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Rare Nazi report details deportation horror

The Local · 10 May 2012, 12:03

Published: 10 May 2012 12:03 GMT+02:00

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Police captain and SS member Wilhelm Meurin was responsible for guarding the deportation train which left Düsseldorf on November 14, 1941 in freezing temperatures, and travelled east for four days.

He said that although 300 of the people on the train were no longer capable of walking, “the unloading in Minsk could be conducted at the desired speed.”

He also reported that 8,000 Russian Jews had already been “removed and... shot” from the Minsk ghetto.

His transport report showed that the horrendous conditions included temperatures of -18 degrees Celsius along the 96-hour journey from Düsseldorf to Minsk.

The train carried 992 Jews, forced to stand in the wagons as they were crammed in so tightly. Not only had the heating long packed in, there was no water after the Russian border, the report recorded.

“The Jews were at this time pretty soft,” Meurin wrote of their condition in his seven-page report.

And although he dutifully recorded every stop along the long route to the concentration camp, there was little more about the condition of the formerly German citizens in the train. His men, in contrast, were “fresh and unchangingly zealous,” with none reporting sick.

He was also detailed about his trip home, which he said he had to take in a third-class carriage, and that the alcohol ration handed to him for the journey was not enough. He also said that ear muffs would be welcome for his officers on such duties in the future.

German historian Bastian Fleermann found the report while conducting an online search in the Wiener Library for the study of the Holocaust and Genocide in London.

“It was a purely accidental find,” he said, adding he had simply put the search terms “Düsseldorf” and “Minsk” into the archive’s online research service. “We do not know how it got into this London archive,” he said.

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Düsseldorf's Derendorf station, from where the train left, is now the site of a memorial to the people who were deported from there.

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13:40 May 10, 2012 by Sayer
"It is only the second of its kind ever found, as most such records were destroyed towards the end of the war," and from the AdChoices on the bottom of this article, "All inclusive Auschwitz tours, nazi concentration & extermination camp": until scientific investigation is permitted into The Holocaust (TM) both of these statements can, justifiably, be deemed unproven.

Surely the victims deserved to be named, remembered and to have the truth exposed to the disinfection of sunlight? Change the law, Angela!
13:51 May 10, 2012 by Greysuede
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
13:52 May 10, 2012 by William Thirteen
the Shoah has not been copyrighted as far as I am aware.
14:51 May 10, 2012 by reallybigdog
Apparently the English feel focusing on the Jews will deflect from the 10 Million deaths at their hands will be overlooked and forgotten!
14:57 May 10, 2012 by ITAMAR
I do not need that documents.

both my parents were on such trains and got the number on their arms.

15:33 May 10, 2012 by Al uk
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
17:24 May 10, 2012 by ITAMAR
AL uk

kul kalb bil yomo
17:29 May 10, 2012 by SchwabHallRocks
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
18:05 May 10, 2012 by reallybigdog
@Al UK and Schwatbhallrocks

Truth hurts boys! The English have started 32 wars in their history and 10 million dead is only post 1870. They should talk about the other atrocities however only focus on the German wars as their history only accepts 12 years and that's it! Other atrocities go without much media attention because these other minorities appear to be less important politically and that about sums it up boys!!

Looks like you are just another bunch of Britiots!!
19:26 May 10, 2012 by SchwabHallRocks
Really Big Dog,

In case you have not noticed this is "Local.de"

Why would it be a platform to discuss British, Paki, Chineses, or other wars not relevant to Germany?

World War II is relevant to Germany, no? Hence the discussion of German historical documents discovered in London.

And. the truth does not hurt. You and others act like the British wars are a secret. Obviously not: we all know about it and you are writing about (in the wrong place).

