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Günter Grass slates Israel in new poem

The Local · 4 Apr 2012, 14:02

Published: 04 Apr 2012 14:02 GMT+02:00

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The 84-year-old long-time leftist activist wrote in, "What must be said" that he was worried Israel "could wipe out the Iranian people" with a "first strike" due to the threat it sees in Tehran's disputed nuclear programme.

"Why do I only say now, aged and with my last ink: the atomic power Israel is endangering the already fragile world peace?" reads the poem, which was published in the daily Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Grass answers that Nazi Germany's "incomparable" crimes against Jews and fears of accusations of anti-Semitism kept him from openly criticising Israel.

But now, "tomorrow could already be too late" and Germany could be a "supplier to a crime," referring to a deal sealed last month for Berlin to sell Israel a sixth nuclear-capable Dolphin-class submarine.

"I admit: I will be silent no longer, because I am sick of the hypocrisy of the West."

Grass, author of the renowned anti-war novel "The Tin Drum" and a vocal critic of successive post-war German governments, sparked outrage in 2006 when

he revealed, six decades after World War II, that he had been a member of the

notorious Nazi Waffen SS.

Such is Grass's status in German cultural life that Angela Merkel's spokesman Steffen Seibert was asked about his criticism of the submarine sales to Israel at a regular government press conference.

"In Germany, the freedom of artistic expression applies, as, fortunately, does the freedom of the government not to comment on every work of art," Seibert said.

Henryk M. Broder, a prominent German Jewish columnist, accused Grass in light of his poem of being "the prototype of the educated anti-Semite."

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"Grass has always had a problem with Jews but he has never articulated it as clearly as with this 'poem'," Broder wrote in the daily Die Welt.

Israel has said it is keeping all options open for responding to Iran's nuclear programme, which it says is aimed at securing nuclear weapons, posing an existential threat to the Jewish state.

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad frequently questions Israel's right to exist and has repeatedly denied that its nuclear programme is aimed at making weapons.


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Your comments about this article

14:21 April 4, 2012 by ChrisRea
"German Nobel literature laureate Gunter Grass " - I think an umlaut is missing. The correct spelling is "Günter Grass".

On the content of the article, I am curios why does Mr. Broder acuse Mr. Grass to be anti-Semite. Is anyone criticising the blamable actions of the Israeli government automatically anti-Semite?
15:52 April 4, 2012 by Wise Up!
This guy is a nut job! Isreal is a democracy, Iran is a dictatorship that denies the holocaust and promotes terrorism throughout the world, especially towards isreal. Besides, wasn't he formally SS?
15:55 April 4, 2012 by catjones
No one seems to question the illogic of Iran launching a single warhead against a country that would retaliate a hundred times over. If anything, israel is the existential threat.
16:20 April 4, 2012 by starsh3ro
well he has a fair point.
16:34 April 4, 2012 by ChrisRea
@The Local

Thank you for correcting the title following my suggestion with the umlaut. The first sentence is still written without umlaut.


The crux here is not whether Israel is a democracy or not (actually it is not, for example it's frequently denying the entry of peaceful activists and Diaspora Palestinians in Israel). Mr. Grass pointed out that Israel is a threat to the global security. I see you do not contradict this.
17:04 April 4, 2012 by Eastard
What does a peaceful activist look like...? If I recall history... several (6) neighboring nations ganged up on Israel the day they formed a government to annilate them and had it not been for their airforce they would have all been killed.. I believe this is a realistic reason to believe their neighbors do not like them today... especially when they fire rockets from Lebanon into israel and deny it. If I had one dollar for every ceasefire, treaty, mutual exisitance agreement they have had with their neighbors... I would be rich... I could be wrong but I believe they have the capability to be tollerant of the religious differences and their neighbors do not... It is unfortunate for the whole world that this set of behaviours exist.
17:23 April 4, 2012 by ChrisRea
@ Eastard

How do peaceful activists look like? Read for example http://www.jta.org/news/article/2011/07/10/3088468/israel-begins-deporting-fly-in-activists (that is a Jewish news source). How was the demonstration Israel wanted to prevent? Quite peaceful, as you can read here: http://972mag.com/bilin2462011/17139/.
17:35 April 4, 2012 by empachers
Guten Morgen!

