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Thousands block neo-Nazis in Dresden

The Local · 14 Feb 2012, 07:54

Published: 14 Feb 2012 07:54 GMT+01:00

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A number of high-profile politicians including parliamentary deputy president Wolfgang Thierse and Saxony’s state premier Stalislaw Tillich took part in the human chain, while Dresden’s mayor Dirk Hilbert spoke of the hatred at the root of Nazi ideology. The commemoration must look not only at what happened but what continues to happen, he said.

The Allied bombing of Dresden killed up to 25,000 people, mostly civilians, on February 13 and 14, 1945, just a few months before the end of the World War II.

Neo-Nazis have long used the anniversary to protest the bombing and portray the Allied actions as war crimes. Last year around 6,000 neo-Nazis showed up in Dresden for the anniversary and it ended in street fighting. But this year only around 1,600 arrived, police said.

They were met at the main train station by a police escort and around 2,000 opponents who accompanied the torch-lit march with whistling and drums and shouts of “Nazis out”.

After only about half an hour and a few hundred metres the neo-Nazis were told by police they had to abandon the march as the protest against it was blocking the street. In contrast to last year there was no violence.

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08:21 February 14, 2012 by wood artist
It is often observed, and even the American prosecutor at Nürnburg acknowledged, that the Tribunal could be seen as "Victor's Justice." Any objective evaluation would likely conclude that Bomber Harris should have been in the dock for the Dresden raids. They were, in every way, a "war crime" by the definitions used in the trials.

That said, nothing done now will change that. Dresden was a human disaster, as well as an clear demonstration of what war can do to the human spirit. Reviving that spirit took a long time, and last spring I had the chance to tour Dresden and talk to a few of the survivors. There is no question their stories were horrific.

All of that simply says that the hatred and bigotry behind the war must never be allowed to flourish again, and I applaud the efforts of all Germans to both acknowledge what happened, and continue the fight to ensure it cannot happen again. My thanks to everyone who stands up to these extremists.

10:02 February 14, 2012 by bwjijsdtd
My only comment to this is if Hitler were alive today, the so called "Skinheads," "Neo Nazi's" and all the other splinter groups would be executed or in prison camps ... They have not the slighest idea what the Nazis sttod for, meant or what their purpose was. These street thugs are nothing more than sneak theives, murders, drug addicts and society rejects. As long as the German people let them exist, the problem will continue. Back in Texas where I come from, a rope and a tree solves a lot of problems ...
10:18 February 14, 2012 by raandy
wood artist it could also be said that people that live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks.

I agree these skin heads would be the first to go if Hitler were alive today.

I think the 13,000 that formed the chain are a good example of how the present day neo nazis are not welcome here.
10:33 February 14, 2012 by KBCraig
History is written by the victors. Sometimes the victors ignore the facts.

The Dresden bombings, along with the fire-bombing of Tokyo, would be called war crimes by any civilized government if they happened today, and would be loudly condemned in the U.N. and in the international press.

Times are different, as they say. In 1945, it was "all of us" versus "all of you", and every citizen of Germany was treated as an enemy of the Allies.

That doesn't excuse bombing neighborhoods and schools, but it does explain it.
11:56 February 14, 2012 by Aburgboy
My fiancee wants me to go to Dresden to meet her family and for five years I have found an excuse not to because I cannot tell her the truth. My skin tone is a bit brown and I just believe that there are places where I shouldn't go.

Just like in certain parts of the south in the USA, there are certain towns where I know that I am not welcomed so why would I go there? My head would play games with me trying to figure out which of many people I meet on the street or in her family is taking part in one of these Nazi marches.
12:19 February 14, 2012 by Renee_123
Heartening to see Germans taking a stand against the nazi cockroaches in their society.
12:44 February 14, 2012 by pantsaloo
Aburgboy, sorry to hear that you feel worried about coming to Dresden. You don't need to worry about your skin tone at all. It is sad that you feel that way. I have lived in Dresden for 4 years and never seen any problems.

The number of people that are said to have taken part in the NeoNazi demonstrations last year was greatly influence by people who came from outside of Dresden.

There are thousands of "non-white" people that live happily in Dresden. It is a beautiful city to visit!
13:39 February 14, 2012 by Englishted
@wood artist

I have always believed the raids (don't forget there were Brits in the day and Yanks at night ) were done as a warning to Starlin of the red army advancing beyond the pre-agreed borders. If this was the case then it worked well and the price was not too high.