If you want to write about British wars, start a local.britain. If you want to talk about Paki wars, start a local.paki.
19:41 May 10, 2012 by Whipmanager
I think this article makes clear a point made in the Book "Hitler's Willing Executioners" and that point is: that removing Jews from society was not a major issue, it was a job, and many many people took pleasure in it, or at best, were indifferent to the act. I do not say that all German's felt this way, but I find it hard to believe that the removal from Germany of virtually all Jews was done by a couple hundred fevered psychopaths. It was done in full public view, towns would be posted as Judenrein (Cleansed of Jews) and it was a point of pride to be amoungst the first. Individuals may hav ehad soem reticence, or even protected some Jews, but really it was a GERMAN Thing. As many Americans hated the extermination of Native Americans, most saw them as animals with little value and didn't care what happened. It is a point of shame, but it is obvious.

Every nation has atrocities, those that don't were never great nations. I think it goes with the territory. Not a positive point, but I think it is part of the process. Brits, Americans, Russians, Zulu tribes, Mayans and Aztecs, Chinese hoardes, Japanese warlords, Kmer Rouge...the list is eternal
19:53 May 10, 2012 by Peepopaapo
@ Whipmanager: Good and true comment. The most important question is how could this ever happen to these nations, because neither the US-Americans nor the Germans nor the British, Italians, French and so on are "evil" by nature. Human beings are born neither good nor bad, they are "neutral".
21:04 May 10, 2012 by Englishted

Just how contemptible are you on a scale of 1 to 1 ?
21:07 May 10, 2012 by joysonabraham
Stop discussing as if ones victim count justifies others.
21:07 May 10, 2012 by wood artist
I doubt that any serious student of history will deny that terrible things have been done by every nation. The Allies forced relocation program at the end of WWII rivaled that of the Third Reich, both in numbers and effects. They firebombing of Dresden and Hamburg were clearly no different than the "war crimes" tried at Nürnberg, and would have qualified had the tribunal not been limited to the crimes of the Nazis.

I think the point is that none of these, on any side, excuse any of the others. The Russian occupation of Berlin was reprehensible...even if, perhaps, understandable given what had happened in Russia, but it is in no way justified or diminished by the American treatment of Native Americans nor Japanese-Americans during the war.

Sadly our collective history is full of atrocities. Some are better known, some involve larger numbers, and some have even been "officially acknowledged." Others, like the Japanese treatment of Koreans and Chinese, or the Armenian Genocide, are still denied, even though those involved are long gone. Given the news of today, we still haven't learned much, and therein lies the real sadness. Golda Mier said it best:

We will stop having war when they love their children more than they hate us!

21:23 May 10, 2012 by SchwabHallRocks
@Whipmanger - You are right. Goldhagen's book "Hilter's Willing Executioners" is a must read. Very insightful. I'll always rememeber how my German Land Lady, when I finally asked about Hitler one day, verbatim recited the intro to that book which says something to the effect "He made the land safe from the criminals (i.e., Jews)."

I fell out of my chair when I read that and recalled her remarks.

@ Wood Artist - I prefer to frame such things as the relocation for Sudaten Germans from Czech and firebombing of Dresden as "It would not have happened if Germany had not started the war." Also, as Speer says in his Memoirs, the firebombing of Hamburg was highly effective. "If the allies had done that, 10 more times, we would have had to surrender."

Too bad we didn't... think of all the millions of innocent lives (basically non-Germans and Jews in this context) that would have been saved by ending the war in 1943.

And, if you were Czech, would you want to live next to a German given the Czech Germans near unanimous embrace of the Nazis?
21:39 May 10, 2012 by reallybigdog
Oh yawn!

On the contrary victim counts do matter as apparently anything under 6 million doesn't make the news or movies many times each year. The constant fatigue of beating the same dead horse be it newly found undiscovered facts or highlighting the greater importance of one atrocity or another is no different than discussing numbers sorry to say. So your wrong joysonabraham.

The Nazi/Jews atrocity is repeatedly brought out in full display world wide almost every week in one media outlet or another without any equal perspective by a VERY wide margin to other atrocities DOES cause push back.

