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Bus drivers, locals spoil neo-Nazi day out

The Local · 5 Aug 2012, 10:11

Published: 05 Aug 2012 10:11 GMT+02:00

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Around 700 people from the area gathered to show their opposition to the march, while more than 200 left-wing activists chained themselves to the station platform, delaying the arrival of the neo-Nazis’ train by more than an hour.

The bus drivers were less than cooperative, forcing many of the neo-Nazis to walk into town. Their rally was several hours late and accompanied by loud protests nearby.

Bad Nenndorf in Lower Saxony has been the focus of neo-Nazi marches every year since 2006, because it was where the British army set up an interrogation centre for Nazis after the war.

Jürgen Trittin, head of the Greens' parliamentary party, spoke at an anti-Nazi rally there on Saturday, and said the protests were trying to make victims out of the perpetrators, which he called a “grandiose falsification of history.”

Sebastian Edathy of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) said, "We are neither ready to hand over our streets and our squares, nor the hearts and minds of the coming generation, to these enemies of humanity."

He said far-right extremism was a reality in Germany but should never be accepted as normal.

At least 2,000 police officers were in the town, while a surveillance drone flew over the more than 450 neo-Nazis. Last year around 580 showed up while in 2010 the number was more than 1,000.

The neo-Nazis had planned to go to Hannover, around 35 kilometres away, after their march in Bad Nenndorf – but cancelled this themselves, a police spokeswoman said. They are now planning a torch-lit march through Hannover at a later date.

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Several hundred left-wing demonstrators gathered in Hannover in anticipation of the planned neo-Nazi march, and some clashed with the police. Around 50 people were briefly held, but no arrests were reported.

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Your comments about this article

12:15 August 5, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles
should do some shoe testing with them and make them walk all day and tomorrow without a rest. Put them to some good use.
12:43 August 5, 2012 by wenddiver
Wow, could you imagine the original rally movie had ended that way withHitler and Goering walking down he road like Laurel and Hardy unable to get a car, bus or train!! That would have been pretty funny. Time for Lenni to do a re-make.

Nothing shows your powr like walking to the next town to get a taxi or your girlfriends parents to pick you and her up, because they have jobs and an automobile.
13:52 August 5, 2012 by grazhdanin
Instead of simply ignoring them, what they might achieve is making the Nazis even more furious and ready to commit violent acts in order to make themselves heard.
15:31 August 5, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles
Evolution will get them eventually. Dinosaurs of a horrible part of mankings history. Let's hope we never have anything like them in power again in any shape or form.
19:22 August 5, 2012 by tercel
Ok, as an American I an totally confused. Are these people actually in favor of resurrecting the nazi party of WW2? In the US we have some small insignificant groups called skin heads (they like to shave their heads) or neo- nazis that go around with old nazi stuff. They are basically laughed at and ignored. They have NO political backing and are just a few malcontents.

In Stockholm recently there was a large rally of people who were against the massive islamic immigration and islamic take over of Europe. These people were labeled neo-nazis despite the fact that they do not go around with old nazi stuff like the skinheads in the US or seem to have any nazi political leanings at all. The rallies by these anti immigration groups by all news accounts are mostly peaceful. Yet by all news accounts the leftists counter demonstrations are all violent and resemble the newsreel pictures of the brown shirts and SS in Germany and the communist in Russia. Confusing.

Now anyone who does not want their country and continent taken over by a backward alien culture and demonstrates peacefully is labeled a nazi or neo-nazi, but those who want this take over by islam and demonstrate violently for it using nazi and communists tactics are just leftists or multiculturalists. Which again is confusing.

Western Europe calls itself multicultural. Multicultural, by definition is where ALL CULTURES are EQUAL. That is definitely not the case in Europe. If I were to say something derogatory about christianity, buddhism or hinduism, either a lie or the truth no one least of all the legal authorities would care. If I said something derogatory about islam either a lie or the truth (taken right out of their holy book), I would be arrested, tried, either heavily fined or sent to jail. Where is the equality? Confusing.
19:44 August 5, 2012 by tommy2shoes
According to Revelations....The Nazis make a complete return using Germany (ancient Assyria) to dominate the earth's inhabitants especially the modern day israel nations of the UK and USA....That time is near.....Hold on....:)
21:21 August 5, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles
Lay off the drugs boyz. The Nazis don't have the necessary minerals to get an erection in a whorehouse.
00:52 August 6, 2012 by phil25
When will The Local stop labelling anyone who takes action to prevent nazi activities pejoratively as ´left wing activists´????

Not everyone who is against neo-nazism is automatically a supporter of left wing political idealogies. The Local did this in another story about the nazi who drove at a protester.

One could almost suspect right-wing sympathies at the Local...
03:03 August 6, 2012 by tercel
Now lets see if I have this right (err, correct), according to phil25 if you do not support the left wing political ideologies and multiculturalism then you are automatically a neo-nazi. This despite the fact that your political ideologies have absolutely nothing in common with Adolph's political ideologies. Calling someone a neo-nazi or a nazi during an argument or disagreement is the same as here in the US as calling your opponent a racist or a bigot when you are loosing the argument to shut all communications down so you can win.

So in effect calling someone a nazi or neo-nazi is the same as in the US of a black or latino playing the race or bigot card. Unfortunately in the US the race and bigot cards are becoming less and less valuable to win an argument as they are routinely played back on the original player.

So unless the person or persons the left is calling a nazi or neo-nazi is actually spouting Adolph's ideology and going around with old nazi stuff, then the left wing multiculturalists actually can not win their argument on its merits and have to play the neo-nazi card and use violent brown shirt and communist tactics to get their way. Or so it seems.
08:40 August 6, 2012 by aussie_boy
@grazhdanin, I am not sure ignoring something with the hope it will go away actually works.
10:43 August 6, 2012 by charlenej
tercel - you completely misunderstood what phil25 said. He said that everyone who is against Nazis, is NOT necessarily a left wing activist.