I hope on day to be able to travel from N.R.W. to join the human chain as it is a demonstration of many things that are good in human nature and to show solidarity with all who stand against the Nazis past and present.
14:01 February 14, 2012 by dacarch

"Back in Texas where I come from, a rope and a tree solves a lot of problems ... "

This fact brings back to mind dark times in American history, also filled with ignorance, hate and intolerance... and reminds me of a great song about it:

Billy Holiday's Strange Fruit. (http://youtu.be/h4ZyuULy9zs)

Not sure how appropriate a solution to this "problem" it could be.
14:52 February 14, 2012 by SchwabHallRocks
1) The bombing raids had two purposes. First to repay Germany for starting civilian bombing (Warsaw, Rotterdam, London, Leningrad, Moscow, etc.); and second to ensure all Germans understood the pain of war, unlike in World War 1 when Germany was not touched but all nations around suffered.

2) Germans and Dresdeners are no more racist than any other peoples. Yes, there are pockets of racism in places, like in every city and nation.

3) They don't lynch people in Texas anymore. What a moron.

4) Congrats to Germans for marching against the neo-Nazis.

5) The neo-Nazi criminals, drug addicts, etc. would make perfect Nazis under Hitler. Hitler and Goring were addicted. Christ sake, much of the Nazi party was thugs, petty criminals, etc. Some folks need a history refresher?
16:40 February 14, 2012 by raandy
Englishted I believe its the other way around the Brits used carpet bombing while the yanks used target bombing


The attacks were originally planned to start with a raid by the US Eighth Air Force, but weather prevented the American bombers from taking off. During the night of 13-14 Feb, 796 British Lancasters and 9 Mosquitoes were displaced and dropped 1478 tons of high explosive and 1182 tons of incendiary bombs on the first bombing run and 800 tons of bombs on the second run. The incendiary bombs contained combustible chemicals such as magnesium, phosphorus, or petroleum jelly/napalm.
17:07 February 14, 2012 by fload46d
Some interesting comments here. I haven't studied the history of the Dresden bombing and it has always struck me as horrendous. I heard that people were straffed while trying to get away from the fire by going into the river. But it is good that the people are against the neo nazis and are trying to do something. We have a similar case to Hitler here in the US, I think. Many people here consider Obama to be very dangerous. Hopefully he doesn't get as far as Hitler did and the US gets back on its feet and helps the other countries who are our friends.
17:42 February 14, 2012 by Antone
The firebombing of Dresden brought the Battle Front to the factories. Civilians building war materials are as guilty as front line soldiers pulling the triggers. War is hell. May we never do it again. That being said, Iran is chomping at the bit to start a new war. I pray to GOD that these people remember why we say, "WAR IS HELL".
17:58 February 14, 2012 by SchwabHallRocks
Not sure Obama is another Hitler, though he makes Bush look like a little player, when it comes to Drone attacks in Pakistan, Special Ops in Africa, using drones to spy on Americans, keeping Guantanamo open, killing Somali pirates, killing Bin Laden...

Also, Planned Parenthood is strongly supported by Obama and it did get its start from the Nazi eugenics movement back in the 1920s. Ironically, abortion is as high as 90% in some black communities in the USA. Obama would never have been born today; he would have been aborted.

Anyhow, congrats to Germans for marching against the Nazis in Dresden.

Finally, war is hell. The man who shoots, and the woman who manufactures, bullets are equal targets in total war such as WWII.

Besides, you never hear about war crime trials for the jews who poisoned, perhaps 1000s, of SS prisoners after the war. Nor about attempting to poison the water supply of a large german city, which probably would have killed 100s of thousands. It's called just retribution.
18:32 February 14, 2012 by Englishted

According to wickie(not always correct I know) table of the bombing the Brits were first but the Yanks went more often and dropped a large tonnage of bombs.

The Brits also had Coventry in mind ,another medieval town bombed to bits earlier in the war.

Luckily the towns are twinned in their respective hope that no other city or town goes through what they did again, a view shared by all good minded people the world over.
19:33 February 14, 2012 by lewis69
I dont support the holocaust or the mistreating of people based on race but I do understand some of the ideals of the Neo-Nazies but only on the topic of immigration.

People of European decent are not having enough children and there is going to be a population decline.

When you consider the impact of humans on the enviroment might not be a bad thing but people of European decent are the only race that are having this decline while the rest of the world breeds out of control with no regard for the enviroment.

