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Global warming could bring 50-degree days

The Local · 14 Nov 2011, 15:51

Published: 14 Nov 2011 15:51 GMT+01:00

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Prof Mojib Latif from the university’s Leibniz Institute for Marine Sciences told Deutschlandradio Kultur he had seen the United Nations report on extreme weather due to be published on Friday and that global warming could have enormous effects.

“Our whole way of life might be totally turned on its head," he told the radio network.

Weak, old and sick people would be badly affected by the increase in temperatures during the summer, when rivers might begin drying up making it difficult to cool power stations, Latif said.

“The trends that we are seeing today already would continue,” he said.

The United Nations report to be released on November 18 predicts a range of catastrophes, according to the AFP news service, which saw a summary of its conclusions. It says global warming is likely to increase average temperatures by between two and possibly five degrees in the coming 90 years.

This will increase droughts around the world, including in central Europe, North America and southern Africa and also warns that warming oceans will make cyclones more powerful, the AFP reported.

Germany has been a leader in trying to tackle climate change but has struggled come to agreement with major greenhouse gas emitters like the United States and China.

This summer Chancellor Angela Merkel said time was running out to try to stop global warming.

“A number of countries announced (in the wake of the 2010 Cancun summit) voluntary measures, but these will not suffice to reach our objective," Merkel said. "We also need measures, targeted measures, and if possible treaties that are legally binding. That's what will be difficult. But in any case, time is running short as the Kyoto Protocol is soon to expire," she added.

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The Kyoto Protocol, which sets binding targets for decreasing greenhouse emissions is set to expire in 2012.

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Your comments about this article

16:52 November 14, 2011 by derExDeutsche
Yes! Germany's carbon filth is the problem! I know what will clean it up; more taxes on Germans and traditional German Industry! Maybe even send some of that extra Tax money to 'Green' Industries controlled by political cronies!
17:03 November 14, 2011 by freechoice
two most polluted places in Germany are in Bochum and Munich. But Netherlands, USA and China are also to be blamed. Why can't I find the latest pollution map of the world? The last one was 2005!! Aren't they concerned with global warming anymore?
17:12 November 14, 2011 by DOZ
It's going to be great watching the West Broil from it's greedy ways. All those Waterfront Cottage Properties turning into Mud-Hole Frontage. The only Fishing will be on a Video Game.
18:47 November 14, 2011 by carlm
If Germans are dumb enough to believe in anthropogenic climate change then they might want to partner with komrade Odumbo in it's efforts to stop it now.

Notice the now part, kommie problems always need to be fixed now.

Anyway, komrade Odumbo's green programs, like everything else he's meddled with, have been a real success story.

Save the whale now!
19:11 November 14, 2011 by jmclewis
What a joke..... junk science!
19:34 November 14, 2011 by neunElf

THe UN is a POLITICAL organization, read the facts before you are swayed by the politicians.
20:15 November 14, 2011 by nolibs
These guys just don't give up. Repeat after me....consensus is not science....


And don't forget under the surface, the "Greens" are really Communist Red

20:41 November 14, 2011 by storymann
Lets all get into the AC business.
20:56 November 14, 2011 by Beachrider
Wow, a lot of this discussion is very dramatic!

1) Everybody has abandoned Kyoto. Even the Japanese have abandoned it.

2) Copenhagen has replaced Kyoto for carbon-footprint reduction. The fact that the author misses this is AMAZING.

3) Global Warming is a FACT. It is not a supposition.

4) The contribution of carbon-loading to Global Warming is the only interesting discussion. It is hard to ignore that Methane and solar variation are MUCH more likely to be causing immediate Global Warming measurements. They both have NOTHING to do with carbon-loading.

5) Carbon-loading is clearly a health problem at some level, it just doesn't appear to have the apocalyptic impact on Global warming that the signatories of Kyoto-cum-Copenhagen envisioned.

... we can certainly have an interesting discussion with much less drama...
21:35 November 14, 2011 by ovalle3.14
To quote George W. Bush: "bring it on".
21:55 November 14, 2011 by cobalisk
Nothing brings out the flies like an article about global warming.

I think this article headline is sensationalist, because frankly, it is. As a result the screed brigade is out in force. +50 in the near term is ludicrous and of course this claim is not actually made in the article itself.
23:52 November 14, 2011 by Pissed Off Penguin
About 3000 penguins arrived with their igloo in Durban (South-Africa). Some enthousiasts setup a website www.pissedoffpenguins and hope to get a lot of support to give an extra scream at the next Global Climate Conference (COP17) in Durban. Please join this funny, free, non-profit event and send also your virtual penguin ...

