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Mein Kampf headed for German newsstands

The Local · 15 Jan 2012, 12:14

Published: 15 Jan 2012 12:14 GMT+01:00

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“It is about time that the broader public is given the opportunity to deal with the original text,” he told Der Spiegel newsweekly.

McGee says he will publish critical commentaries alongside the excerpts from Mein Kampf, which will go on sale in Germany the week after next. He plans to print three 15-page editions, with a print run of 100,000 each.

The British publisher caused controversy back in 2009 when he published Zeitungszeugen (“Newspaper Witness”), which included annotated facsimiles of Nazi newspapers like Der Angriff and the Völkische Beobachter.

The authorities in the state of Bavaria, which owns the copyright to Nazi publications, including Mein Kampf, confiscated more than 3,000 copies of Zeitungszeugen and pressed charges against McGee for publishing the texts.

However, a Munich court ruled in 2009 that although the publication of Nazi propaganda is illegal, McGee was not breaking the law because his intention was not whip up racial hatred. The judges also ruled that printing Nazi swastikas from the original mastheads, which are generally outlawed in Germany, was legal in an educational context.

McGee is, therefore, unlikely to face any legal hurdles over the publication of the extracts from Hitler’s book, which the future dictator wrote while serving time in prison in Munich for attempting to seize power in the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch.

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Dieter Graumann, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, greeted McGee’s plans, saying he hoped that it would “go some way to demystifying” the book.

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14:31 January 15, 2012 by Englishted
¦quot;It is about time that the broader public is given the opportunity to deal with the original text,¦quot; he told Der Spiegel newsweekly.

This may be true but as a Brit myself I think it is up to the Germans to do as they seem fit with their own history,it is already taught in schools and there is a very strong anti-nazi movement here.
15:31 January 15, 2012 by johnny108
I still remember when I told my (German) wife I had read Mein Kampf. It took an hour of explaining that it was for a history project when I was in school (age 16), and that, I am not, a neo-nazi...
15:38 January 15, 2012 by raandy
The text is a piece of history, understanding it for what it was at the time of the original publication helps to give a greater understanding of those times.
16:31 January 15, 2012 by Katinkaxx
The reprinting of commented excerpts is nothing new; e.g. you can buy reprinted excerpts as a paperback version edited by Christian Zentner in every German bookshop. The only difference seems to be that the excerpts are now sold at a newsstand and not in a bookshop. And the original can be borrowed from university libraries or bought second-hand. This is all perfectly legal.

The only thing that is not allowed is reprinting and selling the whole thing, because that would be copyright infringement. It will be interesting to see what will happen in 2016 when the copyright runs out.
17:22 January 15, 2012 by DOZ
If Germans think they can hide their evil away in vaults, then they are as stupid as they were when they thought they could conquer the World. Naziism was just one of the many evils that existed and exist in the World. American Imperialism and British Monarchism are just two of the greatest threats to Europe. Wake up before it is too late.
17:29 January 15, 2012 by derExDeutsche

'American Imperialism and British Monarchism are just two of the greatest threats to Europe. Wake up before it is too late. '

you really should put quotes around your texts taken from 'Mein Kampf'.
18:01 January 15, 2012 by Loth
If we had never heard of Adolf Hitler before and if the translation of some of his speeches are correct. Many would agree with what he says. At least about international bankers. Parts of his speeches seem modern when he complains about all the unfair treatment Germany got after ww1. Perhaps like the PIIGS today. From what I understand at one point Germany wanted to just stop all the fighting in ww1 and go back to the way things were before the war. Germany was just tired of all the death, not losing the war. But the war was continued because America was manipulated into getting involved. The Zionists got Israel and the bankers got richer. This was one of Hitlers main complaints,the bankers getting richer off of Germany.
18:27 January 15, 2012 by derExDeutsche
Thank you Loth for putting it so eloquently...

There is hardly ANY difference Germans today and Germans then. The Germans still blame the Bankers for the debt accumulated by their Government. And they also still blame 'Zionists'.

The big secret is out.