Englishlisted.....your name says it all so take your Geritol and go back to your Nazi artifacts so you can focuse of the 12 years of German history that you know so well and what little history you know about Angleland.
22:01 May 10, 2012 by wood artist

I'd prefer to be "alive" first, and the forced relocation caused thousands of deaths. But, to your point, I live in a neighborhood that includes some Jews, a mixed couple (he's black and she's Japanese) and a Gay couple. I don't have a single problem with any of them. Keep in mind that those so-called "Germans" that were forced to move had, in many cases, never been in Germany and were several generations removed from anyone who had.

Now, let's also consider what happened when the British forced the Cossacks to "return" to Russia. They were all slaughtered, while the British listened to it happen. Yeah, that was a great plan. In fact, eventually Eisenhower stopped sending people back because he finally recognized what was happening. Anyone "returned" to Russia was either killed or sent to the Gulag. I think they'd prefer living next to anyone.

It is likely true that many terrible things wouldn't have happened had the war not occurred. However, it's pretty clear that, at least in part, WWII happened because of Versailles and the treatment of Germany following WWI. A new "democracy" was "installed" but the Germany people had no experience running one, and things were a mess. Into that vacuum came Hitler. Oddly, the same observations can be made about Iraq and Afghanistan...people with no experience running a democracy struggle to understand it. Heck, even in the US we're still trying to figure out how to make it work...and failing pretty dramatically right now.

Speer was right about the effects in Dresden, but that doesn't justify it. He could have said "If you kill all the Germans they'll have to stop the war." He would have been right, but that doesn't make doing it "right."

As for your question of timing, yup, if we'd recognized what Hitler was going to do, and intervened earlier, many things would be different. Hindsight is often great, but seldom usable. Bush II probably would love to take back Iraq, but he couldn't figure that out at the time. Vietnam was similarly not our greatest hour...and I know that one personally. History is full of "desirable do-overs" but we don't get that chance. Too bad we can't learn from history.

22:07 May 10, 2012 by joysonabraham
Its understandable people love their country or race. Its truly reprehensible, people trying to justify or dilute the bad things between lines.
22:25 May 10, 2012 by Whipmanager
@joysonabraham: I look at your name, and forgive me, you appear to be of Hebrew nationality. If that is true, I can understand some of what you say and where it comes from, I don't agree with what you are opining, but I understand. If not, you are an enigma to me. I hav eseen not one posting here that justifies what one country does. I read a very small amount of ches tthumping, but I can't honestly say that that is what it is eaither...I sound crazy , no?

@WoodArtist: You are correct here, but I do not think even Herr Albert Speer was saying the Dresden bombing was a good thing, just a master of Propaganda admiring the affects of a particular strategy. A bit scary and coldly analytical. I look at Stuttgart now, and wonder what it must have looked like before the bombing.

We are getting better at controlling things, and teh problem with that is that Iraq and Afghanistan are taking too long. To end a war you need to break things so much the other side says "STOP!!". If we are too civil, neither side will take note of the death and destruction as it is done in bite sized chunks, and that is more tolerable to those in charge, so far removed from the action. The American society is desensatized to war. 10 years, and not much more than 4000 deaths is only important, it seems, to the families that lost their brave members. Being civil, to quote Axel Rose, isn't very civil after all, is it?
22:34 May 10, 2012 by SchwabHallRocks
Wood artist...

This is just "intellectual curiosity," not trying to "back anyone into a corner."

What reference would you use for "justification?"

From my perspective, if 10 Hamburgs would have ended the war in 1943, using Wikipedia we would have about 420,000 dead Germans and about 350,000 wounded Germans.

About 30,000,000 died in WW2 in Europe. Divide by 5 years (mid-1940 to mid-1945) and you get 6,000,000 per year average.

So, if I could trade 750,000 German casualties (10 Hamburgs) for 12,000,000 other casualties (2 more years of war), I would do it. Especially since the German casualties would be inevitable in a situation of "no surrender" i.e., the German 750,000 would die under either option.

The 12,000,000 is an understatement since the casualties really did not start happening in "large" numbers until the war with Russia in June 1941.

