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Should Germany bring back the royal family?

The Local · 14 Mar 2012, 14:42

Published: 14 Mar 2012 14:42 GMT+01:00

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The Kaiser’s descendants still live aristocratic lives even though the royal family was abolished in 1918 after defeat in World War I. And last summer, the wedding of Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia attracted not only a good showing of European royal guests but also the attention of the German public.

They are still excited by the royal families of nearby countries, and positively gorged themselves on last year’s wedding of British Prince William, which was broadcast live on four national television channels

A possibly increasing acceptance and even popularity of Germany’s home grown monarchy is no doubt linked with the young, educated and affable Prince Georg. His rare public appearances, fresh-faced good looks and reticence would certainly offer a contrast to the grey-haired politicians representing the country.

Germany's presidential post has hardly been covered in glory recently, having been held by two politicians, one of whom resigned arguably too early, the other too late. The debacle over Christian Wulff’s resignation prompted one of the Kaiser’s great-great grandsons to argue this week that a monarchy would be good for the country.

But would a restored monarchy – presumably along British or Swedish-type constitutional lines – be a good thing for Germany? Have your say below.

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Your comments about this article

15:20 March 14, 2012 by Tanskalainen
The last Kaiser was a sawed-off little martinette with a big mouth and a bigger ego. Do the Germans really want that back?
15:28 March 14, 2012 by patrickdaul425
As a German American, I am fascinated by any Monarchy other than the British. I thought it was shameful all of my Irish-American friends watched that stupid wedding on TV. But twenty-something-females have never been known to have good taste, or taste with a moral anyway.

I say they reinstate the Monarchy the way Sweden has theirs. It could boost tourism, it is a direction AWAY from Bolshevism and no one really has much of a reason to hate these people anymore. I think the Kaiser and Bavarian Princes would be welcomed by those who have an interest, and ignored by those who hate them.
15:34 March 14, 2012 by TheCrownPrince
In theory perhaps an interesting idea. In practice inexecutable.
15:35 March 14, 2012 by Harry Grouse
Yes we should bring back German Monarchy. To show Pride and set an example. THIS is not 1918 or 1945 lets look ahead. Having an EGO IS Better than being ignorent. We need to do all we can to keep some amount of GERMAN Identity. God day to all.
15:41 March 14, 2012 by kevinbac
If that is the royal couple in the picture above, I think there has been a little too much inbreeding.
15:49 March 14, 2012 by MiriamSPia
If they can make sure the aristocracy would not become too powerful then it would be another great way to market the country. Sick, perhaps but true: aristocracy as a tourist attraction! There is money in selling tickets for castle visits.
16:17 March 14, 2012 by franconia
kevinbac@ You are to used to the Kardashitcans and a plain woman makes you cringe !!! Maybe the british? After Charles's ears they finally decided to marry more commoners. Royalty in Germany would be a boost , they are mostly regular folks, some of them broke by holding on to castles and history, and they are certainly no money grabbing politicians, or wasting ones , like in US.
16:26 March 14, 2012 by KamiZ
I'm a committed anti-royalist. I think that monarchies are a scam to woo people to spend their tax money for the maintenance of luxurious houses and posh toys the royal families all around the world possess. It's like a big reality show only it's real. What use are the monarchs except for wasting money? People are driven into a media frenzy when they marry or have kids or do scandalous things. It's detestable.

On the other hand, I'm not German and merely live here on a residence permit so I have no saying in a vote. I think if there ever was a referendum in Germany though, the royals would be back.
16:38 March 14, 2012 by iseedaftpeople
>One of the Kaiser¦#39;s descendants says royalty would help the country

nonsensical self-interest.

If you look at other European monarchies, having a royal family as part of the political system is an expensive luxury which costs the taxpayer dearly. One which is simply fanciful in our times of pressing fiscal austerity.

I think it's good that Germany has done away with royalty as a social class. As a society, Germany should be past the fairy-tale Disneyfied ideal of monarchy which is a big reason why royal families in other European countries still enjoy their privileges. Dream about kings, queens and princesses in your own time, but they have no place in a modern democratic world. They are simply relicts of long gone times. Dinosaurs who have somehow survived Europe's democratization.
17:01 March 14, 2012 by raandy
I never liked Royalty, or the class system it represents.
17:53 March 14, 2012 by Celeon
Only if they stay in Holland and spend their time with plently of Holz hacken. :-D
18:11 March 14, 2012 by marimay
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
18:39 March 14, 2012 by michael4096
@iseedaftpeople - hardly costs a thing. The British monarchy costs about the same in 30 years as one American presidential election and that includes the cost of doing the job, not just picking the lucky person
19:30 March 14, 2012 by Zobirdie
I personally think its a wonderful idea. Good for tourism! Better idea than having a stupid political appointee president. Having a König or a Kaiser doing that job (which is what... hosting foreign dignitaries, opening buildings....) makes way more sense... why bother with all that ceremony for the likes of people like Wulff and his predecessors?

The president has always ust been a royal stand in anyway...
19:37 March 14, 2012 by starsh3ro

i hate to say it, but i have to agree on this one.
19:47 March 14, 2012 by Zobirdie
Ps... that poor woman really does have a dynastic nose.... *cough*
21:23 March 14, 2012 by Enough
This would be really dumb!
21:24 March 14, 2012 by domio
Please no royals, not having a monarchy should be something we take pride in as Germans. The only royals I would accept is a black gay couple, if we could have that I would tolerate a monarchy.
22:04 March 14, 2012 by MaKo
What a thoroughly absurd proposition.

