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44 medals earns German Olympic team 6th place

The Local · 12 Aug 2012, 22:27

Published: 12 Aug 2012 22:27 GMT+02:00

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Yet the Germans will take home just 11 golds, five fewer than in 2008, in a final result which fell far short of the Interior Ministry target of 86 medals including 28 golds.

German Olympians delivered few pleasant surprises at London 2012, excelling in canoeing (3 golds), equestrian events and rowing (both 2 golds).

One nice surprise was the gold medal in beach volleyball, but even that, it turned out, had been included in the Ministry predictions.

Meanwhile, nasty surprises were in store for the German swimming team among others, which failed to bag any of the eight medals they were predicted to win.

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Your comments about this article

01:37 August 13, 2012 by marimay
That's nice, but... if you ain't first, you're last!
09:31 August 13, 2012 by Repatriated
How you figure 6th place in the medal standing? The Local (likewise Spiegel) must only be counting the number of gold medals as a single criterion rather than including the quality/quantity of the other medals. To say that Japan with 13 gold, 8 silver and 7 bronze for a total of 24 medals has a higher ranking than Germany doesn¦#39;t make sense just because Germany has only 11 gold, but what about the 19 silver and 14 bronze that Germany has for a total of 44…doesn¦#39;t that tell a different story?

Try assigning a point value of 3 to gold, 2 to silver and 1 to bronze and then you will come up with a logical and rational system of ranking the medal standings of the various countries.
10:59 August 13, 2012 by The-ex-pat
The medal table ranking has always be calculated on gold medals and not the total. It has nothing to do with the Local or Spiegal, but the Olympic organisation calculations and Japan got 7 gold, not 13. A different story, fifth and not sixth by your reckoning is hardly a different story. Saying that we could work the table out on silver medals, then Germany would have come forth.......................lol
11:46 August 13, 2012 by BobbyBaxter
@Repatriated - as 'The-ex-pat' states the olympic medals table is based on Gold first, then if two countries have the same number of Gold, then it is who has the most silver and then bronze etc.

I understand your logic, but that would simply undermine the value of a Gold medal. Gold medlas have always and will always be the measure of a countries success in the Olympics. You simply cannot put a relative value of one gold medal to a number silver medals.
15:43 August 13, 2012 by Repatriated
The-ex-pat / Bobby Baxter:

I stand corrected, I meant to use the medal count from South Korea, and not Japan in my comment above.

So then by your reckoning, North Korea (ranked 34th) with 4 gold, zero silver and 2 bronze should have a higher ranking than Spain with only 3 gold, 10 silver and 4 bronze, currently ranked 15th? It doesn't make sense to me.

This simple example shoots a hole in using the number of gold medals as the only criterion for ranking. The quantity and quality of the other two medals must also be considered and used
16:02 August 13, 2012 by wasserball
If it has not been already corrected, Germany came in 5th place, relative to the number of medals earned, not 6th as the article stated. Here are the top 10 places.

United States 46 29 29 104 China 38 27 22 87 Russia 24 25 33 82 Great Britain 29 17 19 65 Germany 11 19 14 44 Japan 7 14 17 38 Australia 7 16 12 35 France 11 11 12 34 South Korea 13 8 7 28 Italy 8 9 11 28
17:43 August 13, 2012 by coffeelover
Author is dead wrong, 5th place. Also, Russia, & China still train their athletes communist style, so how can other countries compete with that? Then there is population to consider, what is population of Germany? There can only be so many top-tier athletes per country based soley on population. To even those odds out, you have to use the super intense communist style training, which takes all the fun out of the athlete's lives. Is that worth it to your national pride? Yes I know China has over 1 billion, but as a race, these people are shorter, thinner than the international population. I for one, do not want more countries using the communist style of training, which is based on medal count only, sapping the spirit out of athletes.
18:18 August 13, 2012 by marimay
Germany is most certainly in 6th place. What a bunch of sore losers. It is the gold medals that count. If the US had 104 Bronze medals, would that be deserving of 1st place? Get real.
18:40 August 13, 2012 by michael valerio
The German Olympic team was a big disappointment. Very few medals. Where are the German's? I find it very hard to get behind a German Olympic team made up of Gastarbeiter.
21:23 August 13, 2012 by ChrisRea
I thought the Olympic Games are competitions between athletes and not countries. If one still wants to rank the countries, it should clearly state what system it uses (there is no commonly accepted system; some are weighted systems like Repatriated suggested, another one is per-capita ranking and there is even one that takes into account the national GDP). So, The Local, which one did you use?
21:48 August 13, 2012 by marimay
I think some people need to visit an official Olympic website.

By the way, silver and bronze medals still mean you lost your event. Even if they are shiny...
07:34 August 14, 2012 by ChrisRea
marimay is right, thank you for the addition. Let's see what the official Olympic website (www.olympic.org) says.

The Olympic Charter (http://www.olympic.org/Documents/olympic_charter_en.pdf) clearly states at Rule 6: "The Olympic Games are competitions between athletes in individual or team events and not between countries." Furthermore, Rule 57 says: "The IOC and the OCOG shall not draw up any global ranking per country. A roll of honour

bearing the names of medal winners and those awarded diplomas in each event shall be established by the OCOG and the names of the medal winners shall be featured prominently and be on permanent display in the main stadium."

So it is only non-Olympic entities that try to rank the countries, each choosing what system suits them best.
17:20 August 14, 2012 by Lisa Rusbridge
The rankings is done by Golds medals. Period.

What about the poor Austrians? They went home empty-handed. Not a medal in sight. Ahhhh well, they're probably better at winter sports.
18:04 August 14, 2012 by BobbyBaxter
@ Repatriated, Coffeelover and the other sore losers, lets take a weighting system shall we? What about 1 Gold = 1000000 Silver & 1 Silver = 1000000000 Bronze. Oh, that is a silly example is it? Well so is saying that 1 gold = 3 silver etc. Perhaps you can fix the medal weighting so that Germany get the Fifth position you so desire?

Or, here is a good and simple idea - whoever gets the most gold medals goes top of the table.......

On a side note (as mentioned by Lisa), it was surprising to see the Australians do so badly ;)
18:41 August 14, 2012 by ChrisRea
Oh, now I realise it! Some people think that the medal table is a ranking.

Some might remember the big discussion four years ago, at the previous Summer Olympic Games. In the medal table published by IOC (again, we are talking about a medal table, not a ranking, as the organisers clearly say it would be against the Olympic spirit), China was the first (as it had more gold medals) and USA was second. However, the American media listed USA first and China second, considering that the total number of medals is more relevant (something which Russia supported too). http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/olympics/2602029/US-accused-of-medal-table-spin-Beijing-Olympics-2008.html

Here is an interesting article about the London 2012 medal table adjusted by population size and GDP: http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/datablog/2012/jul/30/olympics-2012-alternative-medal-table.

So you see, there are plenty of ways to looking to the issue. I think it is a good opportunity to remember Lord Kelvin's words: "Every person has [their] own horizon of ideas, views and opinions. It happens sometimes that this horizon starts to near. And as it nears, it's getting smaller and smaller until it becomes a point. At that moment the person is saying: this is my point of view!" Or, as Lisa Rusbridge puts it, a "period".
13:26 August 15, 2012 by LiberalGuy
Ah, the Olympics are over for another 4 years. I particularly enjoyed the closing ceremony. Those 3 minutes when the German commentators on ARD shut up and stopped talking over the top of everything was magic
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