Imagine that a tyrannical, Islamist regime came to power in Morocco and that this regime decided that Germany was the essence of Satan on earth. Imagine that this regime talked, every day, in every possible forum, about destroying Germany and declared the destruction of Germany to be a holy mission for all Muslims (Iranian officials have said this about Israel). Imagine that this regime sponsors terror groups that blow up shopping malls in Berlin and which have fired 10,000 rockets from a neighboring territory into Dresden over the course of 10 years (okay, this is totally unrealistic; Germany would never have accepted this situation for a month, much less 10 years). Suppose that the regime also sends terrorists to murder German diplomats and to attack ethnic German social groups in other countries. Imagine that this regime has sponsored violent Islamist coups, militias, and terror groups in numerous Muslim countries and is feared by every one of its neighbors because its officials talk a lot about how their countries are really provinces of Morocco. Now imagine that this country, which does not yet have nuclear weapons, has an intense drive to acquire them. Consider that the people running the Moroccan dictatorship believe that the world is approaching the End Times, and that in order to hasten the coming of the 12th Imam, they need to destroy the spawn of Satan (Germany).

It's VERY easy to criticize Israel when the evil regime is fixated on destroying the Jews. But what if the target were Germany? That would be different, wouldn't it?

Walk a mile in the shoes of Israel's elected leaders, hmm?

Israel has never used its nuclear weapons. It has never threatened to use them against anyone. It has never even acknowledged possessing them. Israel's leaders have never called for the annihilation of any country, least of all Iran. Heck, the leader of Israel's Kadima party was BORN in Iran.

Iran doesn't even have nuclear weapons yet, but it's working VERY hard to obtain them. It is threatening "every part of the US." It is calling for the annihilation of Israel, and making it utterly clear that such annihilation will take place if it gains nuclear weapons.

Herr Grass is a poet, and a certain amount of ignorance can be excused among poets in the name of art. But here, Grass is accusing Israel of being a threat to world peace, when in fact the real threat is ... Iran.

P.S. Herr Grass, the "loudmouth" is not in charge in Iran. He's a figurehead in many ways. The dictator is KHAMENEI. ;-)
17:40 April 4, 2012 by marimay
Aw, cute. Empachers fell for it.
17:42 April 4, 2012 by empachers
(by the way, I am well aware that Morocco is Sunni and Iran is Shiite, and that the 12th Imam is solely a Shia concept. I am also aware that terrorists would never be permitted to launch rockets from the Czech Republic into Dresden on behalf of a foreign power. The point here was to show how Iran's ongoing concrete steps to slaughter Israelis would look if they were directed instead against Germany).
18:02 April 4, 2012 by Sayer
Scholars like Alan Hart (author of "Zionism, Enemy of the Jews"), Norman Finkelstein (author of "The Holocaust Industry"), Noam Chomsky (too many works to cite here), et al, would all concur with Günter Grass.

Members of the Elders have consistently labelled Israel as an apartheid state, and therefore undemocratic, would also agree with Günter Grass. Israel likes to say it is the only democracy in the Middle East, but verifiable evidence points to the contrary. While there are social restrictions, and legal practices we find abhorrent in the West, Iran is more of a democracy than Israel. Certainly more so than the USA, in light of recent Supreme Court decisions and Executive Orders.

Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak together are the greatest threat to world peace. They are rustling up a fever for a war on the basis of lies. 16 US intelligence agencies, along with the IAEA inspectors have declared that Iran has no nuclear weapons program. And they are all wrong, but you, empachers, know better? Give us a break!