If you bring people from these over populating places here who then have many children as we continue to decline we risk losing our cultural influence and our racial identity as the immigrants are eventually bred into the population.
20:29 February 14, 2012 by X13F
Maybe they could come to the US and surround D.C. and not let any of the marxists out. Then Boulder, CO., Berkeley, CA., Madison, WI, oh never mind. I think we will just do like the Greeks and burn everything up, not as bad as Dresden but then we can have a whole batch of new buildings and that means jobs. Jobs other than working at all the new prisons or the 140,000 new government jobs created by the current administration. As far as using a rope in Texas, be careful, the drones are up there watching just like in Pakistan. Neo-Nazis in this country? They are employed by the Homeland Defense and Transportation Safety Agency at the airports. "Skinheads wanted" employment opportunities at most US police departments. "Hope and Change" = "Rope and Chains". Welcome to the New World Order.
21:46 February 14, 2012 by joysonabraham

So what are you trying to say.

"Lets decline and decline and become big zeros but always keep the borders closed"?

How do you think in such a situation people will take care of the old. Who will work for your food electricity any other necessities.

Who will repair the supply chains. Who forms the supply chains.

Once you decline in numbers any way i hope you are not going to stay close.

Who will cultivate your lands. Do you know once you stop cultivation another kind of immigration will happen( one by the forest and animals).

So what you are trying to say is basically called unsustainable development.

Either all Europeans must start to bring more babies to this world or bring others to live on this land.

And what is this so called culture and all the stuff. All of that what you know and call as culture evolved from something else, by making much older ones irrelevant. What we call history and culture is also what we succeeded in preserving. It doesn't mean that it was the culture from the day the humans started living here. There could have been many different cultures and ways that all gone over the time. So may be in future something else will evolve. Out of all this. How can you predict now itself its all bad
22:42 February 14, 2012 by wood artist

Officially, the British and Americans fighting in Europe only bombed "legitimate Military Targets." That, of course, was not true...but that's what they said. The bombing of Dresden didn't meet that criteria. Immediately after the raids, Churchill went back and re-wrote some things to make it appear that he hadn't approved of them, but the original documents remain.


The Facts are that there were a few military targets in and around Dresden, however, THEY WEREN'T TARGETED! The central core of the city WAS the only target, and there was no attempt made to hit the military-related places. Everyone on the allied side knew that...and yet they went ahead. This was not in any sense a legitimate military strike. On the other hand, Bomber Harris, the man who desperately wanted the raids, was quite open that he wanted to bomb Germany back into the stone age. At this point in the war, he was desperate, mainly because he had maintained that bombing alone could defeat Germany, and then he'd been unable to prove that. Of course, the idea was wrong in any case, but his pride and ego was far too large.


Coventry was long before this time, and the Allies responded by bombing Berlin, which had many factories...but Harris couldn't hit them. In any case, after the war it became clear that Coventry was an accident that Hitler hadn't intended. Of course, the allies didn't know that and assumed the rules of war had been changed to include terror bombing. They then followed that up with the Hamburg Firestorm.

There's a lot of history behind the Dresden raids, often misunderstood. In fact, had the "rules" of the Tribunal not said that "only Germans can be tried" all the allied leadership would have been in the dock too. Wonder how that would have turned out?

23:30 February 14, 2012 by fload46d

I am thinking that what lewis69 means by culture is the Christian culture of Europe that gradually displaced the Roman and barbarian culture that preceded it. In Germany's case, it was my ancestors who were worshipping trees when Boniface came through in the 700s to try and bring them out of the dark ages. It was the Benedictine monks who founded monasteries which became and fostered hospitals and universities. It was Charlemagne in Aachen who founded cathedral schools and actually taught kids to read. Europe would still be in the dark ages if it wasn't for these. Not that the Arabs had no scientific culture. But that was basically the extent of their culture because it is doubtful they could have lifted the people from their superstitions. Their culture was the annihilation of those who were not or wouldn't become Muslim. The Christian culture was first defense but not force to convert. The Crusades (as poorly as they were sometimes run) were basically defensive because of attacks on peaceful pilgrims who were many times abducted and sold into slavery. We have science, medicine, universities, culture, and especially wonderful German beer because of Christian civilization and I, for one, consider it worth fighting for.
08:25 February 15, 2012 by Englishted
wood artist

Many valid points but the allies knew Germany (Nazi) had no rules of war" terror bombing" was use against Rotterdam before the R.A.F. started bombing targets in Germany.

