Truck drops 146-tonne crane on road

The base of a crane, weighing a massive 146 tonnes, fell off the back of a flatbed truck en route to the Airbus base near Hamburg early Thursday morning. The accident caused considerable damage to the road and destroying the vehicle escorting it, but no-one was injured.

Truck drops 146-tonne crane on road
Photo: DPA

The accident took place at 1:54 am in the Finkenwerder area of the northern German city. The road has now been completely blocked off and an assessment is underway to determine how the incident happened.

“It is possible that the safety straps securing the load in place were not functioning correctly,” a police spokesman from the Hamburg police told The Local.

“Other possible theories we are looking into are tiredness, which may have caused the driver to overshoot a corner.”

The driver of the transporter vehicle was reportedly turning the truck slowly when the flatbed area reared, causing the giant crane foot to slide off onto the road, which suffered massive surface damage.

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The equipment also fell onto the car accompanying it. The driver “was incredibly lucky,” said police spokesman said. “He escaped completely unhurt.”

Clearance of the accident scene is underway, and three cranes are being used to lift the damaged equipment.

The crane foot will be taken by a new truck to the Airbus base, where it will be thoroughly examined before being used again.

The Local/DPA/jcw

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