And to pretend it was has been a long time ago, and everything has changed. Ha. That generation is not even in its grave yet. Its the same tone, the only thing missing is the plan to take over Europe ... oh wait ....
19:37 January 15, 2012 by ovalle3.14
One more step towards true freedom of speech. Well done. Anyways, one can look the opposite direction just for so long.
22:30 January 15, 2012 by Illogicbuster
Preventing people from viewing their own history almost guarantees that they WILL repeat it...
00:00 January 16, 2012 by Tom Billesley
In England it is easy to obtain copies of Mein Kampf, as it is on sale in Islamic bookshops.
01:20 January 16, 2012 by vonSchwerin
"three 15-page editions"

That's nothing. Someone should published the whole, ridiculous, rambling text so the Germans can see just how ignorant, absurd, and ill-educated Adolf was.
01:30 January 16, 2012 by reallybigdog
This is nothing more stupid trash from the low blow IQ media we all kindly refer to as scum. And dido to those who write and support the irrelevant history lesson or those who are quik to judge and hide from there own barberic histor and claim some kind of superiority as per comments above. Utter stupidity.

There were 2500 conflicts in Europe trash talking posters and you and your ancestors commited plenty of atrocities long before the Germans came onto the seen and in much larger numbers. England, France and Spain started far more wars than Germany, Italy and the Nertherlands combined so they best circulate history lessons in those countries first.
02:25 January 16, 2012 by janreg58
If people would open the book with an open mind, without thinking it was a racial rant, from beginning to end, you might realize that some of the things are true. Like people that collect unemployment, they eventually loose their pride, so a man or woman that was once a hard worker grows lax in his whole view of life, and gradually becomes the instrument of those who will us him only for their own base advantage. He's been so often umemployed through no fault of his own, that one time more or less seizes to matter.That's more or less the way of the world today, they want handouts and being taken care off, they don't care about keeping their pride.
07:11 January 16, 2012 by Englishted
@Tom Billesley

It is also available from public libraries in the U.K..


History ,both Germany and Italy were not countries until the late 19 century, but have tried to catch up since then.
11:14 January 16, 2012 by michael4096

You are correct: Germany tried to get the western front of the first world war called off once the casualty rates started climbing and they got bogged down on the eastern front. Britain and France refused to negociate because they had both borrowed heavily from American banks to fund their war and neither could afford to repay without reparations that would only come with unequivocal victory; attrition was better than peace with no winner.

Germany started the war but it wasn't completely responsible for the millions that died during the war of attrition. Which was one of the reasons ordinary Germans felt so bitter and nazism took hold.
16:31 January 16, 2012 by reallybigdog
@ Englishted

For your information the Germans have been around for quite some time and so has Italians. But if you must revert to absolute stupidity which you appear to excel at then perhaps view the European continent based on tribes or whatever you can grasp in order to understand that between the period of 1480-1940: there were 278 wars involving European states. The percentage of participation by the principal states was: England, 28; France, 26; Spain, 23; Russia, 22; Austria, 19; Turkey, 15; Poland, 11; Sweden, 9; Netherlands, 8; Germany (Prussia), 8; Italy (Savoy-Sardinia), 9; and Denmark, 7.7

Its about actual history and not selective history as you wish to hide behind.

Following world war 2 England continues to invade countries along with the US and Israel and this alone increases England's war tally atrocities to more than 30 wars over the last 600 years.

So as far as history goes Germany and Italy have a lot more catching up to do compared to what you suggest. Say 24 wars give or take!
16:34 January 16, 2012 by b-c
Read it if you want, just a warning from someone who did: This book is the most badly written piece of junk ever.
23:26 January 16, 2012 by PeaceAndHarmony
I tried to read Mein Kampf once, but it was so boring and irritating, I couldn't finish it. I suspect that Germans are smart enough these days not to be adversely affected if the ban on this piece of trash was lifted.
11:26 January 17, 2012 by vjtheking
I agree with the last 2 comments. It took a superhuman effort to get through 150 pages until I could take no more.. Of course, its a brilliant cure for Insomnia (2-3 pages and you're off) and I appeal to the German & other governments to lift the ban on this book and allow physicians to prescribe it.. It would help bring down a lot of stress related medical costs.
16:13 January 17, 2012 by Bravo2
Who wants to read this piece of garbage anyway? It is an awful book, and calling it that is even too kind an adjective. Let's face it, the little Austrian was no writer, no painter and not much of a leader either who went ahead and shot himself like a coward would. But had he suceeded as a painter the world would have saved itself a whole lot of trouble.
07:51 January 18, 2012 by Englishted