"Not supporting the state of israel does not make one any less a friend of the Jewish people, and most certainly does not make one anti-semitic." Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss. Günter Grass has hit the nail on the head.
18:02 April 4, 2012 by Nemo2010
Well my dear Gunter, it is your country, Germany, that will undertake the unpleasant task of destroying Iran. Iran cannot be allowed to hold Europe hostage through oil and the Suez Canal. Don't believe me? Just watch.
18:11 April 4, 2012 by blond blue-eyed non-swede
@Wise Up!

yes, Iran is dictatorship.but Israel isnt a democracy neither.Israel is an Ethnocracy.

Ethnocracy is an IDEOLOGY and ideology has nothing to do with democracy.

Ethnocracy =/= Democracy

im sorry for your poor understanding.
18:17 April 4, 2012 by Eastard
@ ChrisRea....

My comment on what a peaceful activist might look like was intended to highlight that they look the same as the non-peaceful activists... both claiming to be peaceful... One cannot trust verbal commitment to behaviour in that part of the world...This is obviuosly part of Israel's parinoia... kind of like hoodies in America...
18:48 April 4, 2012 by ChrisRea
@ Eastard

So guilty until proven innocent (even if one has no right to defend himself/herself), right? That's a pretty interesting and peace loving democracy.

@ empachers

In case you missed the news, you should probably read "Israelis agree Iran hasn¦#39;t decided on atom bomb" http://articles.boston.com/2012-03-18/news/31208230_1_iranian-program-israeli-officials-nuclear-weapons. Pretty embarrassing, isn't it?
18:52 April 4, 2012 by RaymondDeane
'Grass answers that Nazi Germany's "incomparable" crimes against Jews and fears of accusations of anti-Semitism kept him from openly criticising Israel.' But this in fact means that Grass has himself been complicit both in Israel's crimes and in the crime of German silence - a self-seeking silence born of moral cowardice, whereby the Palestinians become scapegoats for German actions during the Third Reich.

And what a shame that this article repeats the LIE about Ahmadinedjad "threatening Israel's right to exist" - nasty character though he is, he has NEVER done so. This is blatant propaganda.
21:02 April 4, 2012 by SchwabHallRocks
"Wir mussen die Juden vernichten." Would you have believed it to be a serious threat in the 1930s? Probably not. Even when persons escaped from the camps in the 1940s, to warn others, they were not believed.

We must believe when Iran's elected leaders state they intend to "remove Israel from the map," etc. We have no other choice.

@michael4096, @boopsie - Looking at the remarks above, in the aggregate, is the Local's readership biased against Jews / Israel?
21:07 April 4, 2012 by ovalle3.14
Hooray for freedom of speech!
21:26 April 4, 2012 by cat3
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
21:39 April 4, 2012 by SchwabHallRocks
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
21:39 April 4, 2012 by Eastard

It is unfortunate that many folks with militant agendas have purposefully learned to look like and act like normal citizens. One cannot see the difference.. Remember that the Geneva Convention defined to rules of engagement that the terrorists ignore. Each and every one that plans suicide or mass killing type activities would be tried as WAR CRIMINALS... In the relationship between Israel and Lebanon/Palastine there is definate long term continuiously reinforced guilty till proven innocent behaviour.. This price is often paid by those least deserving it... so when the terrorists commit these acts of appearing as citizens only to bomb/kill folks... they are damaging their own people too by association.