But as a proud Bavarican, I have to ask, why weren't the Königstreue consulted for this article? Because folks with 'da Kini' on their Lederhosen are hardly going to get behind a Prussian.
22:06 March 14, 2012 by ovalle3.14
If it were up to me, I'd make the chancellor and the president the same person.
22:38 March 14, 2012 by Mark S.
A REAL king, of course, would have the power to initiate a war with Russia, France, and England for the purpose of expanding the size of the German Empire and his personal wealth. I doubt any Germans really want that. In recent history, that amount of power concentrated in a single man has not worked well for the German people.

So, I assume this article is about a ceremonial monarch with power and responsibilities similar to the current German president.

In that case, we can ask a simple question: How would a king be different from a president?

The answer is obvious: If your president is unsatisfactory, you get a new one. Germany just did this recently. If your king is unsatisfactory, you are stuck with him for life.
22:46 March 14, 2012 by GermanMonarchist

Why,not for obvious reasons the king would have no power, and it is a great way to celebrate German culture. The German empire was the golden age of Germany, there economy grw 10 percent each year. And those who criticize the empire and compare it to hitler are utter idiots. Also if they do restore the monarchy, Laiser Wilhelm2 body will finally return to germany
22:48 March 14, 2012 by jg.
Do they want Charles and Camilla? Charles is apparently keen to get a top job - I bet he'd be happy to restore a German family name from his Dad's side (Mountbatten = Battenburg) or his Mum's side (Windsor = Saxe-Coburg-Gotha).
22:51 March 14, 2012 by GermanMonarchist
Only a Hohenzollern can fill the throne of Germany, along with a national restoration of the monarchy, each of the individual states should restore their monarchy as well.
22:56 March 14, 2012 by Theodore Harvey
Absolutely! The beauty and glamor of a royal restoration would be exactly what Germany needs to finally repudiate the disastrous 20th century. The destruction of the German and Austro-Hungarian monarchies in 1918 led to nothing but suffering. Now today Germans are stuck with a drab and corrupt presidency that inspires no one and recently has been a source only of embarrassment...yet they are obliged to pay not only for the new president but for all his predecessors! Fortunate countries like the United Kingdom have only one head of state to pay for--and she's still working, brilliantly. Monarchy can bring a nation together like no politician ever could--look at the worldwide joyous enthusiasm last year for royal weddings, which despite 93 years of official contempt for royalty (the one thing Nazis, Communists, and democratic republicans have in common) included even many Germans with their own Georg Friedrich and Sophie. Monarchy is not out of date--contemporary monarchies such as Britain's have fully embraced Facebook, YouTube, etc--and can be as relevant today as it ever was, perhaps even more valuable than ever before as a source of continuity and tradition in an often bewildering and frightening age. Long live the House of Hohenzollern and all Germany's ancient dynasties!
00:40 March 15, 2012 by Redwing
All those of you who think that a Royal family would boost tourism live in a fool's paradise. Visitors to the UK come not to gawp at the Royals - they hardly ever appear in public - but to look at their pads, sorry, palaces. The Netherlands have a Royal family, the country is not exactly overrun by royalty loving tourists, is it?

So, Germany had a bad apple or two in the basket of Bundespräsidenten. What about all the good and sound Alt-Präsidenten alive and dead? Did they misbehave in public, did any one marry a young girl while carrying on with a married woman behind his bride's back, did they count criminals amongst their close friends? I don't think so. Germany is just doing fine as a republic and at least a miscreant President can be got rid of, a king or queen, no matter how good or bad, is for life.
03:51 March 15, 2012 by Larry Thrash
The answer is, yes.
04:22 March 15, 2012 by GermanMonarchist
Royals attract plenty of tourism look at the royal wedding in uk, that attracted a whole lot of attention. Even the recent german wedding produced mild attention, and they aren't even an actual legitimate royals if you know what I mean. Imagine if they were restored, and Germany could get as much attention as England. And even if it can't it is a massive morale booster for Germany, they can be proud of the royals and their monarchical culture
04:38 March 15, 2012 by HRH James McCauley
I think it would be a splendid idea,since I am Kaiser Wilhelm the seconds cousin and considered in exile by The United States Goverment.
08:42 March 15, 2012 by hereward
When the eussr finally destroys all of our economies,power infrastructure,and puts us peasants back on the land ,to grub a living,every-one will need some-one to tug thier forelock to.i see that the happy couple have already resurected horse drawn transport,can it be long before thier hired thugs issue from the castle keep to pillage the local villeins,as per usual just a question of whos boot get to stamp on your face.
12:22 March 15, 2012 by Simon_Kellett
Royalty belongs back in the Middle Ages. Democracy superseded them, although some counties have failed to make a clean break !!
12:50 March 15, 2012 by GermanMonarchist
People we are Not actually advocating an absolute monarchy. The king would have virtually no power and be primarily ceremonial. Democratic rinciples would still be dominant.
13:58 March 15, 2012 by petenick
I say fine, bring it back, as long as they don't have any real power. We, in this crazy old world of ours, have had enough megalomaniacs in the last 100 years to fill many history books.
15:56 March 15, 2012 by frankiep
I think it's a very good idea. Think about it. A king or queen would be in essentially the same position as the president and really only be responsible for representing the nation as head of state. The president in Germany is a necessary, although mostly ceremonial and symbolic role. Why not have this position filled by a king or queen instead of every few years bringing in a new person as a political favor? Not to mention that it would bring some level of political and psychological stability to the country.