Hope to see you all in virtual Durban !

Facebook : pissedoffpenguins.com

Twitter : @pissedoffp
08:15 November 15, 2011 by delvek
50C or 122F in Kiel!

LOL, this is laughable. Who gives this stuff any merit.

Use your brains people, if you want a reason to get together and compare Prius models then just do it, you dont need a looney bin reason!!!
08:23 November 15, 2011 by auniquecorn
OK, about a billion years ago this planet was a block of ice, who the fk came along and Globaly warmed it then?
10:25 November 15, 2011 by ChrisRea
@nolibs #7

I hope you have better sources of information than the two laughable articles you cite. The author of the first one has poor understanding of statistics (a period of 11 years is hardly relevant when we talk about differences of tenths of a grade per decade) and the second article is anything but objective ("tree huggers", "bearded public servants"). Following the logic of Ms. Devine, regulation of the financial markets would also be communism, trying to "control and mastermind" the population in the name of financial security. We need less regulation, so that 2008 can repeat. (end of irony) The whole second article lacks facts (probably because there are none to support the view of the author) and it is full of blah-blah.

Is there anybody who really contest the idea that people do contribute to global warming? I guess not. Of course there are also other factors that contribute. The issue is to figure out if the anthropogenic influence is leading to an exponential increase and if yes, what timeframe are we talking about. From the present article, we learn that the 50-grade spikes in temperature would/could happen in about a century. The average temperature would of course be much lower (they talk about an average temperature increase of up to 0.5 grades per decade).

I am referring above to Celsius grades.
11:56 November 15, 2011 by n230099
I wonder how they'll try to stop the next ice age....
13:24 November 15, 2011 by infowars.com
Again gives us your tax money and we will solve your problem, notice that the Global warming disasters are always in the future but we have to give the money now. They (ecomentalists and ex commies) want to make it the new religion and Al "man bear pig" Gore as the high priest.

Real scientists do not believe in this hype. Even NASA has dis proved it


Al Gore wants all deniers classed as rasists are just now just like religion, I remember such retoric was tried and believe in the 1930,s

14:49 November 15, 2011 by Bill Simpson
Scientists at the University of Colorado have found that excessive light pollution over major cities destroys molecules that would normally clean the air at night, thus making air pollution worse than it would normally be. Really, I couldn't make that up.
15:47 November 15, 2011 by ChrisRea
@ infowars.com #17

"Even NASA has dis proved it"

Well, if you carefully read the article you cite, you will notice that it is not about NASA, but some Dr. Spencer which came out with an incorrect report.

Regarding Al Gore, he never says that he wants the skeptics classed as racists. He just predicts that they will be seen in the same negative light as racists. Are you capable to see the difference?

Are you friend of nolibs? Or even nolibs? Your styles are very much alike.
17:39 November 15, 2011 by lenny van
Everyone who doesn't believs in climate change should have to sit in the sun on a hot day.
18:12 November 15, 2011 by nolibs
@ChrisRea #15 - My sources are no more laughable than the so-called "science" the global warming fanatics use to justify their position. You know, the doctored and deleted data that started this whole thing.

That being said, I'm sure you can find them via Google if you try (and really want to). That being said, the whole theory that Man is behind Global Warming, in-particular through the release of carbon, is what is unproven despite what Beachrider in post #9 states.

Hasn't anyone noticed that since the The University of East Anglia fraud was uncovered the phrase "global warming" was changed to "climate change"? Climate change pretty much covers everything....especially during those long cold winters.
23:16 November 15, 2011 by jbaker
The Sun heats this planet. Our pollution just makes it dirty. Wake Up! Most scientist's on this planet are less than educated by our closed minded, controlling society. Nobody dares to go against the grain for fear of be ridiculed and kept out of the scientific field.
01:06 November 16, 2011 by zeddriver
Funny how these ecomentalist scientists always include the words "could" or "might" when they quote some rediculus temp figure. Then in the same breath tell us that their studies are indisputable and you must turn over your money and all control of your life to the government. If these scientists are so sure of their figures. Then they should tell us what the average temperature will be in ten years. If they get it wrong. Shoot them.