I for one am glad that Harris did what he thought best and find it right and correct that no allied leaders were tried for anything they did in a war they did not start against a foe that had to be crushed at all costs.
14:15 February 15, 2012 by Anth2305

Have you ever thought that Importing millions of immigrants to serve the needs of an ageing population, amounts to little more than a giant Ponzi scheme, which eventually becomes unsustainable and is doomed to failure?

'Not least' (among other negative aspects) because they themselves will become old and sick and place huge financial and social burdens on the state, which may or may not be 'temporarily' rectified by the importation of even more immigrants and their dependants to look after them, and so it continues.

People may not like it, but the truth is that the problem can only be solved by 'guest workers', who will eventually return home, similar to the employment conditions that many British workers abroad are perfectly happy to accept and don't see in any way as being racist.
17:17 February 15, 2012 by raandy
Englishted the Britts bombed at night and the Yanks during the day, almost always.

The Germans started the war. When it comes to killing innocent people as a national policy the Germans had no equal. Dresden was a mistake but it pales in comparison to the war crimes of the Germans.

17:34 February 15, 2012 by Englishted

17:54 February 15, 2012 by Foreignvader
From reading some of these comments it's sad to see that not enough people learned from WW2. Bigotry, intolerance, ignorance are still alive and well. The notion that one side is right and the other is wrong, still alive and well. The idea that someone "won" WW2 is odd to me. I'd say one side "loss less" than the other. Comparing Obama to Hitler? This is insulting on many levels, and I don't even like the guy. Suggesting lynchings as the solution to neo-Nazi mobs? Why don't we just round them up and put them in camps? If we're going to fight intolerance and ignorance with intolerance and murder, why hold back? It sickens me that so many people are capable of such flawed logic, and these same imbeciles stay at home and rattle sabers and support unnecessary wars, while I spend two years in a combat zone taking a crash course on geopolitics and world history and it's ability to repeat itself. Humans never change, never learn. War is a constant, the only change is more efficient means of mass murder.
18:27 February 15, 2012 by Anth2305
If Germany had created the atomic bomb before the allies, or had another couple of years to perfect the range, accuracy and production numbers of their V2 weapons, I wonder, would they have held back from using them against the UK or the U.S. because of the unacceptable destruction and civilian casualties that they would caused?
08:22 February 16, 2012 by Englishted

"The notion that one side is right and the other is wrong,"

Sorry but I and most people believe that the right sides did defeat the wrong sides in WW2.On some of your other points I agree.
13:32 February 16, 2012 by ChrisRea
'the right sides did defeat the wrong sides in WW2' - yes, if WWII was a bedtime story. Actually the lesser evil defeated the bigger evil. History is always written by the victors.
14:26 February 16, 2012 by lewis69
@ joysonabraham

I think your way of thinking is closed minded if the baby boomers die off and the birth rate picks up to replacement level or a little higher then the population will eventually stabilize.

@ fload46d thats exactly what I am trying to say I think that the Culture and the race that created democracy, basic womens rights, Enviromental awarness and shaped the modern world as we know it deserves to live to see anther couple thousand years. If we all do our part it is a very achievable goal just have 2 or 3 kids look after the enviroment and not war with each other as we saw in world war two.
16:49 February 16, 2012 by Englishted

That is crap.

The evil ,allies liberated Europe from the eviler Nazis .

Would you have asked the people in the occupied if they minded being liberated by those evil people who then tried with the Marshall Plan to put Europe back together .

I had relations in the war and hold them up as heroes to call them evil is a insult and you should retract it.

Good job the right sides won or we would not be free enough to be writing this today.
21:27 February 16, 2012 by joysonabraham

I think I got misunderstood. I was not advocating bringing immigrants and keeping the state alive. I was just sounding my doubts. Its true that guest workers are better choice than immigrants and its true that its better to avoid any known violent cultures to be inducted into the society. But still when ti comes to practicality, sometimes for those meager paying jobs like cleaning you will not find guest workers, if someone comes they will have other motives, like immigrating and settling permanently due to may be harsher realities back home.

So my doubt is what is practical and what is good, the border seems to be blurred.
01:54 February 27, 2012 by exerces
It is an act of aggression to prevent one march with another march. No matter what the viewpoint, an open society enables expression. Throughout history, suppressing ideas and viewpoints turns out to be a mistake. $0.02
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