And as some others here have mentioned, the costs wouldn't be an issue either when you consider that every current and former president is being paid a lot of money for the rest of their lives, and that whatever higher costs there might be associated with royalty could be offset with gains from tourism for royal weddings and other things of that nature. The positives are pretty strong.
17:08 March 15, 2012 by Mr Goodmorning
What a stupid idea. Monarchy is utterly absurd and has no place in a modern democracy, regardless how ceremonial it is. That certain people are afforded a certain privilege by the dumb luck of birth is an affront to the equality of all people, and something that is a threat to true democratic principles that nations should strive for. Nations should move away from monarchy, not towards it.
17:36 March 15, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles
I think she should be Germany's royal family.

18:46 March 15, 2012 by Tanskalainen
According to the genealogical charts the heir to throne is Arnold Ziffel.
19:44 March 15, 2012 by franconia
The Brits are shaking in their boots again. Remember how they behaved when the last Kaiser took Germany past "British" everything? To bad Wilhelm got sucked into an Austrian war that he never really wanted. ( Read the History) The Brits were the ones itching for it , to show the Kaiser who's the Boss.
02:57 March 16, 2012 by GermanMonarchist
Unfortunently the problem is George himself. He has rebuffed the ideas of restoring the monarchy and has disgraced kaiser Wilhelm. He needs to actually start supporting monarchical restoration nd then it can seriously be considered.
10:07 March 16, 2012 by Englishted

Somebody tried that but it didn't work out to well in the long run.


That may be true but if he had not invaded neutral Belgium they would have had no reason would they ?.
14:51 March 16, 2012 by MikeJarosz
Before restoring a Prussian Kaiser, Prussia itself would need to be restored. Can't have a king without a kingdom. Konigsberg has been adrift since the Soviet mother ship sank. Build him a nice castle there, like Neuschwanstein II. Think of all the tickets it would sell!

On second thought, Poland would be a problem. The solution would not be so neisse.
15:22 March 16, 2012 by quiller
Excellent idea - those who want it, keep taking the tablets. Nothing like having one chosen family appointed and anointed by the God and the populace at large.

Hold on a minute I see the men with the white coats are coming.
16:42 March 16, 2012 by Bruno53
Well, times have changed. But I am not sure it could be a good thing or not. Let the Germans decide on that.
18:15 March 16, 2012 by herrenzimmernkreisrottweil
Absolutely not, that belongs to the dark ages, this unrealistic infatuation with Queens and Kings and Princes is so unreal. I suppose even adults need Fairy Tales. Germans are besotted enough with foreign royalty and always are better informed than anybody else on what goes on in countries where they have Monarchies.
20:24 March 16, 2012 by johnny108
The fact that the the guy thinks that a royal family is "good" for a country proves that he is nothing more than an egomaniacal, power-hungry throw-back to an age better left to the dustbin of history.
20:52 March 16, 2012 by gtaglia
A return of the monarchy would be a great thing, provided it is done properly. A good monarch takes a long-term view, with the intention of preserving the country for his dynasty, as opposed to politicians, who rarely think beyond the next election and care little about the harmful effects of their policies (particularly when such effects will not be noticed until they are out of office).

An effective monarch must have the power to moderate the excesses of government, preventing them from imposing any stupid idea that can get a majority vote on a particuar day; at the same time his power must be limited, so that he does not become the dominant force in government. Monarchy is a good thing for the long-term stability and well-being of any country, provided the proper balance of power can be found--giving the good monarch power to curb the politicians and the politicians power to keep a bad monarch from becoming a despot. It would certainly be an improvement over the present system, with nothing to restrain the politicians.
21:47 March 16, 2012 by MonarchistCatherine
Of course Germany should restore the monarchy! It's the best form of government:

-It provides political stability and continuity. Elected governments and their policies change, but the monarch continues as Head of State. And people know who will be their monarch for the next 50-60 years.

-The head of state is above politics and works for the good of all people. The politicians work only for themselves and those people who voted for them. So monarchy unites people, while republic divides them.

-The monarchy can be an important national symbol and source of patriotic pride. It helps to preserve national identity, so it's necessary in these troubled times(EU, Muslim immigration to Europe...)

-Don't say that monarchy is 'expensive', please. It's much cheaper than a president.

-And please also don't say it's outdated. Both systems-monarchy and republic-existed in the ancient times.

-Royal pomp and pageantry are beautiful. As the Prince said, royal events speak to people's emotions, bring them together and happy.
22:28 March 16, 2012 by bolly
Any institution where birth rather than ability is the criterion for selection is undemocratic and in my opinion wrong. High office has to be earned rather than being bestowed by birth. Sure, some countries have maintained that archaic institution, but it does not sit well with anyone wanting an egalitarian and democratic society. Denmark, Sweden and Holland have adapted their monarchies to modern times, but any such institution still serve as a reminders of times where rights, opportunity, and wealth were distributed quite unfairly and unevenly. To have a monarchy as a curiosity and tourist attraction may have appeal to some, but so has visiting the zoo.
02:19 March 17, 2012 by Eric Best
To those who say that monarchy and democracy are antithetical, the evidence points in the opposite direction. States with a monarch (eg Commonwealth countries - such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada - and those states of Northwest Europe and Scandinavia) are models of mature parliamentary democracy.

