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Protestors form human chain against banks' power

The Local · 12 Nov 2011, 14:00

Published: 12 Nov 2011 14:00 GMT+01:00

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More than 1,000 protesters gathered at 12.30 p.m. at Berlin's Central Station to form a human chain around the government quarter. Blowing whistles and beating drums, many also carried placards with slogans such as “Real Democracy Now” and “The World is not Product.”

The action was coordinated by several groups, including the anti-globalization group Attac, and supported by labour unions and non-governmental organisations. Occupy activists who have been camped out for days next to the Chancellery and Reichstag also joined in with the protest action.

According to the organizers, many people cannot accept that "billions of euros are being spent on bailing out the banks without them having a say.” Instead the “big banks should be broken up, non-transparent financial products banned, a financial transaction tax introduced and assets should finally be taxed.”

Organizers said they planned to complete the 3.5 kilometre human chain during the afternoon and then march to the Brandenburg Gate.

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Your comments about this article

17:23 November 12, 2011 by Englishted
May have been a trifle more effective if it took place when the banks were not shut .
17:37 November 12, 2011 by Lisa Rusbridge
Indeed, Englishted. Also might have helped if the message on the sign made sense. "The World is not Product". What is that supposed to mean?? Perhaps since the protest is in Germany the sign should be written in... oh, say... German? The people in New York City, Oakland, California and Atlanta, Georgia, etc. aren't writing their messages in a foreign language.
18:00 November 12, 2011 by derExDeutsche
Those EVIL BANKSTERS, they've given out Loans to Home buyers and don't get paid back! They should be thankful Government created a 'Housing Bubble'. Damn those BANKSTERS, for our Governments taking out debts and never paying the Loan Giver back ! or taking 50%+ haircuts, on loans that Governments took out, and won't pay back ! THOSE EVIL BANKSTERS !
22:39 November 12, 2011 by wood artist

While I agree that many home loans are not purely the blame of the bankers, other things are.

Example: Goldman Sachs regularly buys oil! Why? They don't refine oil, sell oil, or do anything with oil. Except, by buying it, and then selling it higher, they MAKE MONEY for themselves. However, the only other result is that gasoline prices go up. So...they make money (and big bonuses, etc) so you pay more at the pump.

Example: Goldman Sachs bundled a bunch of mortgages, selecting those that were "bad." Then they sent their salesmen out to push it on investors. At the same time they took a short position, betting against the very people they were pressuring to buy the thing. Needless to say, it failed. They made money on the deal, AND collected the commissions on sales too.

There are many more examples just like these. Bankers are not to blame for everything, but they've pretty clearly done more than their share. In the US they accepted publicly funded bailout money...and then promptly paid huge bonuses to the very people who made the bailout necessary. Not exactly ethical, right?

22:44 November 12, 2011 by Englishted
@Lisa Rusbridge

The World is not a product means exactly what it says we need to share resources not just use abuse and throw away.

I am far from being a green.

Also English is the internationally used language .I can only assume that at last the people in "New York City, Oakland, California and Atlanta, Georgia, etc. "no longer consider England a foreign country.


Are you referring to the U.S.A. banking sector?

Because I don't recall loaning money to anyone and yet I and many many others are bailing out banks ,that contributed as little as they could when making vast profits and still pay out bonuses without justification.

You must work in this greedy sector or live in a different world to the majority of the working people who know who's greed is to blame for the cuts.
09:41 November 13, 2011 by luckylongshot
While I applaud the anti-bank sentiment unfortunately the protestors seem to have missed the key point that we should all be fighting against. This is that there has been a 300 year battle waged between states and the private banking sector over who can issue money. So far the private banking sector has won, although the battle has been ruthless. Kennedy's assassination has been linked to his wanting to take the power to issue money away from private banks and return it to the people. ´What would happen if governments could issue money is that they could do so without having interest attached to it. This would end all the financial chaos as it is the interest bill rather than the size of the debt that is the problem. However this idea is being strongly fought by the private banks who seem to have bought our politicians. They can easily afford this as by some reports the Rothschild family are currently earning half of all the income on earth due to their control of the banking system. This is what needs to change and this is what the protestors need to target.
12:36 November 13, 2011 by jbaker
When you kill a snake - you do it by cutting it's head off - not the tail. The people who have run the banking world for the last thousand or so years are the ones who need to be targeted The Rothschild's and Rockefeller's are not the top Evil People.

These people do not want to be identified, but control like a snake in the shadows. Their validity is only held up by the masses that want to live under their system. There isn't enough gold,silver or platinum to back up 80% of the worlds debt.

Expose the inner circle of inbreeding royal families(the majority of these families are ignorant of what really takes place in their own inner family circles) of the world and then you will be close to the low lifes that have been allowed to run this world for eons!
14:02 November 13, 2011 by Loth
Central Banks are the enablers, For governments to overspend on unneeded programs of control and wars for conquest and profits. Fractional reserve banking is a large part of the problem where the currency is not backed by a metal. Interest up front loans hurt people and are unfair. Twenty some years of mostly interest on a 30 year home loan. Many get sick or lose a job and then their home. The only good thing about this system is that ordinary people have an easier time getting a loan for a car or home and that is all.
18:50 November 13, 2011 by derExDeutsche
The Community Reinvestment Act and similar Government 'Regulation' allowed lenders like Countrywide to become the Largest Mortgage Lender in the USA during a Housing Bubble. In return, Countrywide turned those then turned those Loans over to Tax Payer backed Fannie Mae Freddie Mac, which then sold bonds. Both are STILL being bailed out by the Tax Payer.

In 2000, Fannie Mae praised Countrywide for it "Outstanding Achievement''.

What you see now across the globe, is the fallout of such predatory lending practices condoned my our Government.

"If the institutional framework rewards piracy, then piratical organizations will come into existence; and if the institutional framework rewards productive activities then organizations -- firms -- will come into existence to engage in productive activities."

Douglass North
14:42 November 14, 2011 by scout1067
I just watching the left protest those evil banks, since the banks don't depend on the voters what makes the protesters think that the banks particularly care what a bunch of young, wannabe hippies want or much less what they are protesting? I would guess the only thing the banks care about is that the protestors are making an unsightly mess.

All in all, the whole occupy movement is fairly amusing and pretty good for light entertainment.
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