He was implying that the Local making the assumption that all people who are against Nazis are anarchists is just spin that makes the anti-Nazi people look as extremist as Nazis.themselves.

And your race card comment was telling.

And when do people get arrested for saying something against Islam in Germany? Is that something that happens often? Denying the Holocaust, yeah you would get arrested. But saying something truthful about Islam gets you arrested? When did that happen?

And what is themassive Islamic takeover? Are extremist Muslim taliban/Al-qaida groups literally taking over as teachers and professors, taking down churches, etc. I don't see it. I'm as uncomfortable and scared of violent extremists as you are, I'm sure, but I don't see them taking over. Now I do see a fair amount of women with hijabs or scarves, and devout men around, but they aren't doing anything extremist or violent..they are usually walking their kids to school or buying groceries and trying to get by like the rest of us. Now are those the people you are worried about "taking over"? Because that would be a bit paranoid, imo. But if I saw actual violent extremists invading where I live, you and I would be on the same side. But I don't see it now.

And I'm side-eyeing any "anti-immigration" group who is holding a protest because usually that is a very slippery slope to the other end. What does it mean exactly to be anti.immigration? That all people who practice Islam have to leave? That anyone who looks like they might practice Islam can be a target of anger? Anti.immigration groups are going to need to clarify their exact intentions before I can assume their intention isn't just to round up all non-white people and, at best, drop them off at some border. Which is why people think "anti-immigration" is code for Nazi. If you want to be labeled differently, then be very clear in why. One may still call you a Nazi, but at least their won't be any misunderstandings.

But regardless of my opinion, If it's a peaceful anti-immigration protest in a country with free speech laws than it should totally be allowed, but other people are allowed to judge it and hold their own counter rallies in a free country. That doesn't mean the anti-immigration group isn't allowed to be, it just means that people don't agree with them, which is their right, as well.
12:58 August 6, 2012 by Anth2305
The demise of capitalism and the inexorable rise in world population, creating wars and famines and driving hundreds of millions to seek a better life (by fair means or foul) in first world countries, will I am afraid see to it that the extreme right will flourish like never before, any politician with half a brain should have seen all this coming decades ago, perhaps just like the local the Hitler legacy of paranoia regarding the extreme right are issues which are best quickly removed from any areas of public prominence, I mean, if we don't discuss it then it can't exist.
23:18 August 6, 2012 by tercel
@ charlenrj

"And when do people get arrested for saying something against Islam in Germany? Is that something that happens often? Denying the Holocaust, yeah you would get arrested. But saying something truthful about Islam gets you arrested? When did that happen?"

My statement was not just about Germany (Germany it seems is less tolerant of immigrants than the rest of Europe) but Europe in general, have you never heard of Geert Widers, Gerhard Kurzmann, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wilff, Oriana Fallaci or Lars Hedegaard to name a few?

"And what is themassive Islamic takeover?"

Swedish politician, Jens Orback. He¦#39;s quoted as saying: ¦#39;We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and the Muslims because when we become a minority, they hopefully will be so towards us.¦#39;

As the education minister of Bavaria once said, ¦quot; In 50 years or less by

democratic means all of western Europe will be ruled by sharia law.

The Netherlands' justice minister says he would welcome Islamic law, or Sharia,

to his European nation if the majority of his people vote for it. "The majority counts," Donner stated. "That is the essence of democracy." (With the european moslem population having 4.3 children per family and the native european population having 1.6 children per family slightly above the death rate it will not be long before YOU are the minority).

I have a friend in the realestate business in Wisconsin, he tells me people from Norway, Sweden and Denmark are buying homes and vacant land all over Wisconsin, North and South Dakota. You think they know something you don't? It's a save bet when it's time to leave Europe they will have some place to go.

Your answer shows you buy into the leftist-multicultural political philosophy or your head is buried deep in the sand. Even though I live on the other side of the Atlantic I read the local from Sweden, Germany, Norway, France and Switzerland as well as europenews.dk. You seem to have answered my original question, if you don't follow the leftist-multicultural political philosophy then you are automatically labeled a neo-nazi, makes no difference if you are a follower of Adolph or despise his philosophy and just despise the philosophy of the leftist-multiculturalist.
23:50 August 6, 2012 by Anth2305

Just look what's happening in Greece at the moment and I fear this kind of situation is going to manifest itself to a far greater extent in other European countries over the coming months and years, meanwhile the bleeding heart socialists continue to invoke Godwin's law by condemning anyone with the slightest concerns as being either a 'racist or a fascist'.

"Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias said Monday the rounding-up of illegal immigrants would continue, arguing that their unchecked entry has brought Greece "to the brink of collapse." from today's NYT.
07:58 August 7, 2012 by wenddiver
I think some Auto Executive is missing a real opportunity to sell some Vans and SUVs by being at the other end of these marches and pointing out the convience of owning an Automobile and not having to depend on trains and buses for your friends. That would probably be the best reaction to all marchers.

Look here, you can get them in Black and Silver, or Red, White and Black as a counterpoint to your neighbors Red and Yellow one. We can put any message you want on the spare tire cover. Our Brown Shirt Eddie Bauer edition comes with Snow Tires and Snow Chains, along with a standard towing package in case you and your comradden are heading East this winter and all models have child seat attachment points for lebensbraun. There's a new video player in the rear of th seats for watching old Rally and March DVDS and Map pockets for your favorite book or pamplet.
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