The value of kings and queens is that there function is to embody, in a very human way, the traditions, values and aspirations of a particular cultural/social/political collective enterprise. As an analogy, heads of state are to the climate what politicians are to the weather. This symbolism is lost when our heads of state can be created or dismissed by the politicians. Rather, the politicians should be there to serve the deeper collective enterprise rendered "visible" by the head of state. Kings and queens simply symbolise this better than ceremonial presidents.
06:05 March 17, 2012 by ErnestPayne
Well he wins some kind of award for shameless self promotion to create a "career" for himself. Patrick sees "bolshevism" on the horizon? Time to visit an optometrist. If you want a monarchy bring back the House of Thurn and Taxis. They ran one of the world's great postal systems for centuries.
06:26 March 17, 2012 by bolly
I can understand that there are some real divisions between those supporting and those not supporting a monarchy, - it really is a matter of personal preference. There are no compelling legal or political reasons to have a monarchy. A well chosen president as in the German system does work, and it can work well. So does the American system where the President is the chief executive. And so does the system of Governors in Australia. So, I do not think that there is one best system. What matters is what the electorate wants. However, giving authority because of birth (as in a monarchy) rather than achievement and public standing (as in a republic) should be considered very carefully. Some hold the view that it is not in keeping with a true democracy. However, it should be the people's choice.
11:55 March 17, 2012 by natsuru hime
yes totally germany should bring back monarchy.it is the best form of goverment as a king is Gods representative in secular authority.show me a democracy which is not made up of paid puppets of the banks?
14:38 March 17, 2012 by prashanthslogin
If Germany Brings Back Them , It is a Good Initiative by the Government to save the German Identity
15:42 March 17, 2012 by Kennneth Ingle
Do we have Unification in Europe or not? National governments are no longer needed any more than royal families. These are all extra costs which could be saved by introducing genuine democracy.

It won't happen of course, for too many of the over privileged would lose their comfortable way of living and positions of power.

The UNO declaration on human rights (10. 12. 1948), is just a farce in Europe as anywhere else in the world. Harz 4 for the unemployed workers, as in Germany, but enormous unearned pensions for the so-called upper ten-thousand, presidents, ministers and top civil servants and even Bank managers.

For the normal citizen it is of little significance whether he is ruled by Kings, High priests or political parties, none of them really represent those paying the bill.

As to the wish for a German royal family, it already exists ­ in Windsor ­ paid for by the British taxpayer why should the Germans want to take over the bill?
16:55 March 17, 2012 by deutscherMann
Why not, they are lovely couple and they would make good royals. I wish them lots of happiness.
19:27 March 17, 2012 by Lady Daphne
I would love to see the Monarchy restored in Germany. I'm sure it won't happen, but I think a Royal Family gives a certain emphasis to pride of nation. I may be mistaken, but that's my belief. The new "royal couple" could do wonders to unite the German people. Plus I'd love to see any German Royal Jewels that have been hidden away.
01:52 March 18, 2012 by MonarchistCatherine
@bolly, comment #49

Is winning a popularity contest a guarantee that someone is able to hold a high office? Does making something just more egalitarian make it better? Politicians earn the office by making election promises(which they often break) and manipulating the electorate. Most of them simply want to earn as much money as possible by all means possible, sometimes even by corruption. It's impossible for a monarch to be corrupt.

Another advantage of hereditary monarchy is its long time preference. Politicians hols the office for a few years and it's not their business what happens later, so they run huge deficits and ruin the country's economy. Monarchs want to secure the place for their descendants, so they behave more responsibly.

Also, princes are well educated, because their parents know that one day they may hold a high office. Good education improves people's abilities, so a hereditary monarchy provides a head of state who has necessary knowledge and experience to fulfill the state duties.
02:15 March 18, 2012 by Eric Best
To those who may feel envious of modern royal families, to be king or queen is not about power - at least political power - it is about duty. Political power lies with the Prime Minister / Chancellor. (As for wealth, I expect many of these families are wealthy in their own right, with or without having public duties.)

A great thing about modern constitutional monarchy is that the 'symbolic centre' of a state is humanly invested in a way that is immunised from wielding anything other than moral power. Where these two functions - political power and the numinous power of 'the centre' - are blurred, such as in the US presidency, there is greater danger of abuse. Hitler was an extreme example of this blurring. (Perhaps, he would have been less attractive had Germany kept its monarchic institutions?)

Furthermore, Germans were never given a choice whether to keep the monarchy or become a republic. How democratic is that?
22:31 March 18, 2012 by expatriarch
Bring back the German monarchy so they can be, once again the subjugates of the British monarchy. There is a picture somewhere, I believe in Windsor Caslte, with one of the German Kaisers, Russian Czars, and other continental "royalty" surrounding, I believe Queen Victoria, who is described as the grandmother of Eurrope due to all the inbreeding family ties.

Europe is such a basket case already due to all the aristocratic like barriers to upwards mobility. The last thing Europe, or Germany for that matter, is a parasitic Monarchy like that in GB.

If anything the German and all European monarchies should be disowned over the wealth and stuff they have stolen and robbed and defrauded throughout the ages. What Germany SHOULD do is hybrid privatize the castles, so that they are turned into vacation and event destinations; and hire a crack team marketing firm to do some hard core story telling. I would love to stay in a castle on the Rhein or Mosel, Ride through the hills, or make medieval camp somewhere. But Germans are NOTORIOUSLY ..... HORRIBLE at marketing, branding, and story telling. Hence why they flog themselves about WWII when it's no worse than any of the other horrible things that have happened.... just very German in its efficiency of bringing about horrible things.

