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Unions call nationwide strikes on Monday

The Local · 2 Mar 2012, 15:14

Published: 02 Mar 2012 15:14 GMT+01:00

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Ver.di, the public workers’ union, said the warning strikes will take place all over the country following a breakdown in talks between the union and state, local and federal governments.

The union wants a 6.5 percent wage hike or a minimum of €200 per month increase for its two million members. It also wants trainees to be hired on without any contract limits and for trainee compensation to increase by €100. The union, one of the world’s largest, said salary talks will resume March 12.

German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich described the negotiations as “difficult” and said the union’s demands were not realistic.

And Thomas Böhle, the lead negotiator for local municipalities, said German cities cannot afford the union’s demands and that cities were having to cut services, raise property taxes and fees due to their miserable deficit situation.

With €129 billion in debt, local governments are facing their highest shortfalls ever. What the union is asking for is not even close to what is doable, he said.

But Ver.di chief Frank Bsirske said inflation has increased faster than public sector salaries and that has resulted in weaker buying power for public workers. “That cannot continue,” he said. He called for a “clear, significant and durable real salary improvement with a social component for the lower income groups.”

The union is being backed by the left-leaning Social Democratic Party and the Left Party.

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Your comments about this article

10:15 March 3, 2012 by milwaukeetomunich
Will the unions never learn? Someone should have Mr. Bsirske look at what happened in the U.S. last year. The state of Wisconsin took a proactive approach and limited union demands, forcing public workers to help with the healing process. The result has been nothing short of amazing. More funds, no lost jobs ... Compared to what happened in Illinois, which took a path that Mr. Bsirske would have approved of, that has resulted in billions more added to an already expensive deficit. I'm not saying public workers aren't experiencing reduced spending power or that they don't deserve more. But the reality of the current economic environment is that it's simply the wrong time to be demanding it.
21:01 March 3, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles
I thought Germany was booming with everyone happily employed and the economoy motoring along whilst dragging the rest of lazy Europe on it's coat tails. Have I missed something?
09:29 March 5, 2012 by Yah right

You present a bot of propaganda, heh?

I would paint a slightly different picture, based upon what I read.

Also, is your Hitler governor having to face a recall election now???

Please be honest when you post!

The unions in your state were targeted by angry people who had lost their jobs or who could not get decent wages and benefits from employers. Thus, they looked at the union workers and were green with envy, and subsequently attacked those workers.

My, how you present things!
11:48 March 5, 2012 by Eastard
"Yah Wrong" .... It continues to amaze everyone when those with no argument bring up Hitler to slur someone's opinion. Is he really in charge of leadership in Germany or were you just implying something negative...

In the US, people are tired of the entitlement unions represent and the gang-like attitude they show. In two states the leadership said NO we do not have more money and we are not raising taxes (only revenue source for state government other than OBAMA)... If US were to have voted, they would have all been replaced that day... It sounds like some of that behavior and attitude has taken to Germany... Up until it affects you it will be fine... not really... Has the union actually made a cost of living case or is this just collective greed... Why not do what Obama wants to do and go after the rich.... just vote and take their money and everything will be OK.... until next time they need more money and all the rich are gone...
15:20 March 5, 2012 by BobbyDigital
Who turned the italics on?!
18:47 March 5, 2012 by Staticjumper
Wow Yah Right!

According to Godwin's Law - "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1." The key is as a discussion "grows longer". Do you really have to lead with Godwin, or are you that completely devoid of a logical arguement?
18:52 March 5, 2012 by carlm
If they don't like their jobs, they should find new ones. If I were king in Germany, I'd fire them all, that's what Reagan did to the air traffic controllers here in 1981. They didn't strike again.
01:20 March 6, 2012 by Yah right

The gov. If wiscinsin has, any times, been referred to as a Hitler, by your own people. I ask you, is he facing recall now? It appears to me that the people in this state are quite fed up with his type of politics.

I understand also that this little Hitler governor did not even finish his post secondary education. He is then perhaps not quite intelligent enough to actually perform well as a governor?

And Carlm.......do you belong to the ultra-conservative, right wing group that hates minorities, is paranoid of your government, is sexist, is anti-public programs? You likely endorse Monsanto, factory farming, etc. have you stashed your gold and put up a year long store of food? Right wing nut case!
11:36 March 6, 2012 by frankiep
Maybe you should up the dosage of your medication....
17:39 March 6, 2012 by Eastard
"ya Wrong"... Carlm was not relaying an opinion... he was telling a HISTORICAL fact. Just because a person supports firing those refusing to work does not make them any of the things you suggest... I agree with frankiep that this may be a medication problem for you... Also, I have not seen any evidence of American's using Hitler as a management style comparison... That is clearly a European thing... so again you are improving history to make an incorrect point...
12:08 March 7, 2012 by milwaukeetomunich
Yah Right ......

Governor Walker is facing recall because the United States has become a culture of "if you don't get your way, whine about it." Every time I ask someone who is in favor of recalling Walker WHY they want him recalled, they have no answer. They're just caught up in the anger that's remained since the Union issue took place. The problem is that the ads against Walker on TV don't even mention the unions anymore!! You know why?? Because the decision WORKED! Governor Walker isn't even taking the recall that seriously because he knows he's doing a good job.

As for his education -- he left Marquette University one semester before graduation because he wanted to run in a local election. He left on his own because he couldn't put all of his energy into school and politics at the same time.

If people in Wisconsin are referring him to Hitler, it's embarrassing. I don't care how much you disapprove of someone's legislative decisions, to make those types of comparisons have no basis. And you should be ashamed of yourself for continuing the comparison. It's incredibly disrespectful.
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