The state known as Germany was unified as a modern nation-state in 1871 by Otto von Bismarck. It was then split again from 1939 till the west and east reunited in 1990. Which makes a grand total of 90 years.

If you only count Prussia why? .and why 1940 ? Germany declared war on the U.S. in 1942 .

Very selective.

Italy was formed after 1861.

"England's war tally atrocities to more than 30 wars over the last 600 years. "

That is rich" war atrocities" when the subject of this article is Mein Kampf,

but you a only looking at history through the one eye of a anti western islamist.
23:16 January 20, 2012 by Edward Braunfels
Comment: Well I find this utterly vaccinated dribble only mildly amusing. And were he alive today, Edward Bermays would most certainly be green with envy as he observed the vile fruits of the ever affective Zionist propaganda machine. Only with a complete, HONEST & TRUTHFUL assessment of history can anything resembling western culture survive being sacrificed to this rather apparent Globalist Marxian idiocy with its inherent multicultural agenda. Bottom-line: Rosenvelt sided with his Communistic brethren or "Mein Kampf" would likely be the book on store shelves today.
00:44 January 21, 2012 by MyOpaWasFromBayern
@ Michael4096

Check your history books. Germany didn't start WWI, Austria did by attacking Serbia. This caused Russia to join the conflict on the side o ftheir fellow slavs. Then Germany came in on the side of Austria while France joined Russia due to treaty agreements.

The real problem was when the UK joined the conflict on the side of France and Russia, only for their own interest. If they had stayed out, the Germans would have marched into Paris just like they did in the Franco-Prussian war in the 1870's forty years earlier, end of war and no Austrian Corporal and his thugs taking over,

Germany started the war but it wasn't completely responsible for the millions that died during the war of attrition. Which was one of the reasons ordinary Germans felt so bitter and nazism took hold.
15:50 January 21, 2012 by Bruno53
Kaiser Germany didn't start World War I but contributed too much to make it happened. And it is interesting to note that Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of FD Roosevelt, read "Mein Kampf" in 1933 in an English translation, and warned her husband the danger of Adolf Hitler and his Nazis. The funny thing is Mr Roosevelt never bothered to read the book. Even though he had it in his private library.
19:02 January 23, 2012 by Kölner
Finally! The Brits are going to explain our past to us, as the Central Council of Jews has approved. Snigger! Who´s going to buy this ridiculous" Machwerk"?

I strongly suspect that certain foreigners just can´t stop pointing out the German

past because they simply can´t stand to look at the German present, which is

prosperous, wealthy and superior to their own. Besides, have you ever noticed

that Berlin isn´t even existing on the maps of the BBC? Now, what are they, morons? You can say what you want against Germans (it´s mostly pointless nagging and moaning, anyway), but I´ve never seen a German map that didn´t have London on it. We know you can´t argue with facts, and recent events have to be taken into account.
20:28 January 23, 2012 by Englishted

"The real problem was when the UK joined the conflict on the side of France and Russia, only for their own interest. "

Britain had a treaty with Neutral Belgium if German not for the last time had not invaded a neutral country then the rest of you theory may have come to pass..
18:42 January 24, 2012 by MyOpaWasFromBayern
@ Englishted

The "treay with a neutral belgium" theory has been severely discounted by recent historical studies. Check it out.

Britain saw how Germany was gaining access to the middle East oil and other trade by building railroads access to/from Germany as well as expanding into Africa.

Britain used the excuse of the treaty to stop Germany. Why else would they join the fight on the side of their long time (forever) enemies France? They did nothing 40 years before when Germany captured Paris..........
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