I personally would make the tradeoff.
22:35 May 10, 2012 by Sayer
The real lesson from The Holocaust (TM) is, "Never Again!" But that MUST mean "Never Again TO ANYONE!" Otherwise it will all have been in vain, according to the Rabbis in Al Quds.

So why do we allow the descendants and the survivors (in some cases) to perpetuate the very same crimes against other innocents? Why do we allow Netanyahu and Barak go off on their (now criticized in Israeli media) Messianic Armageddonite Apocalyptic rants about Iran?


They have NO right!
05:52 May 11, 2012 by engagebrain
wood artist - there is absolutely no equivalence between the Nazi treatment of the German and non German jews and the treatment of the Japanese living in the USA in the second world war.

The Japanese in the USA, while being treated badly, lived.
11:04 May 11, 2012 by ITAMAR

"never again for everybody"-I do agree.

Historical compare between the Israeli -Palestininian conflict and the Holocaust is a mistake.

Holocaust is a Genocide ,it means that one government of known state decided to eliminate phisicaly all the Jews in the world because they were accused in all troubles of the world.every one of the Jewish faith had to die.

The Israeli Palestinian conflict is about 2 different people which differ in their language ,religion, historical backround , mentality -who fight for the same land,both have the right to exsist , both have the right for self determination-2 states living in peace side by side...that conflict brought to injustice and innocent victims on BOTH SIDES,the basis to this conflict is no racist or religion hate but that one side -the Palestinian did not accepted the 2 states solution for 64 years but this is a conflict which can be resolved and the leaders on both sides must show flexibility ,every side must give up some of its desires for the sake of peace.
11:06 May 11, 2012 by catjones
Another example of the Local getting a scoop over all its competitors......strange that the rest of the media world fails to pick up on this discovery.
12:02 May 11, 2012 by Sayer
ITAMAR: There was no "conflict" before the Nakba. On that fateful day the newly arrived settlers came in and drove the existing indigenous population from their homes, and slaughtered tens of thousands of them as they fled for their lives. They shot hundreds of men, women and children in the back as they ran. Many of those who survive still have the deeds of their houses, some flattened by the invaders, and still have the keys. This is a verifiable and documented fact. To say otherwise is simply to lie.

They don't accept a "Two State Solution" because there is no such thing. There always was, and always will be only a "One State Solution", Palestine.

Until the usupers and invaders get that simple concept there will NEVER be peace. And if the USA didn't arm and finance the settlers, they'd have been driven off the land they stole many, many years ago. It may happen yet!
13:56 May 11, 2012 by ITAMAR

I am sorry to read what you wrote.

I do not agreeon "slaughter ten of tousends of them" it simply not true.

I do agree there is a refuggie problem of the Palestinians after the 1948+1967 war.

I do agree people lost their homes and landsthe same is to say about 700000 Jews who had to escape from the arab lands after 1948.

The immigration of the Jewish population to Palestine did occured from 1882 with the Zionist movement, though Jews were allways settled in Palestine still before the arab Era-the period of the Islamic Emperium and Saleh Adin.

"They don't accept a "Two State Solution" because there is no such thing."

On 29.11.47 the UN assembly which was the international authority responsabile on Palestine in those days,voted in majority of the voters to divid Palestine between Jews and Arabs and to create 2 independent states-a Palestinian one and a Jewish one, that vote came as a result of many UN investigations commities which visited Palestine since 1936 to deal with the national aspirations of both arabs and Jews,one of that commities was Phill commitie.All commities reported to the UN that the best solution is to end the British mandate and to divide the land between both Jews and Arabs. Ben Gurion accepted it immediatly ,the arabs rejected it immediatly and so initiated the first conflict,by the way not all Palestinians rejected that plane, the Arab communist Party in Palestine acceptedit.

