apparently because he was wearing a traditional head covering, police said. The assailants fled, but not before aiming death threats at the young girl, according to authorities, who have launched an investigation into the Tuesday attack.

The victim, named in the media as Rabbi Daniel Alter, told the BZ local daily: "I am not sure whether we will be able to walk the streets of Berlin without fear again."

Another Berlin-based rabbi, Walter Rothschild, told German radio: "I have been spat on in broad daylight in (the central Berlin square of) Wittenbergplatz and had slogans linked to the Middle East shouted at me."

The attack came amid a fierce row over a ruling by a court in the city of Cologne, that circumcision of young boys for religious reasons was tantamount to grievous bodily harm and therefore illegal.

The ruling has prompted fears that religious freedom is being restricted in Germany and has brought Jews and Muslims together in condemning the judgement.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has reportedly said the ruling risks making Germany a "laughing stock" and diplomats admit privately it is "disastrous" for the country's image abroad, given its Nazi past.

Other religious leaders also condemned the attack on the rabbi, with Catholic group Pax Christi saying it was an "attack on Jewish life in Germany."

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However, the spokesman for the Jewish Forum for Democracy and Against Anti-Semitism, Levi Salomon, sought to downplay the problem, saying: "We are shocked (by the attack), but we do not feel unsafe" in Germany.

The Jewish community in Germany has undergone a renaissance since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 with a flood of immigrants from the former Soviet bloc, who were often victims of anti-Semitism in their home countries. They were automatically awarded German citizenship.

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Your comments about this article

15:54 August 31, 2012 by henry1544
Good bye old Germany. Hello new Germany. Don't say we didn't tell you so.
16:10 August 31, 2012 by Berliner1978
I am amazed that Jewish Berliners think that calling on Muslims to fight anti-Semitism is even worth the breath it took to utter the words.

Do they seriously think this will happen? The Muslims who take to heart the Koran's exhortations to kill Jews are the the most extreme of the lot, and are not influenced by the rest. In fact it is the other way around.
16:32 August 31, 2012 by ITAMAR

it happens all over Europe specially in France where there are great moslem populations, and it has to do with their hate towerds Israel and the Jews.

just to recall Sweden also.

the governments of the EEC must take steps against these criminals.
17:28 August 31, 2012 by Hicham1st
As a German muslim I present my apologies to the Jewish people for what happened. It is a shame that such people do such stupid actions, these youngsters do not present Islam but instead they present themselves. If you want to know about Islam then never look at muslims.

I hope some of you will not use this chance to start a furious war against Islam.

@Berliner1978: Islam never said kill jews or christians or whosoever, or if you think you read it in the Quran (and didnt hear it in the media) then kindly share with us the name of the Surah and the number of the verse. Thank you!
19:40 August 31, 2012 by ITAMAR

thank you for your brave words ,I respect all people and all honest families and their members no matter in which religion they believe-Christians,Moslems,Jews,Budhists,Bahai,

we must find the way of co-exsistence on this ground and to respect each other as good neighbours,

For the community in Germany, it is the right step to talk to the Moslem religious leaders of that country and to ask them to put their influence,

No matter what says the Kuran the new testament , the religous leader of today must give their correct modern interpatation to the believers.
19:49 August 31, 2012 by tercel
@ 17:28 August 31, 2012 by Hicham1st

Ok you asked for it---

"Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews." -- Sahih Muslim  (Book #041, Hadith #6985)

Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Umar: Allah's Apostle said, "You (i.e. Muslims) will fight wi the jews till some of them will hide behind stones. The stones will (betray them) saying, 'O 'Abdullah (i.e. slave of Allah)! There is a Jew hiding behind me; so kill him.' "  (Book #52, Hadith #176)

This just 2 examples in the hadiths, there are many more and a few in the qur'an, you should know where they are so I do not have to, post them all.
20:16 August 31, 2012 by sonriete
It is also racism to attack the Muslim community because the four youths "looked Arab".

Since they have not been caught we really don't know what race or religon they are.

Based only on physical appearance a Greek Christian can look just like a Turkish or Arab Muslim.
21:16 August 31, 2012 by tercel
@ 20:16 August 31, 2012 by sonriete

Islam is NOT a race, thus attacking the muslim community can not be racism. Just like Christianity is not a race and attacking christians is not racism.