Look at the British monarchy, their history, especially during the "empire" is a story and history of heinous rape, murder, theft, and destruction of humanity on a scale and for centuries that makes the few years of Nazi Germany, for which the institution and individuals of the British monarchy are also partially responsible (see Grandmother of Europe above). But the British monarchy is celebrated as their parasites travel the globe to the places their ancestors brutalized for centuries, while Germany can't get over cutting itself over some long executed horrific people.

The biggest land owner in Germany is of monarchical descent. He did nothing to earn the land, the wealth, or the recognition. Why should he have exclusive dominion over land that was worked and lived on by the people his ancestors brutalized? Take it and make it a national park similar to the ones in the USA that all people can enjoy. Germany does not have enough parks and places to be in wilderness like in the USA anyways. Maybe life in Germany would be a little less miserable and provide a glimpse of freedom if people had some national parks to be proud of.
02:32 March 19, 2012 by IRM
Bring back royalty! Ir would bring back stability and eliminates finding someone representing the country as it deserves.
03:35 March 19, 2012 by Drej
Hell no. Never again. The royals are a relic of the past one that stands for oppression and exploitation. Europe¦#39;s royals oversaw some of the world¦#39;s worst atrocities and crimes against humanity. While their ancestors shouldn¦#39;t be persecuted for those crimes neither should we celebrate these crimes by upholding their offspring in some special way. They are nothing more than institutionalised war lords, who now days hide behind the charms of Disney. North Korea shows nicely how many monarchies were born. Yes, while many royals now days do humanitarian work and are peaceful you shouldn¦#39;t have to be royal to do such things. The very nature of royalty goes against the fundamental aspects of our modern equalitarian democratic system and morality,(wealth class divide withstanding).

How particular Americans can keep citing their anit royalist founding fathers and in the next moment druel over some royal gossip keeps astounding me.
11:39 March 19, 2012 by Eric Best
The late Otto von Hapsburg exemplified the notion of monarchic duty, even though he was denied the title by short sighted politicians. In his resolute resistance to Nazism and Communism and his work for European Union, in the name of Christian humanism and what was best in European civilisation and in his sacrificing his own opportunities for the welfare of Europe, he lived up to the role of a Kaiser.
14:23 March 19, 2012 by Gaffers
It won't happen but some of the comments on here are very funny.

Monarchy = expensive....No it's not. The outlay for the British royal family is small compared to the benefit they bring to the country.

Monarchy = Tourism...Yes. You only have to look at the fascination of the world with the British Royal family, the souvenirs on sale in London and the work they do promoting theUK

Monachies are evil power mongers who have wreaked havoc ... And no governments have ever been guilty of taking a nation into war? Get real. Monarchies these days have no power so why would reinstating a monarchy in Germany lead to war? Grow up !

Expatriach venting his personal (ill informed) issues against the UK again I see. He singles out the UK and chooses to ignore the fact that ALL monarchies in Europe were corrupt and self serving. The Empire was not built up by Queen Victoria but by the government / business men of their time. A little bit of research wouldn't hurt here. You mighta slo want to research what America has done to indigenous populations (especially a little closer to home !)

Germany = miserable? Really?? Do you actually know anything about germany? I know lots of parks and open spaces. I know many many Germans who actively enjoy these and the sports it allows them to do. Seriously, instead of spouting drivel and anti anything American get some counselling. Your inner anger is going to give you a heart attack !
02:08 March 20, 2012 by bernie1927
It is kind of sad to read the comments. They are either ra,ra,ra for the monarchy or insultingly negative. Let's face it, it's never going to happen in Germany, and it will soon disappear in England as well. It just does not fit into the modern world. Look at those two innocent kids riding in the carriage. Do you really want them to be your representatives and create an artificial kingdom and run around, decked out with fancy medals? Get real. It ain't going to happen!
19:17 March 20, 2012 by jtech7
I am extremely thankful that we don't/no longer have a monarchy here. Let us celebrate the fact that today's rulers of society are elected officials, that have to work hard to get elected and work even harder to take care of their people. Gone are the days where birth gives right to rule, that's just plain stupid.
22:21 March 20, 2012 by DavidtheNorseman
I think Angela Merkel will make a lovely Empress of Germany :-)
10:51 March 21, 2012 by raandy
If that picture is representative of Royalty, then maybe it's better to leave things as they are now.
14:28 March 21, 2012 by asteriks
It is totally bad to bring back any king. Danish king is above constitution, whatever crimes he makes, he can not finish in the prison. That's middle age. Swedish king visited many years Yugoslavians night clubs in Stockholm and used prostitutes there, it means he spent money from budget for sex. Should we remember all colonialists crimes done by monarchies? Do you know that Argentina has 98% white European population, so, where are indigenous people? Dead, millions of them. Africa, South America, crime after crime, everything done by British monarchy, netherland and France, Spain and Portugal. So, if Germans want to spend their money from budget for king and his enjoying, they can do it, but I don't want back king in my country. Budget should help to students and social cases, sick and old people, and not to spend money for king. All that money which king already possess, it is from exploitation of people in the past, don't forget that all monarchies were dictatorships before WWII.
03:39 March 22, 2012 by GAZ082
GUYS! Lets raise the bet! Why to settle just with a Kaiser, i want a Holy Roman Emperor of the German Nation!
11:31 March 22, 2012 by Eric Best
@ astreriks. You don't need monarchs to commit crimes. Soviet Russia Communist China and Nazi Germany were republics. As far as colonialism and ethnic cleansing of native populations go, the USA, a republic, was just as guilty. Whether the British or whoever were monarchic or not, those crimes would have happened because, at that time, Europeans had difficulty recognising other cultures as valid as their own and other peoples as having the same depth of subjectivity.