in the real world, everybody profiles via first impressions. Amidst a war zone... only the ones profiling survive.
21:44 April 4, 2012 by Ronald_West
Inter-generational violence is a know phenomena in psychology. This phenomena is how the abused become the abusers. There is no black & white here insofar as good guys and bad guys, all sides have made mistakes and committed abuses. One thing, however, is very clear: Israel has unnecessarily created a hostile environment for itself with its policies towards not only the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, both which compare to 45 years Kristallnacht but is recently forcibly removing its own citizens who happen to be Bedouin Arab from their historic communities south of Jerusalem. This is, on a scale of nations in social psychology, inter-generational violence learned from a 'nationalist step-father' if you will. Gunter is not the right person to comment on this phenomena, given his past, but most certainly it should be a German responsibility to point out to Israel 'do not dare to go down this road.' Ideally it would be Joachim Gauck would make this point but politicians are pointed (and deliberately appointed) cowards it would seem, because no ones dares make a case for the straight forward truth from any position of power, only go on selling arms to what indeed amounts to an apartheid state, rather than leverage sanity into Israel's policies with straightforward sanctions. Point here is, Israel is in violation of standing UN resolution [Jerusalem status] with a sense of impunity and without sanctions when compared to Iran. One can only presume Beate Klarsfeld would have gone a long ways towards the necessary courage as conscious of the country [president] to rectify these circumstance but Germany would prefer a status quo of tail between legs and head in the sand [my opinion]
21:48 April 4, 2012 by Kennneth Ingle
For many years it was astounding to see how Günter Grass changed from a one time convinced German nationalist, to a ¦quot;Social Democrat.¦quot; As a writer he not only gave the impression his mistake as a youth was under the circumstances understandable, but also tried to drag others ­ for example, expel-lees from the former east German territories ­ into the same sphere of responsibility for Nazi crimes as himself.

Now for possibly the first time, he has written an honest opinion and at once critic comes from those who have until now supported his inglorious political affectations.

The question is not whether he has written something Israel does not like to read, but whether it is true and there can be no doubt, that Germany's delivery of weapons, to an aggressive country in the Middle East, in no way helps to bring peace to the area.
00:33 April 5, 2012 by ChrisRea
@ Eastard

With all due respect, you might be confusing things. The Geneva conventions are not about rules of engagement, but the humanitarian treatment of the victims of war. More than that, they apply to wars - and that is a fully different business than terrorism and counter-terrorism.

I am glad that you do not contradict the point that Israel is not a democracy. More that that, you seem to agree with Mr. Grass - the government of Israel, despite their militant agenda, have learnt to look like normal citizens.
08:53 April 5, 2012 by Craptastic
Well, duh, of course Grass doesn't care for Israel. For God's sake, 2006 wasn't THAT long ago, folks. Do we have such short memories?


Some moral authority this old boy has!
15:02 April 5, 2012 by conniemarks
Günter Grass and I are both old to remember a time when the Jews of Europe were a docile people and unarmed. Look what happened to them.

Would Grass be thinking differently if he had spent one minute gasping with them in the gas chambers? I think not.

I am not Jewish but I have been to Israel 3 times in the last 9 months. My son works there. I am acutely aware of the way the IDF treat Palestinians. I see how Palestinians only do menial jobs in Israel, just like the Irish 60 years ago in Britain, but despite these shortcomings, after what the Jewish people have been subjected to in the last century, and in view of the deep anti-semiticism of many Muslims and the ongoing attacks on their number in Europe, I would say the Israelis are fully entitled to take whatever action they think fit to defend themselves against the Islamist fanatics of Iran boasting about their atomic facilities. One can only pray that one day those fanatics in Iran and in Syria are brought to justice.

As to Grass, it does appear he needs geriatric counselling in his declining years.
15:39 April 5, 2012 by M.A.S
It's mind boggling to see how many people are misinformed and are unaware of the meaning of anti-Semitism. Post WWII the word anti-Semitism was used for or better said, instead of the word Judenhass (Jewish hatred).

Now coming to the matter in hand: Günter Grass was criticizing the Israeli government and condemning their acts against peace.

My question: What does this have to do with Judaism?