Face it, they were just following what they were taught in the qur'an and the hadiths. Read my reply #6 to #4's post. If you want more examples (I hate to type) so I'll just cut and paste a couple of pages worth.
21:23 August 31, 2012 by DOZ
Good for the Jews on taking this step. Hopefully it will be fruitful.
21:38 August 31, 2012 by Hicham1st

Thanks for the hadiths, I know them and I know they exist and plentiful examples of them also. But what you do not understand is that in these hadith it is talking about killing in war, it is 'to fight' with each other, so when a jew or a christian or even a muslim is going to kill you then you have to defend and kill in self-defence. So the hadiths are describing the act of killing in a war setting and it is not however talking about killing innocent lives as you are trying to convince others.

Dont go too far and too blind in hating Islam and muslims, look how many innocent lives are being killed in Palestine. If you are fair and in the name of love, peace and of humanity then you have to condemn these killings and tortures made by Isrealis in Palestine.


You are right in what you said, an Arab could look like an Italian, a spanish, a Greek or a turkish. Myself I am an Arab and I have been asked many times if I am spanish or italian.


Islam is not a race but muslims are so, therefore it is racism. And if attacking the muslim community is not racism then it is at least xenophobia, oder?
21:47 August 31, 2012 by IchBinKönig

' so when a jew or a christian or even a muslim is going to kill you then you have to defend and kill in self-defence.'

Excellent point! Yes, it is always the ones hiding behind stones and trees that need to be killed. You know, for 'self-defese', in war.
21:47 August 31, 2012 by sonriete
@tercel. You are focus on semantics and miss the point, so fine it is not racism but rather bigotry, just as bad.

My point was that the media and other critics are presuming they are Arab Muslims without having any proof at all, the perpetrators have not been caught.

They were dressed like most other young people in Berlin, they were not wearing Islamic garb or desert robes.
23:05 August 31, 2012 by tercel
@ 21:38 August 31, 2012 by Hicham1st

Come now you know this is just al-Taqiyya on your part. You and I both know the world is divided into the House of Islam and the House of War, the Dar al-Islam and the Dar al-harb. The Dar al-Islam is all those lands in which a Muslim government rules and the Holy Law of Islam prevails. Most non muslims can not concieve of this.

The outside world, which has not yet been subjugated, is called the "House of War," and strictly speaking a perpetual state of jihad, of holy war, is imposed by the law.

The law thus divides unbelievers theologically into those who have a book and profess what Islam recognizes as a divine religion and those who do not; politically into dhimmis, those who have accepted the supremacy of the Muslim state and the primacy of the Muslims, and harbis, the denizens of the Dar al-harb, the House of War, who remain outside the Islamic frontier, and with whom therefore there is in principle, a canonically obligatory perpetual state of war until the whole world is either converted or subjugated.

So selfdefence is not on the part of the muslim BUT on the part of non-muslim and Palestine has nothing to do with this if it did then the Egyptian Coptics would have every right to kill all Egyptians as the Egyptian muslims are ethnicly cleansing the Coptics out of Egypt.
01:26 September 1, 2012 by Eric1
It's time Muslims and secularist deal with their bigots.
05:35 September 1, 2012 by pcleddy
The mentality of exclusion is the problem.

Treat others well and inclusively, and they will be tempted to do the same.

Water on rock. It takes time.
06:56 September 1, 2012 by wenddiver
Wow, aren't they an optimistic little group of daisies. LOL, with that Mac, really, LOL. It would probably be better to be ready to defend yourself.
07:57 September 1, 2012 by jabulani
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
09:36 September 1, 2012 by ITAMAR

Hisham is brave because he says what he thinks he got a modern wide angel view.

it has to do with a Rabbi and his young doughter who live in Germany-what does it has to do with the Palestinian Israeli conflict? does this Rabbi attacked Palestinian in Germany?

And if you live in Germany why do you repeat the NS propaganda of Goebbles that all Jews control the world and are to blame for everything bad which happen in our land?

I advice you to take a train to Dachau and to get a history leson about the Jews in Europe between 1933-1945.
10:13 September 1, 2012 by Hicham1st

You said: ''Excellent point! Yes, it is always the ones hiding behind stones and trees that need to be killed. You know, for 'self-defese', in war. ''

So you think that the ones who are hiding are all the time the ones who're innocent? Didnt Hitler hide after killing millions of lives including jews? Didnt Milošević hide after his war crimes in Bosnia? Didnt the dictator of Libya Gaddafi hide after bombarding his own people by warplanes? Hiding is a tactic of war and a mean of survival my dear. Hence, hiding yourself behind trees, stones and bush doesnt mean you are innocent.
14:26 September 1, 2012 by blackboot11
@ITAMAR and others :

"Christians,Moslems,Jews,Budhists,Bahai,..." you forgot to list Atheism, which is my as well as many other's belief.