I saw a show on Antarctica last week. They found Beechwood fossils that predate humans. How can that be? That would suggest that heating/cooling cycles are normal. Man may help it along. But is not the cause of such things.
13:16 November 16, 2011 by bearded1
and the EARTH IS FLAT no wait a minute it is'nt is it.......
22:06 November 18, 2011 by DrGideonPolya
In January 2009 the temperature exceeded 43C for a week in the temperate South East part of Australia and 500 people died from heat stress.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is correct in stating that time is running out to try to stop global warming. But will the politicians act? Probably not (Google together the words: are we doomed climate).

Thus a critical 2009 Report of the German Advisory Council on Climate Change (WBGU, Wissenshaftlicher Beirat der Bundesregierung Globale Umweltveränderungen) was entitled ¦quot;Solving the climate dilemma: the budget approach¦quot; and crucially stated: ¦quot;The budget of CO2 emissions still available worldwide could be derived from the 2 degree C guard rail. By the middle of the 21st century a maximum of approximately 750 Gt CO2 (billion metric tons) may be released into the Earth¦#39;s atmosphere if the guard rail is to be adhered to with a probability of 67%. If we raise the probability to 75%, the cumulative emissions within this period would even have to remain below 600 Gt CO2. In any case, only a small amount of CO2 may be emitted worldwide after 2050. Thus, the era of an economy driven by fossil fuels will definitely have to come to an end within the first half of this century¦quot;,

Relative to mid-2010 countries with less than 5 years to get to zero emissions include Belize (0.8 years), Qatar (1.3), Guyana (1.4), Malaysia (1.9), United Arab Emirates (2.0), Kuwait (2.4), Papua New Guinea (2.5), Brunei (2.8), Australia (2.8; 1.1 if including its huge GHG Exports), Antigua & Barbuda (2.8), Zambia (2.9), Canada (3.0), Bahrain (3.0), United States (3.1), Trinidad & Tobago (3.3), Luxembourg (3.4), Panama (3.7), New Zealand (3.7), Estonia (4.0), Botswana (4.1), Ireland (4.3), Saudi Arabia (4.4), Venezuela (4.6), Indonesia (4.8), Equatorial Guinea (5.0), and Belgium (5.0).

Germany has 5.9 years left before it starts stealing the terminal greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution budget entitlement of impoverished countries like Somalia and Bangladesh (for details Google "Shocking analysis" ).
11:03 November 20, 2011 by heyheyhey
All you smart ass idiots who have such arrogant attitudes re. The facts of global warming.........may your sorry, ignorant asses burn to the bone while you sit on the walkway that fried your brains like an egg!!!!,

Your grandchildren and their children and the next generations will pay the price for your simple.minded, ignorant arrogance.

I am sick to death of reading your comments. You are stupid, lazy pigs who refuse to change in any way that might prove to make your life a bit less sedentary or convenient.

Get the hell off the planet if you have no investment in properly caring for it.
03:45 November 21, 2011 by Illogicbuster
If anyone is actually interested in real science, here is the data.


We've been on an overall uptrend for ~1,000,000 years. There IS NOTHING man can do to reverse this 100% natural cycle.
02:02 December 14, 2011 by Whipmanager
Once Again Mr Heyheyhey brings us to the peak, the epitomy of intelligent responses. His wit, edgey intellect is demonstrated by his ability to cut to the quick, and present us with an incredible selection of vitriolic cancerous attacks.

1. It is proven that in teh US the Government placed Measuring stations in areas where they should not have been, in areas that would naturally attract heat and as such, tehir readings were tainted.

2. The release of information from the people who stole the emails from the Brits and other scientists have given us the key to the code: Lie, erase and delete information, evidence that was contrary, and deny anything that we can't get rid of.

3. One study, corroborated by many is not the same is many experiments proven by several other unconnected scientists.

There is always soemthing going on in the atmosphere, has been for milennia, is it man created? No, more CO2 is put into the atmosphere from Volcanic erruptions than any man caused problems and still teh world turns and there is life on it. THe idea is to control the public. You do this by making the land go back to nature. Then you move everyone into urban centers and keep them from living off of the land in other places. Then you close off the other areas calling them game refuges. Then you build prisons, and other things in the areas where no one can go. Then you put people that make you angry there and no one will ever know, since they live ina big cities where they cant really go too far out from to see.

All sounds silly and black helicopterish, but hey, it all has to come from somewhere.
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