Doesn't sound ridiculous to you as well? These comments make me smirk and shake my head in disbelief, just as much, as when people say that criticizing jews is racist (Judaism ≠ Race).
15:49 April 5, 2012 by jabulani
Why do we have to wish war on inocent people, be them iranians, irakies,palestinians or whoever. POLITICS is what rules the world including GREED for money and POWER. Who gave any nation including Israel the right to invade other countries without any formal danger? USA invaded Irak and it was proven there were NOT any mass destruction items, Israel has the atomic bomb...why does not the USA also send their scientist to inspect their country? Fair is fair for everyone ...after all there is something humans forget: WE ARE ALL ONE, what affects the one affects the whole !! We are nature and nature is in us. We are but the star dust of the universe...I believe in the right to express ideas and feelings in a respectful way without having to call names to the writers like this german poet. Anti-semitic, racist,nazi etc we could continued being taught by the press more derogative names...but where does it all end? ...CAOS. Respect one another and accept that might not all think the same but in the difference is the treasor of human race.
16:19 April 5, 2012 by mrcontinental
Israel is the only threat to world peace along with their puppets the USA.
16:51 April 5, 2012 by liorabs
What I write is also in Facebook, under my name, Liora Bernstein, as follows:

To: Mr. Gunter Grass, Nobel Prize Winner

From; Liora Bernstein, an Israeli.

re: Your declaration (on our News today) - against Israel`s atomic power, and against Germany selling us a submarine.

You, Sir, don`t have the authority, to interfere or to judge in Israel`s affairs.

... You, Sir, an elderly Catholic, just before Passover, should remember that your Savior forgives only those who dont know what they are doing.... not those who know. And you do!

You, Sir, a writer, not a German politician, of such a good memory and exceptional vocabulary, who have recently confessed to your entire life in the BEIM HAUTEN DER ZWIEBEL, had better travel to Syria, where you may record the happenings in that country, before you preach to us to throw away our means of self defence.

And the fact is, that despite the power of oil and money and anti-zionism, truth has a way of revealing itself , and as your Savior explained to his disciples who asked him about good and evil, "by their fruit you shall know them", and the fruit of my country is good. And the fruit of my people is good.

So travel to Syria and write the biography of a Syrian woman from Homs, and stop telling us what to do.

Respectfully yours

I would like to add here a poem that I wrote, in both Hebrew and English, about suffering and how I, an Israeli Jew, whose father was born in Herat and whose mother was born in Frankfurt sees things:

will remember Homs for its atrocities

I will remember Homs because they were my enemies

And the little boy in a plastic bag who stared at me

I will remember him on nightly televised reports

Among advertisements and shows where War

Not wearing makeup smiled at me

Saying, Come come, Liora, watch my glory

Be glad it is not you, you stupid Jew

Homs will be revamped into heroic films

The dead will become productive

But now the soft white snow is falling over the city

Is not as cold as the hand of little boy in the plastic bag

Or his black unseeing eyes... still hating me


And to finalize the subject - our news said that Mr. Grass said that he had not raised the subject before because of the history of the Jewish people. What Mr. Grass forgot to mention that until the muslim revolution in Iran there were very good relations between Israel and Iran, so Israel had no need to wish to protect itself from Iran.

You may all quote me as is here. Here it is Passover tomorrow.

Have a nice Easter
17:38 April 5, 2012 by michael4096

"@michael4096, @boopsie - Looking at the remarks above, in the aggregate, is the Local's readership biased against Jews / Israel? "

I have not seen anybody on this thread or any other condone violence against children whether it was done by Norwegian neo-nazis, American evangelists or French Muslims - the assertion you originally made - or, have you forgotten?

Please, stop misquoting and misrepresenting. It makes me angry and makes you look stupid.

As far as general racism is concerned: asking me, michael4096, to defend the racists on this site be they anti-israel, anti-muslim, anti-christian or any other flavour, I consider a form of cruel and unusual punishment that should be against The Local's constitution.
17:55 April 5, 2012 by RaymondDeane
#17 - Yours is a fairly typical contribution from the propaganda frond. If you can prove to me that Ahmadinejad ever said "Wir muessed die Juden vernichten" (does that include the 20,000 Jews living in Iran who have rejected all Israeli efforts to bribe them to leave?) then I'll eat my hat. He NEVER said that "Israel must be wiped from the page of history", but quoted Khomeini as saying that THE ZIONIST REGIME, like the Stalinist, Nazi and Apartheid regimes, must disappear from the page of time. You clearly find your translators among your own propagandistic ranks.