@bernie1927. I agree its a bit of a pipe dream at present, and clearly there are a lot of other issues that take priority (freeing up global agricultural trade, addressing climate change, etc, etc, etc). But we were invited to express our imaginations and inclinations on this topic. So why not? Also, we can never know how sensibilities can change. Who could have predicted the fall of communism?
16:19 March 22, 2012 by nparry
In the photo above, Which One is The Princess?
18:23 March 23, 2012 by ChuChu
GREAT IDEA.....very good for tourism and why not!!!
20:37 March 23, 2012 by scout1067
Yeah, why not? A constitutional monarchy along the lines of Britain's would not necessarily be a bad thing. There is the small matter of amending the Grundgesetz though.
23:26 March 23, 2012 by euarte
I think it is a first class idea. Anything but the used up dolts that you have as presidents.
18:22 March 24, 2012 by mike_1983
its time for the kaiser to finally rest on german soil..... and this will only happen with the restoration of the german monarchy! its now time!!!
23:35 March 24, 2012 by Clarissa Smith
I don't have any sympathy for those Prussians. I like the times of the Holy Roman Empire a lot, but this is over -- Austria was part of it..... no, no, I'm not gonna discuss THAT nonsense.

The Prussians actually caused both World Wars. First the 'great' Fritz destroyed the Holy Roman Empire, then his Prussia dominated Germany and made this country (that had been rather peaceful before) a war criminal. That's why I dislike those Wilhems.

If you go far back, you see : Brandenburg has always been an aggressor since the middle ages. And behind Prussia actually stands the house Brandenburg.
00:25 March 25, 2012 by william Jackson
Historical ignorance is worse then ever,Germany or Prussia no more caused world war 1 then I did and it is hard to blame Austro-Hungary for wanting revenge for the death of the heir. Obviously the third reich was almost solely responsible for the second world war but a little backbone on the part of France and England might have helped. Frederich combined much of the military genius of Stonewall Jackson with that of a great nation builder. Democracy is fine but a democratic monarchy with limited powers of review could be the better, restore the monarchy, restore the romance.
03:06 March 25, 2012 by GermanMonarchist
@ Clarissa

Let me correct a few(all) of your ridiculous points.

1. Napoleon destroyed the holy roman empire, not Prussia. Frederick the Great only went against Austria and a few other German states.

2. Russia caused the first world war, if you actually knew history, you would know Kaiser Wilhelm II never wanted war, and desperately tried to stop it.

3. Hitler dissolved Prussia in the 30's and many of the conspirators were honorable Prussians who hated hitler.

4. Countries like Uk and France declared war 10 times more than Prussia ever did. And the german empire was rather absebt of bloody wars except world war I. Unlike the british who have their boer wars and several others.

So before you critize Prussia and the Kaisereich learn some history
16:55 March 25, 2012 by Clarissa Smith
Now you learn from me:

Under Leopold I. the German Empire (already a federation!) managed to ward off several threats at one time : France, Turks, Hungarian rebellion. Of course in cooperation with their allies.

The Prussian Fritz destroyed this unity and THIS was the reason why France finally was able to occupy Germany.

The Germans slipped into WW1 rather because of their bad mistakes. I call it Prussian Wilhelminian stupidity. But I go with you in that point, that Germany was not the only guilty party. After WW1 we were too tough on the Germans and this shouldn't have been, because it helped Hitler's rise.

I wonder why somebody would advocate monarchy. In the U.S. I really want to take away the president's right to decide war and peace. I am very much against any kind of centralization of might.
19:43 March 25, 2012 by GermanMonarchist
1. The Holy Roman Empire was already falling apart examples that you have just prove my point. The thirty years war sealed the fate of this empire. All fritz did was nail the door to the coffin. And even with saying that Prussia worked with Austria in the Napoleonic wars and were close allies. Unity in the holy roman empire was non existent since the 1600's.

