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Germans turn to crime to combat high petrol prices

The Local · 4 Mar 2012, 12:15

Published: 04 Mar 2012 12:15 GMT+01:00

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The paper reported an incident in Düren, a Rhineland town between Aachen and Cologne where several people filled up at an illegal station.

The station’s supplier was a 60-year-old worker from a nearby construction company who siphoned off thousands of litres of diesel fuel from his company’s reserve tanks.

Police said the fuel was selling for well below one euro per litre at the “station.”

On Thursday German auto club ADAC said February was the most expensive month in German history for petrol prices, with average costs for Super E10 at €1.59 per litre, or 5.1 cents higher than in January. Prices have since gone up further.

Authorities said it wasn’t just people with a criminal record who stopped to fill up, but families and customers of the firm.

The scheme, which was uncovered in December, wasn’t the only one in Düren. A worker at an agricultural cooperative in town was charging 75 cents per litre for diesel fuel he siphoned off from his employer.

Many local people also took advantage of this, the newspaper wrote, saying some 41,000 litres were sold by the 43-year-old worker before he was detected by a security camera.

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Now that both schemes have been uncovered, drivers in Düren have to pay what everybody else in the country does, the paper wrote. Those prices are running at over €1.54 per litre for diesel and €1.65 for super.

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Your comments about this article

13:50 March 4, 2012 by Cambooya
Horse and buggy anyone?
15:18 March 4, 2012 by Wise Up!
The only difference in gas price with the US is theamount of taxes the German gov't charges. Germany can go a long way in helping people by lowering their gas taxes. Why is it that the people must always do more with less, but never the German government?
16:16 March 4, 2012 by Englishted
The criminals here are the speculators and the oil companies and of cause the governments for putting such a excessive level of tax on it .
16:22 March 4, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles
Charge more taxes and then use these taxes to finance the authorities who stop people from cheating on these taxes. Around and around we go like the Rari Rari Bird who flew in ever decreasing circles until it flew up it's own A***.
18:11 March 4, 2012 by morel
So, two local scams in the whole of Germany now constitute a crime wave?
18:50 March 4, 2012 by derExDeutsche
the Left have been demonizing energy and politically adjusting energy prices for years. Their stated goal has been to try and replace traditional sources with expensive 'Green' alternatives. It is not possible to make green alternatives attractive if Gas prices are low. Oil prices operate by supply and demand. However, the current EU and USA Political class have NO interest in increasing further domestic energy production. Not even mentioning the 'Carbon Taxes', emission limits, Govt. subsidies for 'alternative' energy sources paid for by taxes on traditional sources, etc. Just as Lefty Obama said, under his energy plan, Energy prices would necessarily skyrocket, and those prices will be passed on to the consumer. Why anyone is surprised is beyond me. This has been the plan all along. Of course the Lefty Kooks will want to blame the speculators, but then again Lefties have never been Honest about recognizing the consequences of their policies.
23:50 March 4, 2012 by Gustav Jung
Wait till the Israeli's in their mad quest for ethnic cleansing in the Middle East pull the yanks into a war with Iran - then you will really see prices rise!
00:52 March 5, 2012 by Michigirl
@Gustav Jung

Gus, the Israelis just want to be left alone. If Hamas would just leave them alone everyone would be a lot happier. And you know that Iranian terrorist Ahmadinejad has publicly stated that he wants to wipe Israel off the map. Unfortunately, Iranian citizens will pay the price if and when he ever makes the attempt.

derEx is correct regarding supply and demand. When I started driving, American gas was 25 cents a gallon. Now it's so high here that thieves are punching holes in their neighbors fuel tanks to steal from personal vehicles.

Fuel prices are going to continue to rise no matter what does or doesn't happen because it fits in with the Bilderbergers/CFR plan to create one world economy and one world government.

Better get bicycle or your solar or hydrogen powered vehicles ready, Gus! Our gas guzzling days are pretty much behind us now.
04:01 March 5, 2012 by Runnerguy45
derex, I totally with you.
08:48 March 5, 2012 by The-ex-pat
I have come to the conclusion that German's are not that interested in the price of fuel, or not enough to do anything about it.

Last week as the prices hit eye watering level, I observed the following. On our main ring road through the town are three petrol stations. Jet, Esso and Aral, all within 50 meters of each other. Unleaded was 1.53 at Jet, 1.54 at Esso and 1.65 at Aral. The queue was just as long at Aral as the rest (it was a Monday). When people can't be bothered to drive 50 meters to save €6 to €10, then they don't care about the cost. Complain but do nothing, way to lazy.
08:53 March 5, 2012 by Englishted

Just look at the profit margins of the oil companies .

Then you blame "the left " who are not in power anywhere in Europe or North America.

Then you can explain to the rest of us what good do the speculators do ,anything at all would be enlightening.

Because I think they are parasites .
09:19 March 5, 2012 by Yah right

The speculators have driven up the price of EVERYTHING in recent years. They are a bunch of greedy, money grubbing b@stards. If you do not realize the role that the speculators play then I suggest you start reading. Typical right wing response!
10:16 March 5, 2012 by derExDeutsche

Fuel taxes in Germany are €0.4704 per litre for ultra-low sulphur Diesel and €0.6545 per litre for conventional unleaded petrol. Plus the Value Added Tax VAT of 19% on the Cost of Fuel AND again for the Fuel Tax. Idiots, that's greedy.
10:34 March 5, 2012 by ProgandaLady
Some people just don't even remember that Berlin increased the surcharge on petrol by 10 cents a year between 1999 and 2003.
11:05 March 5, 2012 by intensive_care
Its misfortunate to generalize that germans are now criminals.... if you suppress people with high taxes, these things are bound to happen.

I wish that government should recognize the problem and help the people getting by..


Anyone killing or hurting innocent people is a criminal. Hamas always says that we want Israel on pre-1967 border and its still their stance. Yes if they have killed innocent people its a crime which should be condenmed. Regarding the comments of iranian president, you are as dishonest as rest of the his haters, he never said that. His presian speech was mis-translated as we said that the current regime vanish from the arena of time (Zionest regime).
12:33 March 5, 2012 by The-ex-pat

If you think for one minute that the tax rate will change you are in another world. Left or Right, the politicians have one thing in common. They will tax fuel into oblivion and come up with a reason why it has to be done. Party politics play no role in this at all, other than a few politicians using the cost to get some face time on the TV or in the news. As soon as the camera stop rolling, they will vote the way the party tells them to. Right wing or left wing, fuel means tax nothing more nothing less.
11:35 March 6, 2012 by ebbelwoiguy
Why are the headlines so often "Germans this" and "Germans that"? How about "Motorists" in this case?
02:41 March 7, 2012 by Jeff10
With taxes and crimes against what Euro elites deem hate speech, it's clear that, once again, Europe needs broadcasts from the US by Radio Free Europe. For those of you who know no history, this was a radio broadcast by the US into Soviet-dominated eastern Europe. The penalty for listening to these broadcasts during the Cold War years was a long prison term.
11:30 March 8, 2012 by Ecurie Ecosse01
I wonder if this is "RED" diesel which would be in the tank and the Toll/Customs would then be involved. So not only are you buying stolen diesel but you are also avoiding tax and the customs may be interested in what is in your tank. The guys must have made many trips with many Gerry Cans. Although, I remember a story about a motorist from Trier crossed into Luxembourg with a covered tank in the back of his Combi and filled up, I think around 600-800 litres and returned to Trier. He was only caught because when paying for it the attendant could not understand why he bought so much fuel. Gerry Cans are 20 litres so 40 Gerry cans would be needed.
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