None of this is meant as a defence of Ahmadinejad, but the fact is that Iran has made no threats against Israel or ANY OTHER COUNTRY in the Middle East, unlike Israel, which has both threatened and taken criminal action against its neighbours repeatedly.
18:40 April 5, 2012 by Prufrock2010
I stand in solidarity with Günter Grass on this one. The Netanyahu regime IS in fact the greatest threat to the world today, and anyone who believes that an Israeli attack against Iran is not only inevitable but imminent is not paying attention. For more than 10 years Israel has been cozying up with Azerbaijan to take over several air bases to provide a staging area for such an attack that would obviate the need for Israeli planes to refuel in flight. Azerbaijan is one of the most corrupt countries on the planet, but it provides almost half the Israeli oil and is geographically perfectly situated to assist Israel in its war plans against Iran. The rogue Netanyahu government, counting on the knee-jerk support of the American government (as dictated by AIPAC), and the kleptocractic dictatorship in Azerbaijan form a marriage made in hell.
20:14 April 5, 2012 by Navigator_B
liorabs #30,

"You, Sir, don`t have the authority, to interfere or to judge in Israel`s affairs."

Israel doesn't have the authority to interfere in affairs outside its internationaly recognised borders. As long as Israel continues its campaigns of occupation and military force against innocent civilians outside of Israel, then everyone in the world has the right to speak against it. That includes criticism of the colonisation of the West Bank and the stealing of privately owned land and the water that flows through it.

"by their fruit you shall know them", and the fruit of my country is good". 

Millions of the victims of Israel since its foundation would disagree. These include the majority of the Palestinian population in Israel in 1948 who were forced to leave and not allowed back. They also include their current day descendents who live either under occupation in the West Bank, under siege in Gaza or as refugees in other countries and without any country of their own.

To quote the same Jewish guy from two thousand years ago, "do unto others as you would wish them to do unto you". In the twenty first century middle east, that means, at the very least, Israel recognising a fully independent Palestinian state.   
21:04 April 5, 2012 by Prufrock2010
22:00 April 5, 2012 by Bleichroeder
Amazing similarity:

"Why do I only say now, aged and with my last ink: the atomic power Israel is ENGENDERING THE ALREADY FRAGILE WORLD PEACE?" reads the poem, which was published in the daily Süddeutsche Zeitung.

"Today I will once more be a prophet: if the international Jewish financiers in and outside Europe should SUCCEED IN PLUNGING THE NATIONS ONCE MORE INTO A WORLD WAR, then the result will not be the Bolshivization of the earth, and thus the victory of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe."

Hitler's Speech to the Reichstag, 30 January, 1939:
22:12 April 5, 2012 by karldehm
Navigator_B seems to have summed it up pretty accurately. It's pretty hard to argue with the truth. You can fool some of the people, some of the time. You can fool most of the people, most of the time, but you can't fool all the people, all the time. I think we are at the stage 3 level.
03:34 April 6, 2012 by PierceArrow
The Nobel committee made an enormous mistake in giving a prize to Gunther Grass -- a mistake that ranks DOWN there with the Nobel prizes they gave to Yassir Arafat and Barack Obama! Iran's Islamo-fascist dictators deny the Holocaust and sponsor deadly terrorism all over the world. Is Grass too demented to understand that Muslims collaborated with Hitler? Including Grand Mufti Hajj Amin al-Hosseini!
12:38 April 6, 2012 by liorabs
Hey, Navigator and Prufrock and others:

1) About the Palestinians: there is a world campaign against us with respect of the Palestinians for decades now, supported by two billion and a half Muslims and lots of oil money. Three were registered 450000 at UN after our war of independence and now there are 10.000.000 million Pals globally, and I bet you that all the miserable unfortunate Syrian refugees will soon become palestinians tooell because then they will get more aid.

2) I too dont want our country to attack Iran : First - this is in my opinion useless. Second - I`d rather die in one atomic blast than be involved in a long war.