2. I will agree with you that Wilhelm II did engage a reckless foreign policy which caused part of WWI? This was not Prussia's fault for having a bad emperor. And all of this is inconsequential because the monarchy, if restored would have no powers to rage war.
23:16 March 25, 2012 by Clarissa Smith
Something was terribly wrong with the 19th century Brandenburg-Prussia, but the reasons for that go back to the early 1700s: Brandenburg was jealous of Vienna. Brandenburg was like a soccer player, just playing on his own, not for the team. Brandenburg acted like "us first, then the Empire". The German/ Dutch/ Teutsch Empire struggled quite a bit with Cologne and Munich during the wars against the sun king, but this wasn't so harmful. Prussia successfully weakened Austria, which was flat-out treason. The dukes in Braunschweig-Luneburg (Hanover) always where totally different : they worked for the Empire most constructively. Because they knew, everything was lost, if they did not. Just a matter of being reasonable, but frankly already Frederick I of Brandenburg-Preussen was a crazy guy. Just ask their relatives, ask his wife Sophie Charlotte, ask her aunt Liselotte von der Pfaltz, ask the philosopher Leibnitz. Their sources still exist, if you can read and understand that old stuff. These where reasonable and intelligent people. Also read about prince Friedrich Wilhelm (later called "Soldatenkönig"), what an idiot he already was as child. Those rulers in Brandenburg were really crazy people and that went on and on.... The Prussian dominated Germany finally even reformed the German language gravely in a way that doesn't make sense, which was part of their ideology: They made war on the language of the old Holy Roman Empire as well. Actually it was nonsense to do away with the traditional German C-spelling -- above all referring to Latin stems. Today Germany is a modern, very powerful nation. As American liberal I very much recommend the German efficiency of their Keynesian policy. Why ballast this with stuffy old traditions of the past? This is inefficient bunch of hooey and plain crazy. The history of the Holy Roman-German Empire is part of our American history indeed. We inherited the Empire, we even have their currency. So it's part of our past as well. I rather care about changing Congress in a progressive, liberal way, to finally end the corporate influence and drive money out of politics in America. Care about what's essential today and leave the past in the past. You must be a Republican, for you love those stuffy royal things. Probably bored and depressed. Living in the past -- ridiculous pfffft.
05:33 March 26, 2012 by GermanMonarchist
The points you are making are rather rediculous. The Prussians were no different than any other European powers. They fought wars, overthrew governments, to call them crazy is pure nonsense. And frankly nobody in the holy roman empire played for the team. This is 1700 Europe. Their is no team and everyone was fighting for survival. And German language today is not strange at all and I find nothing wrong with it. And if you criticize that we will have to criticize everyone who Made changes to the language. And Germany has suffered under their Kenyan economic policy. They only became such a big industrial giant because of their free enterprise economics of chancellor Leo Von caprivi and others. They only adopted Keynesian economics with willu Brandt and they have been going downhill ever sense. And I only support the monarchy because I love keeping cultural tradition. Unlike you who probably would gladly through away your countries tradition and teach self loathing of our country.
13:12 March 26, 2012 by Clarissa Smith
You're just stuffy and old-fashioned and you've got nothing else to believe in, as to dream of these ridiculously nostalgic things. But you don't know much about the past.

The states about 1700 in the German Empire weren't all alike. Some where very modern, some very backwards; some rulers where great, others where idiots. I can tell you those NOT to visit if don't care for being burned as having relationship with Satan....

You have no clue. Can you read plain Teutsch? Can you read a Teutsch newspaper or book before the reform about 1650? Oh, I can upload a newspaper article from 1700 or 1701 Braunschweig -- let's test ya out whether you get what's going on in politics there.....

By the way, the 1600s reform really made sense and wasn't as radical as that of Bismarck/ Duden. The Bismarck reform was about radically changing spellings in order to break with the past -- ideologically.

Well, although the German Duden doesn't make sense, economical Germany is strong (language isn't very logical anyhow). Why? Because they didn't go the way of austerity. Because, compared to Thatcher, even their Christ-Democratic policy has always been fairly Keynesian! They have a functioning welfare system, got fairly well through this recession and depression though. Thatcher left the U.K. poorer, with crumbling infrastructure ect./ect. .... We in the U.S. made the same silly mistake under Reagan and Bush and frankly Clinton wasn't much of a liberal as well. America chose the way of Austerity and look how we end up?! Congress totally ruled by corporate greed and Democracy is developing a corporatoracy. Because we didn't learn from Thatcher's mistake and U.K.'s resulting downfall. German ventures like Aldi stores and Solar World are dominating our markets.

Kudos to the Germans, being smart and not stuffy and backwards any more! And you wanna ballast them with stuffy old junk? I don't think they're gonna buy your dusty junk, cuz they're smarter then you monarchy-freaks.

I get you : 100% nostalgia and tradition/ 0% sense and logic -- just like our Republicans. Neurotically trapped in the past, not getting anything done in present.
13:10 March 29, 2012 by gremar
Hehe, I waiting to see how they help England, Sweden, Denmark et al. They should work hard and honestly like everyone else.
05:20 April 1, 2012 by Eric Best
Hi Clarissa,

I don't associate modern, constitutional monarchy with reaction. Spain, the monarchies of north west Europe and Scandinavia and those countries within the Commonwealth that maintain constitutional links to the British Crown (such as Canada, New Zealand and Australia) are not models of conservatism. The Tea Party movement could only arise in the US, a republic!

All nations, whatever their constitutional structure, have done things that made sense to them at the time but seem incomprehensible now. This is because of changing values. What constitutional monarchies offer is a way of celebrating and connecting with a cultural heritage, in a way (unlike the USA) that separates the symbolic centre from the centre of practical power. Many republics work fine, but many people enjoy what constitutional monarchy offers.

In the US, it seems that the power of the symbol sneaks in through the back door, such as in the cult of their president, or the cult of fame - stardom, homecoming queens, 'king of rock'n roll' etc etc. Maybe, there would have been much less of that if the colonists and the British government could have settled their issues more amicably and the US evolved like Canada?

PS, I found your drawing connections between the Holy Roman Empire and the USA thought provoking. Oh, and very witty: "You must be a Republican, for you love those stuffy royal things." LOL.
23:07 April 4, 2012 by Herford1990
I was born in the Bundesrepublik and I will die in the Bundesrepublik. I will never support such a backwards way of doing things. The monarchy belongs in the past, every German should be allowed to aspire to become head of state and not stopped by some overpaid inbread.

No for a monarchy in Germany!
00:35 April 6, 2012 by rickpennys
I don't think that, in the modern day, the public really wants a monarchy as a part of the government. They just enjoy the celebrity aspect of royalty. Why waste so much time and money just to institutionalise that?
13:29 April 6, 2012 by Clarissa Smith
@EricBest: The U.S. was founded on a bunch of old Roman symbols and you're supposed to know that. The Roman empire before the U.S. empire was the Holy Roman-German empire. And where do you think does the DOLLAR come from? It comes from the old THALER of the Holy Roman empire. I'd rather do away with all that empire talk. All those wars ruined us.