I do not agree about your termin"stolen lands" many lands were bought by the Jews with good money,Tel Aviv,Petah Tikva,many kibbuzim, untill today you can find in the state archive documents from the Turkish and British time about that purchase.You are completly right about the occupied territories from 1967 ,they do not belong to us and the settlements there were a political mistake,which can be corrected,even Abu Mazen is ready to a 2 states solution in 67 borders

I think the peace loving people on both sides must push in that direction,if both sides wish to reach a peace they will reach it,America had no influence on Sadat he wanted a war he opened a war ,he decided to do peace he got a peace, it is true that Carter was a mediator but without the will of Begin and Sadat it would not be created a peace, the same is to say about King Hussein and Rabin.even Arafat wanted to reach peace other wise he would not sign Oslo agreement
14:42 May 11, 2012 by Al uk
@ reallybigdog your nationalistic nonsense has no relevance to this article.

32 wars is that all, I would have thought it was more. Is that just the English or the British? There is a difference after all (clearly you don't know that)

Empire building has been going on from the dawn of man, some were better at it than others and clearly the British were the best. It doesn't bring me any shame at all.
16:04 May 11, 2012 by Peepopaapo
@ Al uk:

"Empire building has been going on from the dawn of man, some were better at it than others and clearly the British were the best. It doesn't bring me any shame at all."

Yes, but since the 1940s it's all over...
16:24 May 11, 2012 by Whipmanager
@sayer: It is obvious that you are part of the problem in Palestine and Israel. Which is an entirely different topic. The article above is about Germany, and the movement of political and Jewish prisoners. You have moved the conversation to a different plane. So let's follow that for a moment.

1. In the interest of that one state for Palestine, the only people that deserve the land...Was not that land originally jewish in biblical times? Are the Palestines not Semitic peoples too?

2. Did the Great Arafat not steal over $5 Billion Dollars and keep it in France? Haven't every party in power done the same?

3. Where are the great Palestinian leaders? Why do they push little kids in front of rubber bullets and real ones so that they can be killed and used for anti israel propaganda? Even the Nazis didn't use their people in that sense.

4. Where is the great leader of thepalestinian people who will stop the violence and build a country with the billions of dollars they receive every year from the world? Build roads, schools, shopping areas, housing and make jobs? Why can't someone there stop being stupid and start being a great man of the people? Why not build universities and hosi=pitals, airports and manufacturing facilities? If you give the palestinian peoples an economy and something to lose, they won't go off to war. But it is on purpose that they are kept poor and hungry and ignorant. So they can be manipulated by the so called current leaders of the people. They are sheep being led to slaughter and no one on their side seems to be able to stop this endless cycle of genocide created andperpetuated by the very leaders that publically cry for the death of yet another young child at the hands of the evil israelis.

Israel has Nukes, they don't use them. They hav ereal bullets, but rarely use them agains tth einnocent. They hav eeven called building about to be bombed to let the people living there know to get out prior to destroying the buildings.

One last thing, how many israeli suicide bombers have you read about killing innocent Palestinians. I am not a jew, but they hav eshown restraint. They may have done wrong in some ways, but who hasn't when building a strong nation?
17:30 May 11, 2012 by Al uk
@peepopaapo it's still going on. It is just done through the stockmarket now.
18:27 May 11, 2012 by Englishted

Without the end result of the 12 years of German history we would not be able to write freely on this comment section would we ?,even if some people don't appreciate that.
20:20 May 11, 2012 by Peepopaapo
@ Al uk: This English arrogance (and I don't say British arrogance 'cause I know to distinguish between English, Scottish and Welsh) is just hilarious.

The only thing that is done through the stockmarket is burning 2 billion US-dollars within a short period of time by a stupid guy based in London.
22:41 May 11, 2012 by Sayer
@ITAMAR: I will forgive you if English is not your first language. However, deliberately distorting history: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/05/10/al-nakba-then-and-now/ & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nakba is just plain lying. Bibi and Barak know it. So should you. As should the entire thinking planet. How much longer are we to be duped by Chosen ones who murder children in their beds?
00:15 May 12, 2012 by McNair Kaserne
You people, every single one of you, cannot see the forest for the trees. Germans this, Russians that, bah......

The killing of human beings in large numbers by other human beings is one of nature's many human population control techniques. Part of the grand design. The fact that we find it ugly, or are traumatized by it is irrelevant, it is what it is.