If you are suggesting tolerance of beliefs, then please include the non believers as well.
14:39 September 1, 2012 by Hicham1st
@tercel: You are going too far and you are mixing things here. The house of Islam and the house of War is another story which doesnt suits the topic discussed here. First of all Al Tarquiya means to protect against sth or conceal, it is the justification of lying and deceiving which I am not doing here.

You said: ''So selfdefence is not on the part of the muslim BUT on the part of non-muslim''. OK if you say so, so how many non muslims killed muslims in the Middle East? be honest with yourself. And how many civilians were killed and still being killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan by the Americans and their western allies? You said: ''and Palestine has nothing to do with this if it did then the Egyptian Coptics would have every right to kill all Egyptians as the Egyptian muslims are ethnicly cleansing the Coptics out of Egypt. ''

Palestine is the core of the problem, and if you say it has not to do with this then I think you are not normal or you do not want to be normal and acknowledge the facts. OK I agree with you, you are right on this one, Egyptians Coptics killed by Egyptian muslims, but do ALL Egyptians muslim perform this act of killing? Please do not generalise and do not let one fish spoil the whole basket, one more thing think about Egyptian Coptics and do not forget that there are muslim minorities which are being slaughtered like animals everyday and these are Rohingya muslims in Burma. Google it and you will see.
17:31 September 1, 2012 by ITAMAR

Palestine is the core of the problem between the Israelies and the Palestinians in Israel not in Germany.

A Jewish Rabbi with his small doughter who are Germans do not live in Israel and do not vote for the Israeli government has nothing to do with this issue, the fact that their religion is Jewish does not make them responsabile for what happen there, the middle east problems must stay in the middle east and not be imported to Europe,you wish to demonstrate go to the Israeli embassy in Germany and express your out rage ,not on the poor German Rabbi with his doughter,


also Atheist and there are many others which I forgot to mention, thank you anyway
20:57 September 1, 2012 by tercel
@ 14:39 September 1, 2012 by Hicham1st

"You said: ''So selfdefence is not on the part of the muslim BUT on the part of non-muslim''. OK if you say so, so how many non muslims killed muslims in the Middle East? be honest with yourself. And how many civilians were killed and still being killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan by the Americans and their western allies?" Compared to muslim on muslim killing it is almost infinitesimal.

Since 1948, almost 10 million Muslims have died at the hands of fellow Muslims. Where is the outrage over that? Double standards abound. As the Israeli envoy Dan Gillerman said in 2008: "When Christians kill Muslims, it's the Crusades. When Jews kill Muslims it's murder, and when Muslims kill Muslims, it's like talking about the weather. Nobody really cares about it."

Let¦#39;s speak of facts.

Sudan is not in the conventional Middle East, so let¦#39;s ignore the genocide there. Let¦#39;s ignore, also, the West Pakistani massacres in East Pakistan (Bangladesh) totaling 1.25 million in 1971. Or 200,000 deaths in Algeria in war between Islamists and the government in 1991-2006.

But a simple, strictly Middle East research will give you one million deaths in the all-Muslim Iran-Iraq war; 300,000 Muslim minorities killed by Saddam Hussein; 80,000 Iranians killed during the Islamic revolution; 25,000 deaths in 1970-71, the days of Black September, by the Jordanian government in its fight against the Palestinians; and 20,000 Islamists killed in 1982 by the elder al-Assad in Hama. The World Health Organization¦#39;s estimate of Saddam Hussein's carnage in Iraq was already 150,000 a few years earlier.

In another calculation ignoring ¦quot;small¦quot; massacres like the one that goes on in Syria and other deaths during the Arab Spring, only Saddam¦#39;s Iraq, Jordan, the elder al-Assad¦#39;s Syria, Iran-Iraq war, the bin Laden (taliban) campaign in Afganastan, the Iranian Islamic revolution and the Turkish-Kurdish conflict that caused 1.65 million Muslim deaths by Muslims. Also we must add the everyday carnage in Iraq of sunni on shiite and shiite on sunni murders.

You can point to all the strawmen you want and you can pile up all the al-Taqiyya you want but the problem is a muslim one. The House of Islam and the House of War, the Dar al-Islam and the Dar al-harb is the problem between muslims and non- muslims, the problem why muslims kill SO many other muslims mostly over who is and who is not an apostate - well that's your problem.
10:39 September 8, 2012 by radical.islamist
"I would be pleased if (Muslim) associations would finally deal decisively with anti-Semitism in their own ranks," President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany Dieter Graumann told the Berliner Zeitung daily,

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