Right now America is a mess. We Americans better not intrude our stuffy, downright insane views on the Germans. For the Germans are doing it right: They have government institutions that fight monopolies and pretty much protect their citizens against corporate greed. As they regulate their health insurers which in the U.S. just go for profit. We in the U.S. better get our things done before risking a big mouth.

The Germans aren't wasting money on stuffy old structures, which is very reasonable. I admire that. This is why they're so successful. Americans just get yourselves a neo-aristocrat like Mitt Romney and go totally nuts.....
04:32 April 7, 2012 by Furtchloss
"The Kaiser¦#39;s descendants still live aristocratic lives even though the royal family was abolished in 1918 after defeat in World War I. And last summer, the wedding of Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia attracted not only a good showing of European royal guests but also the attention of the German public."

Couple things bother me here and people cant get their facts straight but everyone is entitled to their own opinion so here's mine to the fuel!

1. There was no defeat it was a ARMISTICE!

2. Prince Max von Baden told Wilhelm II to leave the country in which after many thoughts he did due to all the socialist riots occurring.

"Prince Max von Baden's Announcement of Kaiser Wilhelm II's Abdication, 9 November 1918

The Kaiser and King has decided to renounce the throne.

The Imperial Chancellor will remain in office until the questions connected with the abdication of the Kaiser, the renouncing by the Crown Prince of the throne of the German Empire and of Prussia, and the setting up of a regency have been settled.

For the regency he intends to appoint Deputy Ebert as Imperial Chancellor, and he proposes that a bill shall be brought in for the establishment of a law providing for the immediate promulgation of general suffrage and for a constitutional German National Assembly, which will settle finally the future form of government of the German Nation and of those peoples which might be desirous of coming within the empire."

I suggest the book "The Last Kaiser: The Life of Wilhelm II" by Giles MacDonogh. New York Times appraised it as well do I.

@ Clarissa

"The Germans aren't wasting money on stuffy old structures, which is very reasonable. I admire that. This is why they're so successful."

I am surprised this was not mentioned in the comments. German gov. has donated couple million euros I believe to the rebuilding of the Stadtschloss. Obviously it will consist of a library/cultural hub it was stated. However it is still considered a Prussian Symbol.

Anyway I will lean to saying yes it would be good to see it come back along the line of what the English have. And stated in the German Empire Proclamation.

"And may God grant that We and our successors on the imperial throne may at all times increase the wealth of the German Empire, not by military conquests, but by the blessings and the gifts of peace, in the realm of national prosperity, liberty, and morality.

Wilhelm I, Kaiser und König."
02:01 April 8, 2012 by GermanMonarchist
Though while I believe that rebuilding the Stadtschloss is of great cultural significance, I wish it was being built by private builders and not the government. Germany cannot be engaging I this with such massive debt and financial strife. And this whole argument is moot. This isn't talking about restoring Prussia and returning all power to the kings. It is about establishing a self sufficient powerless monarchy, whose sole job would be expressing German culture and pride. I don't see how anybody can have a problem with that. Spain loves their monarch he was voted most popular man of 700 million people. (Spain +south America). Uk loves their monarchy as well as Sweden, Belgium, and the Netherlands.
00:57 April 12, 2012 by youngian
Britain has had German monarchs since the 18th century. You can have ours if you like.
11:36 August 26, 2012 by Christopher Williams
Re-ply to asteriks

Argentina is a republic which happens to have one of the worst records of human torture and genocide. How many Nazi's fled there at the end of World War 2? Dare I mention the Falklands War. Where lives a people who do not wish to be Argentinean.
04:18 January 10, 2013 by kippy
Yes, bring back the Kaiser. Germany did not start weltkrieg 1, the "good" lord churchill was making plans for a war with Germany well before they declared war. If they had kept their noses on thier own faces, it have come about.
03:52 April 24, 2013 by kbiermannusa
I believe that it would be a good idea to bring back the German Monarchy. It would provide a national focus of continuity, public service, and identity that would be above politics. The British Prime Minister relies on the Queen for her 60 years of political and historical knowledge gleaned over decades of experience. It would be interesting to see what stabilizing influence a benevolent and constitutionally-bound monarch could have in our currently fractured American political system.
22:59 June 4, 2013 by Prince of Germany
That family is but a pretender to the throne. Funny, I always though when you abdicated your throne, that meant that you were no longer a "Royal".

The fact of the matter is that title and respect should be smattered on my family, the House of Krause.

It was my German family that was forced into fighting for the Soviets and who ultimately liberated Germany from the Nazi's. You know those Rothschild and Rockefeller tyrannists.

They were the ones who controlled IG Farben and were responsible for the First and Second world wars of the 20th Century. These inbreds are but pawns of theirs. That family is responsible for allowing the lunatics from Bayer, Hoechst, and BASF to stay within Germany's borders.

Their products have been poisoning and drugging Germans up for years. If people are willing to put up with lunatic lawyers who defend these vermin, then Germany will never know peace. Merkel is yet another pawn of theirs.

I would never advocate myself acquiring the throne as I am writing this from America, a decision on having a Monarchy should be left to the German people. But if you're going to print a story, at least have the decency to print about the right family who did in fact liberate Germany!
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