3)Mr. Grass is a Nobel Prize Winner, as is Mr. Obama. And both are left or radical left and both are democrats. Mr. Obama was highly supported in Berlin during his campaign and was kind of elected by global support, even though many claim in the USA that he is not native born American. But Might is Right.

I personally support national health care, and I support the protection of the earth. I also support familyh planning.

In my opinion Mr. Grass IS CONTRIBUTIING TO A VIRULENT NASCENT ELECTION CAMPAIGN. He has found a non-loser horse to ride upon, and why should he care about the future? He is 84 . I dont even know what party he belongs to or what party Mrs. Merkel belongs to. I know that Germany was devastated after WWII, but Germany at least had a great army and means to fight, whereas Mr. Grass wishes to remove Israel from its means of defense. NOWHERE IN ISRAEL WAS IT EVER SUGGESTED TO ATTACK IRAN WITH NUCLEAR POWER. GOD FORBID. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. So why does Mr. Grass wish to disarm the Jews? I have his book at my bedside... it is kind of a presentation of a fantastic memory and fantastic ego, a great apologetica. But this is his personal life, it is not the life of the great German nation, just as my response here is personal, it is not the response of the Jewish People.

To write and publish his poem on the eve of Passover, while everybody knows that this is the time Jesus was crucified, is tantamount to a literary blood libel.Let him come to Israel and see how our Israeli Arabs live. eventhough S.Arabia and EU doesnt contribute to them.

Leave us alone and dont interfere, please. If my country were allowed to grow naturally it would have spread light and enlightenment into the entire region. It is the Europeans and the Oil money that have been pushing palestinianism to such an extent that all you now see is wars on the horizon and your Nobel Prize Winner, on the eve of Jesus`s crucifiction, writing poems about Jews, a great danger to the world.
14:25 April 6, 2012 by Prufrock2010
@ liorabs --

Since you addressed your foregoing comment to me, among others, I shall respond in brief.

First off, please disabuse yourself of the fiction that Obama is "left or radical left." That's utter nonsense. He is right-center, as both his proposed and enacted policies establish. Your reference to the lunatic fringe in America that suggests that Obama is not a native-born American is a not-too-clever way of aligning yourself with the craziest of the crazies. Obama was not elected by global support, "kind of" or otherwise; he was elected by an overwhelming plurality of American voters.

Perhaps the reason the entire world, with the notable exception of the US, is aligned against Israel on the Palestinian issue is that Israel is maintaining a regime of de facto apartheid against the Palestinian peoples in Gaza and the occupied territories and the world is appropriately appalled. Israel has violated every single tenet of the Camp David Accords, according to Jimmy Carter (who negotiated them). Israel has either ignored or violated every single UN resolution with respect to its treatment of the Palestinians, thus signalling that it considers itself to be unaccountable to that international body of which it is a member and without which it would not exist. In short, Israel is a rogue nation that does what it pleases despite nearly universal opprobrium, and is trying to hold the Middle East hostage knowing that the powerful AIPAC lobby in Washington, DC has forced the US government to support its bellicose policies, no matter how existentially threatening to the region they may be.

Is Israel planning a "pre-emptive" strike against Iran. All the indicators are in the affirmative. Netanyahu's recent speech before AIPAC leaves little doubt about Israel's intentions. Israel's military buildup in Azerbaijan certainly suggests that an Israeli strike against Iran is both imminent and inevitable. You can read about it here:


"Literary blood libel?" That's a scurrilous accusation. Do you know what that term actually means, or are you just parroting Sarah Palin's reprehensible misuse of the term?

You ask the world to leave you alone. Fine. I'm all for that, so long as Israel is willing to abandon its plan to launch World War III. And if Israel truly wants to be left alone as the outlier in the world, it should stop taking enormous sums of money from the American taxpayers to finance its military buildup and should stop "buying" warships and submarines from Germany that it never pays for. If Israel wants respect from the world community, it might consider recognizing the Palestinian people's right to their own state, start living up to the Camp David Accords, start honoring UN mandates and end its ruthless regime of oppression against the Palestinians in its midst.
19:56 April 6, 2012 by eddyjacobsen
I am not surprised at all; at all; at ALL!! There are many of those lot in the world; - evilness never goes to holiday!!