It will happen again, and it will eventually happen again in Europe. Do we deserve this?

Well, the truth is that "deserve" has nothing to do with it.
02:46 May 12, 2012 by mikecowler
It seems others commenting on here like to justify SS atrocieties because there have also been Zionist terrorists.

True Israel was fought for using terrorism by jewish people, but i feel the holocaust just doesnt compare, as it was mass killing by not only Himmler and the SS but also others from other countries who joined in,

Its a shame that people are only interested in 12 years of German history and are so very narrow minded. There are lots of things that happened throughout Europe in other centuries that changed it, for example.

The Thirty Years' War (1618­1648) was fought primarily in what is now Germany, and at various points involved most countries in Europe. It was one of the longest and most destructive conflicts in European history. The conflict lasted, unceasing, for 30 years, making it the longest continuous war in modern history.
11:53 May 12, 2012 by ITAMAR

I am sorry for my English,it is not my mother language.

I do not argue with Vikipedia and with the history ,I did mention in my last posts the problem of the Palestinians refuggies who left their homes and lands and on the same breath those 700000 Jews who were forced out from the arab lands.

I do not agree with: "slaughter ten of tousends of them"- it is not true and it is even not in Vikipedia which you citied and I accept.

Did you know that many villages in Israel were left by their citizens because of the Propaganda of the Palestinians leaders-Haj Amin El Husseini the Jerusalem Muftti and Kaukgi the commander of the Palestinian army in north call the Palestinians to leave their houses as they are and to flee to Lebanon , Jordan ,Eygpt:"the Jews will kill your children and will rape your wives...we will come with all arabs countries and will throw the Jews to the ocean ,so you will be able to get back to your homes."But the history was that Israel rsist the attacks on it on 1948, the Israeli army who enter the villages foud many houses which were left just like that which citizens flee ,if the arabs would have accepted the partition resolution from 29.11.47 there would be a very small

Israel today but not a refugie problem,villages which raised a white flag were not touched and these are the Israeli arabs who are our citizens today.

Please do not talk about killing"babies in their beds" the list of the terrorists attacks of the Palestinians against civilians here is too long and I know many cases of Palestinians who slaughtered Jewish children...

No Barack and Netanyaho are not my cup of tea exactly as Hamas is not.

Look sayer 7 millions Jews want to keep their autodetermination and so 7 millions Palestinians , both have right and the Jews will not dissappear from the land.

the only solution is 2 states living side by side in peace with good economical health social contacts between them
14:15 May 12, 2012 by Sayer
It's very difficult to believe that "2 states living side by side in peace with good economical health social contacts between them" when one of those communities is segregated behind an apartheid wall. Or when their olive groves are bulldozed daily, along with their houses being demolished with 5 minutes notice. When their children are used as target practice by soldiers who wear T-Shirts suggesting that killing pregnant Palestinian women is a "Two For One" shot. Or when they cannot visit Gaza, or autonomously permit visitors to enter via the sea, without fear of being massacred on the high seas. All visible on YouTube, can't make this stuff up!

Go ahead ITAMAR, tell me that I'm only dreaming. Or is it a real nightmare?
15:40 May 12, 2012 by Al uk
@peepopaapo what has "English arrogance" got to do with this article?

I am not sure what you are getting at in your last post.
16:17 May 12, 2012 by ITAMAR
No Sayer you are telling the truth, and I am the one who dreams it will be changed one day for the sake for both people.

I know the 2 states solution has to include an withdrown from occupied territories and mutual recognition from both people the Palestinians and the Israelies,

All what you describe is bad and must be ended,our leaders know it very well.

It is a pitty that Rabin was assasinated he was on the right way to reach that solution.

It is true that the Israel the political map moved to the right, but strangely very extremist right wing people like Begin signed a peace proccess.

Also in the other side Hamas show rigid attitude to reconciliation.

I know and I am sure that the small people like me on both sides dream on 2 states solution living side by side in peace , I am sure it will come because all other possibilities are bad,
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