Just google this one "grieving; trains of no return"
21:49 April 6, 2012 by Prufrock2010
@ liorabs --

As a postscript, I am also appalled by your cloying use of the Jesus / Passover card as an attack on Günter Grass. Are you offended for all Jews or all Christians? I am neither, and I find the conflation between legitimate criticism of the Zionist regime in Israel and anti-Semitism particularly offensive. I invite you to read Noam Chomsky's "Fateful Triangle" for a better understanding of the machinations of the State of Israel over the years and defy you to characterize Mr. Chomsky, a Jewish scholar of linguistics and history, as an anti-Semite.

Mr. Grass got it right in his poem, regardless of one's opinion of the poetic value of the work. Someone had better speak up before it's too late, and the thin-skinned Israelis who cannot bear the slightest criticism would do well either to pay attention or to develop a thicker skin, because the nation of Israel is rapidly becoming a pariah and the whole world knows it. Günter Grass is one of the few in the West with the courage to acknowledge it.
14:51 April 8, 2012 by ITAMAR

"Someone had better speak up before it's too late,"

Too late to which event? Ahmed El Najar said clearly Israel must be wiped out from the map ,so we must wait him untill he will be able to realizze his plan,

Yes there are some Jews like Chomsky and other extreme Orthodox Jews who speak and act against our exsistence ,they are minority and they make friendship with Hamas ,Hizballa,terrorists organisations who practice terrorists acts against our civilians,all these people are baned to come to our land, for you they are heroes for me traitors,just we do not use to put them in Jail for what they say or do, as long as they are not involved in terrorists acts against us.

we have the right to defend ourselves
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This is how much startup geeks earn in Germany
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A comprehensive new survey of 143 startup founders shows how much you are likely to be earning at a German startup, from entry level all the way up to sitting on the board.

Man dies after beating for peeing near Freiburg church
The Johannes Church in Freiburg. Photo Jörgens Mi/Wikipedia

A middle-aged man from southern Germany has died after being attacked by a group of men who took umbrage with the fact he was urinating in the vicinity of a church.

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Seven German celebrities with uncanny doppelgängers
Former Berlin mayor Klaus Wowereit and actor Alec Baldwin. Photo: DPA; Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons

Check out these seven look-a-likes of well known German figures - we admit that some are more tenuous than others...

Israel seeks to buy three new German submarines: report
A Dolphin class submarine. Photo: DPA

Israel is seeking to buy three more advanced submarines from Germany at a combined price of €1.2 billion, an Israeli newspaper reported Friday.

Here’s where people live the longest in Germany
Photo: DPA

Germans down south seem to know the secret to a long life.

More Germans identify as LGBT than in rest of Europe
Photo: DPA

The percentage of the German population which identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender is higher than anywhere else in Europe, according to a new study.

'Reichsbürger' pair attack police in Saxony-Anhalt
File photo: DPA.

A "Reichsbürger" and his wife attacked police officers on Thursday, just a day after another Reichsbürger fatally shot an officer in Bavaria.

Five things not to miss at the Frankfurt Book Fair
Photo: DPA

From consulting a book doctor to immersing yourself in an author's world with the help of virtual reality, here are five things not to miss at this week's Frankfurt Book Fair, the world's largest publishing event.

Parents who don't get nursery spot for kid entitled to pay
Photo: DPA

The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) ruled on Thursday that parents whose children don't receive placements in nursery care are entitled to compensation.

Eurowings braces as cabin crew union proclaims strike
Photo: DPA

A union representing cabin crew for Lufthansa's budget airline Eurowings announced that strikes could take place at any time over the next two weeks, starting on Monday.

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